Bats Draft Challenge and Strategy to Make 12 Wins

Supercell is in news again with its Bats Draft Challenge from June 23rd to June 26th. As every draft challenge comes with lots of speculations so does this flying bats Challenge. Giving you an early win to the new Bats card the challenge is going to be in headline for next 3 days. Does seem to be luring!!

Lets reveal a little more than only this much:

  • Free entry to the first draft challenge. Post this all Bats draft challenges with make you shell 100 Gems.
  • Like all draft challenges you get to pick 4 cards and so does your opponent.
  • One of you might get lucky to gets bats in one of the 4 cards.
  • Collect huge one time rewards and some guaranteed prizes and a magnanimous prize as top prize

The Win Log States:

Bats Challenge in Clash royale

For your 3 wins : You get to bank in 2,500 Gold.

For your 6 wins: You get to add 2,500 more Gold bringing it to 5000 gold.

For your 8 wins: You get whopping 50 bats cards

For your 10 wins: You get a Giant chest parallel to your arena level.

For your 12 wins: You get a super whopping 500 bat cards.

Win your way through 12 wins and you can level up your bats to tournament level.

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Who are the Bats?

The Bats are same power levels as Skeletons the only add on being they can fly and are the best counter for all the air troops except than Baby dragon. As they are very fast cards they can be paired with slow moving tanks and can do huge damage.

  1. Cycling cards that give you positive trading elixir
  2. Versatile Response as gel well and turn deadly when paired with best cards.
  3. Best combos with Miner, Hog, Mortar cycle.
  4. Very Fast paced cards that add speed to your deck.
  5. When your deck is built up around your picked up Spell Bats are the best pick.
  6. They accompany the Lava Hound decks as very strong decks
  7. Among the few low elixir units that Counter  Inferno well.

Strategy to Win Bats Draft Challenge:

Now that you have known the unleashed bats a little better lets strategize them to 12 wins in the Bats draft Challenge:

I am a complete fan of these draft challenges for the adrenaline rush they give me to put across never deployed strategies:

  • A winner deck is what is needed so donot miss the Giant, Hog rider, Miner, Graveyard, Goblin Barrel, Golem, Royal Giant, Elite Barbarians, Lava Hound, and 3 Musketeer.
  • Be quick and careful when you draft. Choose the counter cards. Arrows are always a preference over Minions with their long range attack.
  • Let me reveal a negative strategy for your opponent chose a card that might be less or favour to you but also let your opponent pick a card that does no good to him e.g.

If you have to opt spear goblin or Rage. Go for Spear goblin and let your opponent deal with Rage that’s the worst card.

  • Pick a card that’s difficult for your opponent to encounter. Go for Sparky as very few cards can deal sparky well.
  • Never miss your spell. Pick Rocket, Lightning, Fireball or  Poison.
  • Always try to make the first move in the draft challenge.
  • Before making your next pick always check whats on your deck and what did you leave for your opponent.
  • Zap is the most preferred spell as can encounter any opponent unit.
  • Always keep an air troop to handle air attacks
  • Always keep an anti-tanks as Tanks are strong units.

Check out this Video to learn more about the Challenge: 

Some Handy Pick and Drop tips

  1. Always have in your deck. Pick them always: Graveyard, Bowler, Executioner, Night Witch, Poison, Hog, Rocket, and 3M
  2. Never go for it. Drop them always: Rage, Clone, Mirror

Now that I have armed you with all information and strategy go for the first free entry of Bats draft Challenge and win the golds and chests and Bat cards!!