Best Arena 6 Deck: Use These Cards & Win Your Battles

Games are always one of the fascinating things to do when you are getting bored. But surprisingly, some games have become a part of our lives rather than just a way to cheer you up.

One such wonderful game is Arena series, and achieving each and every level of this game is a great accomplishment for any player. It has always been a dream to clear the levels and access all the features as early as possible.

We have seen many players facing a hard time to push through these Best Clash Roylae Arena 6 Deck. You must know which deck to focus on before thinking about mastering it because leveling these decks is equally important. You will notice that when you go for a new deck, changes are likely to appear. There will be an all-new theme and new features to be taken care of.

Here, we will tell you about the Best Arena 6 Cards that will compel you to try them out.



The Golem is considered to have the highest HP in the gaming world. The character crumbles into two Golemites because his death can finish the whole purpose of the game. It takes around 8 elixirs to deploy the Golem, so it is recommended not to use him as the defense mechanism unless you really need the character.

arena 6 deck


This is one of the sneakiest units of the game, and it is something which can be deployed anywhere. The main strategy of this deck is to control. He isn’t used as a defense quite often but is prone to a good volume of damage when pitted against the other units.  If you switch to this deck, it will be a great fun for any player.

arena 6 deck

The Log

You may not believe this fact, but the Log is one of the first legendary spell cards. However, it doesn’t make any hit when appearing for the first time. After a few buffs, one can find this spell card on almost every deck of this game. The best part about this deck is that it can take care of low HP units also, and knock their strong opponents out for as low as 2 elixirs. There are absolutely no downsides to this power-packed deck.

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This deck is an OP card for the players. It is powerful enough to bring down huge towers in two or three shots, which is a great boon. In order to keep the things balanced in the game, the sparky is modified in a way that it keeps distracting the rivals and moves remarkably slow for the attack. One can use this feature for both offense as well as defense purposes. After having a look at the features available in this deck, it is quite evident that this deck will be a fun thing to try.

clash royale arena 6


This wonderful deck card is used for pulling the units. Be it the heavy towers or and the AoE unit, the tornado spell pulls it like an executioner, wizard or bowler. Most of the time, for better leveling of the game, you will see the players using this spell against the Hog Rider, Goblin Barrel, and Miner. As already mentioned, it is used for pulling, specifically towards the King Tower, in order to activate it. One can easily get this deck and change the whole unit in arena.

arena 6 deck cards

Battle Ram

This is a great condition card for all the players in this game. This deck gives you the ability to push the lanes while your opponent stays busy in the other lane. It has the feature to charge and produce two Barbarians to either concentrate on the buildings or to get rid of any counters for your push. You can easily get this deck and redefine your units.

pekka clash royale


What else do you need when this one is available with amazingly power-packed features? This deck can deal with immense damage caused against the RG decks. It has enough capability to face a Hog Rider deck which is also one of the most powerful decks available in this game. This card will prove to be useful when it comes to counterattack, launching an offensive, or playing defensive in the game. The process takes place in an extremely fast manner so that the rest of your card collections can remain intact and safe in your account. PEKKA is one of those cards which are hard to defend, and there is not even a single player who has failed a game while using this deck for his/her units.

Hog Rider

As we have already mentioned that this is one of the most powerful decks to fight against in this game. Various combinations of other decks along with the Hog Rider can prove to be one of the best options to choose in this game. For instance, we can take Hog Rider and Mortar deck which is the best way to outsmart your enemies. The fun in this deck is how it confuses your enemy on what to defend and what not. On the other hand, your Hog Rider can keep rolling past their decks and level up your game in a smart and effortless manner.

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In the light of the aforesaid facts about the Best Arena 6 Decks, we can conclude beyond the shadow of any doubt that this deck mentioned above is one of the most reliable decks to choose from. We have come across many game freaks trying their best to level up their game when it is about Arena series. You do not have to spend money online and buy or unlock the premium features. All you need to do is selecting the best deck for you from the list presented above and eventually enjoying this game like never before.