Best Battle Decks for 2V2: Now Play and Win Every Battle of 2v2

The battle mode where you will get paired with a Clan mate and fight against a pair of enemy Clanmates. Before pinning on the winner deck you need to know the vital facts that guide you to prepare an all-time winning battle deck 2V2. Let me share with you some facts:

  • The Arena has been pushed little more behind the Kings Towers pertaining to the fact that as the players are 4 so there will be too many troops for the same reasons the bridges are also wider.
  • Elixir bar is separate from both the players of one clan. So if you deploy the elixir collector only you will gain the elixir advantage due to that.
  • Your opponent deck you can see prior to the start of the battle for few seconds during the battle if you want what cards are available to hold your clanmates name for a few seconds the cards in his deck that is not gray are ready for him to be deployed.
  • Prior to deploying the troops talk (try to skype) to your clan mate and decide upon the sides, you will create the push and then stick to those sides.
  • When you are defending your clanmate should support you that means it should also be defending and likewise for the offending.
  • Spells and huge tanks are the preferred cards to make a winner deck.
  • Your battle mate and you should have the splash damage cards, defensive buildings, clone supporting troops and tanks

Either you invite your clanmate or you get an invite from the clanmate to start a battle.

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I will share two winner decks with you. Choose the one for which you have unlocked cards and winner those 2V2 battle with your clanmates.

Deck 1 for 2V2:

  • Golem: Golem is a building target melee troop with extremely high Hit points and good damage that makes it a strong damage maker to the building like Crown Towers. With bridges being wider the Golem a heavy tank can move with ease.The Golem keeps taking damage and when it ends it does a significant area damage and explodes into two Golemites. The Golemities cause a medium area damage. The Golem here is the main win condition of the deck.
  • Bowler: Another area damager troop with very high hits points makes it comparable to that of the Log and fireball. An anti spawner it gives a huge push to the splash damagers of the opponent.
  • Knight: Knights love to defend you due to their high health so they are the defenders of your deck that is a must in the 2V2 deck. The Knight skeleton combo of this deck buys you more elixir but in case your skeleton gets to take down quite prior to achieving what you had planned to deploy your Bowler.
  • Furnace: Spawning two fire spirits at a time and total 12 in its lifetime does very high splash damage. You can use your clanmates clone or rage with it to infect the opponent arena with fire spirits. The fire spirits that it spawns do a good area damage. As in battle, the fire spirit is of Tournament level so these fire spirits are threatening for the opponents double crown tower.
  • Zap: Zap with golem does a good damage to your opponents minions. Best spell against that charged sparky. If your opponent threatens you with Inferno Tower zap it and discharge the opponents Inferno Tower.
  • Rocket: Another spell card makes this strong deck as the 2V2 prefers spells as too many troops are there in the arena. Even the radius is small but it does very strong damage. A complete offense spell uses it to hit those barbarian huts, discharge the sparky and replaces the Fireball zap combo.
  • Mega Minion: Attacks both the air and ground troops being a high damager its used with  Golem to make a strong combo.
  • Skeleton: these low elixir troops work as the distractors even for the sparky. They make the ways clear for your tanks to march ahead. 

Deck 2 for 2V2:

  • Elite Barbarian: Imagine a barbarian just being faster and stronger. It spawns 2 single barbarians on its enemies. These barbarians are stronger to deal splash damage. They work best paired with fast units like Hog Riders. A raged Elite Barbarian is a deadly combo. One lane can be completely taken care by the Raged Elite barbarians. They are high damage cards but have moderate damage. Rage works too good with Elite Barbarian developing almost an incredible push. If your clanmate has rage it can share it with you as stands true with the clone.
  • Ice Golem: Put it on the defense as it’s a mini tank with high health. For this deck pair it with Spear Goblin and fire spirits and its such a huge damage deal to the crown tower that the win is definitely yours. Being a low-cost card and a good tank you can use it and afford to dispose of it too.
  • Spear Goblin: A low elixir point troop that can deal a good amount of splash damage. They support high hit points, troops, the Elite barbarians doing a good damage to the offensive troops. Combined with the Elite Barbarian can lead to instant crown win. The spear goblins are very good defenders for the crown towers.They work as best distractors for the offensive troops.
  • Tornado: A wide radius spell that pulls the opponent troops to its core and makes them more vulnerable to splash damage by skeleton army and skeletons of this deck.
  • Skeleton Army: These chip damages make good damage if protected with a strong support and do a good splash damage too.
  • Fire spirits: These rolling fireballs as the distracters can counter big tanks too.
  • Skeleton: They distract the strong cards of your opponents and help in defenses.
  • Inferno Tower: This is a very strong card of the deck as it targets those high hit point troops. Just save it from the splash attackers of the opponent. A royal giant card stands no chance in front of it.

Did you see the intensity with which the above decks are weaved leaving no scope for you to miss the wins? Just accept and send out those battle requests as you know your winner deck is ready.