Clash Royale’s Best Update: Friendly Clash Battle

As a Clash Royale lover, you couldn’t ask for more than a Real Time Battle 2 VS 2, namely the CLASH BATTLE. You can now invite your friend to join you in the deadly battlefield to wipe off your enemy duo.

  • 2v2 Friendly Battle: One can request for a match of 4 people and send the request to 3 more to join in. If you are the one receiving the battle request, you can choose the side you want to be on. The statistics of Elixir change a little here:
  • Each player gets 10 Elixir points.
  • The Elixir bar refills 15 % slower than the usual battle.
  • The teams have 2 king towers each, but the health of each bar is shared.
  • 2v2 Draft battle:  Go ahead for the 12 win chest Draft battle
  • Like a regular draft, you have 4 cards to pick from.
  • The time to prepare your deck is 60 seconds.
  • You will get to open chests and earn gold.This has started on 12th June and will continue for 7 days.
  • This will include a leaderboard soon to make a ranking system.
  • 2v2 Challenge  Battle:

It is a regular Clash Royale Event topped with 2v2 battle ends.

What more you must know about Clan Battle:

  • For your Clan Battle, you just need to have 275 crowns to open the chests at Tire 10.
  • Elixir refills at 15% slower speed than the usual.
  • Each player has his own elixir bar of 10 points.

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How Would You Know Your Friend/Partner’s Strategy? 

  • When you see a card appearing on the battlefield, you know that’s what your friend is planning to drop.
  • What’s more, you can see is what card your opponent is about to play by clicking on his name.
  • You can tell your opponent too about the card you are planning to use next.

The Arena Changes

Supercell doesn’t want you to adjust to another piece of the game screen. So, they haven’t fiddled with the arena much, and introduced a few tweaks to strengthen the 2v2 game plan:

  • The area behind the King Tower is larger than the previous arena so that you can deploy more troops to play.
  • And, the King Tower’s Firepower has been doubled.

Both the above-mentioned points make your area damage stronger as well as give you more troops on battlefield to take more push.

Best Strategies for 2v2 Clash Battle

  • Defending works better, as the number of units is more on the both sides. So, your defense needs to be on-point. 
  • Do not use hordes, as you don’t have much space with 2 people playing on one side.

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Cards that Work Best for Teams in a 2v2 Clash Battle:

  • Area damage cards: The more area damage the cards can do, the more quickly you can take down the 2 opponents.
  • Long range attackers:  The long range attackers work well when the arena is swarming with tons of units, and save you the time in damaging the opponent.
  • Spells that have area damage as well: Spells, holding the area damage, not only do the damage to the opponent’s unit, but also around it.

Clash Royale battle is a hot and spicy version of the Clash Royale events. Just learn the updated strategies and become a pro.