7 Best Ways to Activate King’s Tower

Clash Royale is a war, where the game can change at any moment, and nothing is sure. In every round, you face new opponents with different styles to place their bets on the troops. If your offense isn’t effective, then you can do something about it, but if your defense is WEAK, then you will exit the game faster, which is a killing point.

Most efficient way to defend your Towers is to use Arena Tower and KingTower weaponry system. There’s no doubt that the Arena Tower is extremely responsive and answers to the opponent’s attack in an instant. However, the key factor of the defending part is the King, who has a bigger & effective weapon, which has the power to show exit door to the opponent troops. King has designed not to respond to the situation until a soldier attacks the King or you activate the King Tower.

Here are the 7 Tricks to Activate King’s Tower

King Tower can withstand the tide of a game, which is why you must learn to activate King’s Tower.

* 1 Tornado The Lava Hound

A lot of the players may feel that it’s a little confusing, but currently, it is the easiest way to do it. You must add “Tornado Card” to your deck.

You can obtain the Tornado card in Arena 6, which cost three elixirs. The nature of the card is to create a Tornado at a particular area you point. You have to deploy Tornado at the centre of the king tower, which will trigger the King to deal with the Troops in front of it. The duration of the card is only 3 seconds, so you must select it at the right moment, or everything will go in vain.

*2 A Cheap Building

We know that some of you are still waiting for the day when you can unlock Arena 6, but we don’t have the luxury to wait for the tornado card. Sometimes, when you have a troop that happens to be your opponent trumps card, it is better you eliminate it as soon as possible, or you can take a lot of damage.

You can add a Cheap Building card to your deck, which barely cost three elixirs. These more affordable buildings can distract your opponents to where it is positioned, and you can manipulate the opponent’s troops to the building that will trigger the King to throw the cannon balls at it.

*3 Balloon Tornado

When your opponents have a Balloon card, it’s a disaster for your game. You will take a lot of damage by one card. You can suppress it before it can reach the Crown Tower and King Tower. Despite being the strongest offense card in the deck, it does have a weakness, which is ultimate leads it to the graveyard.

When the Balloon reaches your space, you have to deploy the Tornado to distract it to the center, and then the King will finish things off. I assume, you are already aware that the Balloon leaves behind a giant bomb, which wipes anything under the radius.

You have nothing to fear because the bomb does have a limit, where the heat cannot reach any of the towers.

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*4 Skeletons

Do you have any of the cards we mentioned so far? If not, then we have an alternative method for you. I was in your boots, and the most efficient way to trigger the King attention is to use a cheap card. Let me show you,

You can add Skeletons card to your deck, which comes at the cost of 1 elixir, not bad, isn’t it? In this case, you have to deploy the Skeletons, beside the King space, where the opponent’s troops will attack, and King will be activated.

What’s crucial for this to work is to know the right moment, it does consume a little time and practice, but it’s worth it. Skeletons were never designed to take the heat but to distract.

*5 Graveyard Spell – Cheap Building

Super expensive defense method ever. It may not be even worth your attention, but I do not want you to miss out anything. Graveyard Spell cost you five elixirs and the Building would come at a price of three Elixirs for sure. Combined you need 8 Elixirs for his method make it functional.

Graveyard spell can be placed anywhere in the game and it creates Skeletons army randomly, and adding a Building beside the King does attract the other party troops, Where King can no longer avoid it and begins attacking.

*6 A Goblin Hut

You can obtain the Goblin Hut in the Arena one, which is the most successful part of the card. The Goblin Hut can distract any troop coming without hassle. You can place the Goblin Hut even in the enemy line, which is a fascinating thing about it.

How to use it? The Goblin Hut is quite expensive, which comes at 5 Elixir. You should not place it in front nor Middle of the King Tower.

You should place it, right beside it. There are two entries in the game, and the Goblin Hut can only attract one entry, you should try to position it correctly, you can take a peek at the snapshot I have taken for reference.

You can make your plot successful, only when you place it at the right location. Rest will be history.

*7 Princess Building Bait

The cheekiest move in the Clash Royale. The majority of the players use the card to protect the King Tower from taking any damage, but there’s another of the way to use it. I’m trying to hit two birds with one arrow.

You must place the Princess Building right side of the King, which will attract the troops, once the troops are within the range of the King cannon, he will speed up the elimination process.

At the cost of 3 Elixir, you will get a long-range attacking card, which not only takes the heat for the King but assist in the elimination of the troops.


You can use every method by changing the cards and trying a different combination. We would love to know what kind of methods do you use to activate the King. Let us know in the comment section.