Best 2 Battle Ram Decks of All Time

A pair as strong as a Prince – The Battle Ram

A building troop that attacks the units with a log having moderate hit points and damage. It’s a single target unit and when it hits the target it does double damage. It splits into two barbarians dealing high hit point damages to the building unit under attack. At 4 Elixir rate it’s an average elixir choice for your winner deck.

Advantages of having a Battle Ram Deck:

  • A very good combo with a tank as while the tank absorbs the hits the battle ram marches ahead to take down the crown tower and other two towers.
  • Battle ram supports the slow moving Golem by taking care of the other towers while the Golem attacks the crown tower.
  • The battle ram is basically a shield on two barbarians. When the shield goes off with a hit the barbarians are let lose in best of the health.
  • It can do enough damage alone to the crown tower. So you can use this and a tank to create pressure on the opponent.

It’s a good sound card to have on your deck. If you want to know the top 2 Battle Ram decks keep reading.

Best Battle Ram Deck 1:

  • Giant: The unit with high hit points is a slow moving tank. It absorbs the damage by opponents while your damage dealer marches ahead. You can support it with a battle ram and help him reach the opponent crown tower in good health. The Giant will alone take down the crown towers if in good health. The giant you can use as a defensive unit also. It will absorb all the attacks while the Ice Golem takes down the opponent tower.They deal a good damage of Spear Goblins spawning from the Goblin huts. Battle Ram, when deployed behind the Giant, pushes it to move faster than its speed. It has a very good health bar thus can absorb huge damages.
  • Tombstone: Spawns one skeleton every 2.9 seconds and does death damage by spawning 4 skeletons on death. The best strategy is to place the tombstone in the middle of your side of the arena keeps off the opponent troops from your crown tower. Total skeletons it spawns till its alive is 14. Not a very strong card to play but can good a moderate defense to your crown tower.
  • Battle Ram: A duo barbarian with a shield. When the shield is hit and it loses the health it gives away two strong fast barbarians that attack the building with high hit points and good damage. Use the battle ram with the slow tank Giant while the Giant shields the battle ram. The battle ram when reaches the crown tower with good health it will take down the tower alone
  • Zap: A stunner, it slows the buildings as well as troops. The troops lose their attacking speed for 0.5 secs while the building gets stunned. Only a zap and Giant combo can become unstoppable. The zap keeps the damage to Giant slow so the Giant reaches crown tower in high health and takes down the Tower.
  • Ice Golem: A mini tank that targets buildings with moderate hit points. It scares the opponent troops and pushes them into a zone of attack by other strong damage makers.
  • Archer: A ground and air attacker supports the Giant in the deck very well and is resistant to the spells. The Giant Archer combo works well both ways be you be using Giant or the Archer to take down the tower. The support they both provide each other is phenomenal. You deploy the Archers in middle of the arena and split them to deal double damage.
  • Ice Wizard: Throws the ice shards to the opponents and slows down the movement and attack speed by 35%.  The best position for ice wizard is the center of arena.
  • Executioner: Attacks the opponents with a boomerang axes and deals damage forward and backward. It has a hit speed of 2.4 seconds. It can take down your opponents Tombstone in one blow and its skeletons too.

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Best Battle Ram Deck 2:

  • Mirror: A card that deploys your last used card again. It usually repeats the most powerful card of your deck in our deck it may be an Ice Wizard or bomber. The mirror can deploy different levels of fire spirits in your arena. But don’t mirror your Minion, Musketeer, Skeletons or Goblins as it’s a negative elixir trade
  • Battle Ram: The in total damage of that of the prince is what it does to the building it targets. It simply ignores all the troops blocking its way. It’s very good against towers, building, and huts. Just support it with other cards and make it reach tower in good health with the shield and it will alone be enough for the tower.
  • Zap: A great spell to defend the Minion Hordes, skeleton army and fire spirits of this deck. Pair it with battle ram and ensure your battle ram reaches the opponent tower in sound health. It will take care of your tower and troops from the opponent Hog rider, Royal Giant, Wizard and Mini PEKKA.
  • Minion Horde: A set of six flying minions is a mob. Dealing air and ground damage. Save them from opponents splash damages like arrows.
  • Skeleton Army: A one elixir unit does chip damage to anything in its way.
  • Ice Wizard: Ice Wizard throws the ice shards a does good splash damage to the opponent troops
  • Bomber: Carries a black bomb to defend your troops. The bomber can take down the barbarians in one shot.  Its splash radius is bigger than that of the wizard. A good counter to spear goblins and all.
  • Fire spirits: In a group of three they can even take out the set of 4 barbarians.



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The two decks that will give you the Best of Battle Ram. The combinations are very supportive and will handle the wins well. Try out the deck and let me know your reviews of your wins.