Best Clash Royale Arena 7 Decks and Strategy to Win

I have won and lost in this Arena countless times. I tell you its not going to be a piece of cake, the opponents you gonna face here are pro even with the most common cards they can beat you out. After making some changes in Arena 5 Deck. I prepared Best Clash Royale Arena 7 Deck. When I used this deck, who so ever was up against me couldn’t take this deck. 

The deck is the simplest possible but its simplicity is what makes it a winner. Do I sound bragging, I can’t stop. To make you believe my words I changed the approach of this write up to bottom up. So first am letting the cat out of the bag and telling you the strategy and then tell you the cards. This is the way you will not question my choice of cards.

Best Arena 7 Deck and Strategy to Win: Deck One

Defense: For those who have been playing Clash of Clan prior to Clash Royale they always play defensive. If you are among those then you know it well why to keep your defense strong. Keeping the defense dependable ensures even if the opponent has a very strong set o a counter to your attackers still you would be able to handle the damage dealers of your opponent and defend your towers and troops. This deck has the most reliable Defense cards

  • Fireball
  • Zap
  • Mega Minion- If you don’t have Mega Minion unlocked to you yet. You can replace it with 3 Elixir Minions.

The defense cards of these decks slow down the opponent troops and give your attacker troops a clean way to march ahead to those towers to be taken down.

Attack: Only the defense being strong does not work for you in the clash royale arena. You need to make a strong attack club too. The attack cards should make significant damage to those towers and should be able to march ahead alone too. They should be able to handle the opponent troops either alone or in an unbeatable combo the attack section of the deck holds:

  • Minion Horde.
  • Elite Barbarians.
  • Rage
  • Goblin Barrel.
  • Skeleton army.

The backbone of this winner deck for best clash royale arena 7 is a very strong and fine balance of attackers and defenders. All cards are very common and you must be having them in your queue except than Mega Minion although it can be easily replaced with a 3 elixir minion. So for this deck creation, you don’t have to wait on any card.

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Now let me tell you in detail how and what role which card will play step by step:

Mega Minion:

A single target taker he makes good 695 hit points on its target while in the air and knocking out the ground troops also. It takes out many small units of the opponent and deals good damage. It’s quite resistant to push from opponent zap, arrows, and fireballs. If your opponent seems to have skeleton army and graveyard try to replace the Mega Minion by minion hordes of 3. It’s a good defense card also because of its high health but is pretty slow. When you see them dealing with a musketeer immediately deploy a troop to support them.

Elite Barbarians:

A stronger version of Barbarians they are the two at the cost of one. They don’t get the burn of zap, fireball, ice spirits and fire spirits. They are very fast and strong troops. When paired with slow troops like Mega minions they push them also to a faster speed. Use the Mega Minion and Elite barbarian combo to reach the Tower. Protect the Elite barbarians with Mega Minions and help them reach the tower. If on the way Elite barbarians are countered with Lightning deploy some quite troop to take the lightning as Elite barbarians cannot handle it.Once the Elite barbarians are at the tower let the Rage effect them. This is a deadly combo and timing. This will take down the opponent tower in few seconds.


The spell that can turn around the game entirely. Even if you see your troops getting lower on health Just Rage them!! Rage will increase their attack speed and movement. This helps in defense too as it effects the buildings too. In this deck, you can use rage to take down opponent towers by either letting the Minion Horde or Elite barbarians rage once they reach the crown tower. This is the end of the crown tower in just a few seconds.

Goblin Barrel:

A three Goblin spawner can be used as an offensive unit on top the Crown tower. With high damage per second but low health they always need a supporting troop. Protect them from the area damage spells of the opponent.

Skeleton Army:

At the cost of one Elixir, this seems just a fitter but this army does help in defense as well as offense. It distracts the attacking units of opponents and lets your damage dealt march ahead with good health. When to be used as the offensive card they do significant chip damages.


A high damage spell takes down the swarms of opponent troops in one shot. They can demolish the weakened Crown Tower in a single take. They deal a good damage to the elixir collector that does confuse you about the opponent’s elixir health.


Use it to stun your enemy troops for 0.5 seconds and slow their march towards your tower. To be used as a defensive spell and can be used on the buildings too like barbarian huts.

Minion Horde:

The flying attackers in a set of three do a moderate damage. When paired with slow moving damage taking troop then can reach the crown tower and then take it out alone with their high damage. They are very good to attack the balloons on the way so can be used as a defense to your crown tower too.

Best Clash Royale Arena 7 Decks and Strategy to Win: Deck Two

There is always someone who is better than you in every field. In this game, what you need is a deck that most players who like to balance between Defense and Offense, so that both ends are firm.

We have a different deck for those who have unlocked Legendary Cards, which mean more Power and Stability in the game. So let’s look at it.

We got,

  • Hog Rider
  • Fire Spirit
  • Fireball
  • Minions
  • Princess –  Legendary card
  • Elite Barbarians –  Legendary card
  • The Log

Hog Rider:

At the cost of 4 Elixirs, you have a high card in your deck. The Hog Rider is an ace player, and he has good hit points, damage, and stability. The Hog Rider speed is very fast, which means it can reach the Arena Tower and do a real damage till it goes down or before tower eliminates it. The Hog Rider needs backup troops, even if it’s one, he can take down an Arena Tower within seconds. You can also try the combination of Freeze Spell, which is an effective weapon when you have a Hog Rider.

Fire Spirits:

Fire Spirits are known as an expensive card for a cheaper 2 Elixir cost. The Fire Spirits are the perfect replacement for Fireball, and they are effective against the weaker troops. The splash damage is sufficient, and when you combine the card with a higher Elixir card, then it makes a whole backup force for it.

You must keep it in mind that the Fire Spirit isn’t a long-range force and it won’t make it to the Arena Tower when you deploy it alone without any backup. Also, watch out for the long-range troops because Fire Spirits will vanish in one arrow barrage.


In Clash Royale, they are the cheapest Air unit, and you can use them only for the defense. The ability to target both Air units and Ground units at the cost of 3 elixirs, it does a fair job. Remember, they are effective against the ground units. If you have a building, Hut or Bomb tower then no matter because Minions can take care of it. Minions are weak against the Arrows, Fireball, and other Air units.


The Princess is a legendary card, which cost you only three elixirs. A splash damage card is a ground unit, and it wipes out the Goblins, Skeletons army, and other low-health level forces in one hit. Unfortunately, the Princess does not have much of life in her, which means it is weak against the High-level long range weapons.

The Log:


At the cost of two Elixirs, you can get yourself a legendary card, which has decent power. The Log is right for the only thing, and it is called “Distraction,” which means it is the only spell card that does not target Air units. So consider it as Fap card and use it.

Remember, Elite barbarian, Fap, and Fireball is already in use.

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