7 Best Nintendo 3Ds Emulators for PC and Android | You Must Try

Nintendo is one of the favorite terms of last century, and it is the primary inspiration for what gaming is today.

We all had one of those consoles where you can insert a physical RAM like looking chip inside the game to play it. Mario origins were all about Nintendo consoles, and that is how Mario started. To this day, Mario stands as the top game for the Nintendo and even for PlayStation gaming consoles. Now, what is a 3DS emulator?

What is Nintendo 3DS Emulator?

We hope this won’t surprise you that Nintendo days are long gone. No one manufactures it because it has been replaced by Xbox 360 and PlayStation. The demand for running higher-end games like Call of duty, Injustice league, and other sports is huge. But, how do you play the old games if there are no consoles and games are not available?

The answer is –  your Windows, Mac, and Linux based computers. Yes, they have the requisite hardware and software capabilities to run such games, then why not use them. An emulator is also called simulator, which enables you to run incompatible software on your PC.

Nintendo technology is not complicated, and with the help of an emulator, you can use an emulator to play old games like Mario.

However, 3DS Emulator is more powerful than regular GBA and NES emulators. Here are the number of reasons why 3DS emulators are exceptional than regular emulators.

  • The coding behind the 3DS allows you to run heavier games meant for PlayStation and Xbox 360.
  • Majority of the games are launched for only Xbox 360, which the emulator will compress to meet your hardware capacity.
  • and more.

The number of emulators are many, and selecting the one among many, especially when you lack knowledge, is difficult. We are going to fill that gap by providing you the necessary information, which will give you an idea on which one to go for and which one you should avoid.

We have shortlisted the best  3DS emulator android, which we have tried and tested on our Windows 10 PC. Check them out.

1 – Citra

Citra is available for only X64 version Windows PC and incompatible with the 32-bit version.

However, it is popular in the 3DS emulator pc category.

  • They launched it back in 2002, which means they have more knowledge than any other emulator in the market.
  • You can play 3DS format games. No other emulator has support like Citra.
  • You receive a frequent number of updates from time-to-time.
  • Above all, the performance is excellent, even on the low-end PC running Pentium 3 processor.
  • The size of the file less than 17MB.
  • The emulator is lightweight.

There are several other emulators by this one stands out of the crowd. However, the only flaw with the Citra is that it does not support 32bit Windows os.

2 – DeSmuME

3ds emulator pc

The reason why you should go for the DeSmuME because it has the potential to run on low-end PCs and also supports both 32bit and 64bit Windows versions.

  • The emulator is lightweight and doesn’t have any negative impact on your PC.
  • It can run all types of games smoothly as long as the game requirements are fulfilled.
  • DeSumeME developers team is a bit slow, and you may receive updates late.
  • The platform supports both Mac and Windows.
  • And more.

A reliable emulator that does not have any catch, except to see you smile every day.

3 – NDS Boy! NDS Emulator (For Android)

NDS Emulator

If you are a die-hard fan of a game and you are unable to carry your laptop everywhere, but you have a decent smartphone in your palm every day, this part is for you. NDS boy is an Android emulator for those who want to play 3DS games on their smartphone without any issues.

NDS Boy is small in file size and does not consume a lot of space but remember most of the games take a lot of your Internal space. If you want to play massive games, then I recommend you to add a MicroSD to your smartphone because you can run these games from your SD card directly.

  • The app is lightweight, and I have used it in the past.
  • It does not consume a lot of Internal space and adding a microsd card will enable you to move massive games into it.
  • You need at least 2GB RAM to run more massive games like Pokemon 2015. Whatever, you play you must keep these things in your mind and Google for game requirements before you proceed. You don’t want to download 2GB of the game only to find out later that your smartphone isn’t compatible. The same theory applies to your computer as well.

Initially, these games are supposed to run on consoles like Xbox 360 and PlayStation. Requirements must keep

4- TronDS

TronDS is just another emulator, the latest available version is TronDS  The emulator supports 3DS files, VFPU, 3d rendering, FS service and GPS service. In TronDS the developers fixed the bug launching CLR on Windows Vista so now the higher version supports all versions of Windows. TronDS added Circle Pad emulation to it existing features

5- Ultimate x3DSx Gold

Ultimate x3DSx Gold

One of the fastest emulators is the Ultimate x3DSx Gold and you can download the APK for PC. It offers you a full-featured emulator that runs perfectly well on a range of Android phones.  Pretty close to the hardware console, the Ultimate x3DSx Gold plays the advanced games also very well. The battery saver feature of this emulator is perfect. This means, you will get more playtime when traveling. A very easy to use interface the emulator allows you create shortcuts on the desktop for quicker access. The screen interface is very high-end and offers very smooth on-screen gaming controls.

6- Neon DS

Neon DS was the first Nintendo DS emulator.  It was the first successful portable console that allowed the gaming buffs to play all the Nintendo games on PC. A Windows 2000 compatible version was launched in 2011. You can play all the games free on the PC. The emulator is very light and does not take up much space so leaves you with a lot of free space for downloading your favorite games.

7- No$GBA

3ds emulator pc

No$GBA is a free robust emulator. Eventually, you might have to spend some bucks to get free upgrades but they are not pricy. So all in all No$GBA is an affordable emulator. It is DS/DS lite, and amusement kid progressed Nintendo emulator accessible for windows and windows vista. It additionally bolsters multiplayer and most recent rendition underpins Pokémon and Sony take station recreations. You can download the product from the official site.

How to Use  3DS Emulators PC for Running Games?

I have already mentioned that running games on these emulators will not be an issue. I was able to find one of the older games called “Contra 3 – Alien version“, which is an NES version. However, a developer has enabled the players to use almost any type of emulator play the game. We have downloaded it long ago and played it multiple times.

1 – Launch the Emulator.

2 – You have to navigate to the folder where the game file is saved. (Remember, the data will be in the Rar file.)

3 – The game will start after you select the saved file.

4 – As you can see that the game is loading now.

5 – If the game has the story, you can go through it or skip it. It’s your call.

You will be able to play the game without any issues.

Note: We strictly recommend you guys to find out the game hardware requirements before you can download and proceed because you don’t want to complain the emulator for not being able to run it properly.


If you are getting started and have no idea where to download the games, go to this Reddit thread where you can find popular ROM portals. Go now and explore Nintendo 3ds emulator android and pc.