Ultimate List of Top 15 Best Cards in Clash Royale

Clash Royale wins rotate all around how qualified is your deck. Once your deck is strong enough, but if you should always have strong cards it does not work like that. It’s about you should have the right cards that counter your opponent well and work wonders when in combo with other cards on your deck is what is needed. I have a personal list of top 15 Best Clash Royale cards that I use in different combinations to take down opponent towers. 

#15. The Log 

Leaves nothing in its way unaffected. Either will bring them down to silver health or will crush them with its 11.1 tiles range. Sounds Scary at 2Elixir cost.

This chooses no ground troop to be crushed but pushes them all be it Barbarians or Goblins. Use this spell as a cheaper alternative to arrows and Zap. The Log never misses hitting the targets in its range. When combined and placed strategically it will make significant damage to the Crown Towers.

#14.The Giant 

One man army he targets the building so if you build your deck around it just choose the troops that can hide behind the Giant. The Giant marches ahead dealing the good amount of damage as well as making significant damages with its high hit points. While he reaches the enemy quarters the troops from behind take down the crown towers once they cross the river.  

Giant deployed with Balloon, spear goblins and prince. If your Crown Tower is under threat place your Giant in front of it till it takes the damage. Giant has the second best health-to-cost ratio out of any cards after the Golem. This will always give you a positive trade of elixir.

#13.Hog Rider

A fast attacker it is and can jump over the river and the log also if it happens simultaneously. With height amount of damage that hog rider can muster to the enemy troops when accompanied Giant and Goblins it turns deadly. The Hog rider attacks only the buildings so be careful about him getting distracted with those building cards. The Hog rider, the Musketeer and the Valkyire is a very powerful combination. The goblins and Fire spirit match his fast pace so make a deadly combo for the end rage.

Try to back him up with area damage troops to make it a victory deployment.


Miner is the most versatile card of the deck. It make significant damage irrespective of its placement in the arena. It’s mostly used to soak the damage from the opponent to your main offensive troops. Miner works well with Poison and Hog rider. Goblin barrel works well with the Miner as miner deals all the damage while Goblin barrel works as pure offender card. With its cute little shovel it can surprise attack its opponent.


The arrows can replace your Log deck with its huge radius of damage. They take down the swarms of low health like minion hordes pretty quick. They are slow paced so you can pre shoot the arrows where you predict your opponent might drop the troops. They take down skeleton army very well. A must have for your deck as can deal a good amount of area damage.

#10.Elite Barbarians:

Imagine a barbarian just being faster and stronger. It spawns 2 single barbarians on its enemies. These barbarians are stronger to deal splash damage. They work best paired with fast units like Hog Riders. A raged Elite Barbarian is a deadly combo. One lane can be completely taken care by the Raged Elite barbarians. They are high damage cards but have moderate damage.


A card that can join your deck very early in the game spawns skeletons that can do a major area damage. When killed they spawn 4 skeletons that can do good health damage to the opponents.They spawn 14 skeletons in all.


The longest ranger shoots arrows on fire on it enemies. With its arrow, it can make good damage to the crown tower. Your opponent should never underestimate the princess.


A spell is an area damage spell that stuns its enemies for 0.5 seconds while your troops or hordes keep marching ahead. Its gels like an ice cream with all the cards and provide all the cards a good lead. Zap deals the most difficult counter the sparky rendering him discharged for 5.5 seconds. A low-cost spell finds its use right from lower arenas to higher arenas.

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Two make a tango – these tiny medium hit point troops support the tanks like Giants or troop like Goblins and spear Goblins. These are spell resistant like Zap does no damage to them. They deal well with the Graveyard the strongest spell and can take down the entire skeleton army. They are fast units with short range.


An area damager troop with high hits points it bugles trouble to your opponent. Is unstoppable by Skeleton Army or Goblin gang with its area damage. When with its fellow unit Mini PEKKA it’s the biggest push of the arena.  Valkyire always should be accompanied by the air troops. Be patient with it and it can deal a 360 degree area damage.

#4.Mega Minion:

A minion horde was already a trouble caller for you opponent now the Mega Minion does high damage that your opponent can handle. It being slow is used mostly as defense just surprise your opponent deck by using it on defense.

It protects the Lava hounds and turns into a strong ally. It soaks up good damage like the tanks.

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Best cards in clash royale

The warriors of true nature spawn in the group of 4. They are best counter for the Crown Towers. They are very strong against the single units like Prince and Dark Prince. Only drawback is the slow speed. They give a strong push to the opponents. Raged barbarians do a huge damage to the Crown Towers. They tank most of the spells. Some combinations make it a very positive elixir trade.


A fast single target troop. When accompanied by the other troops and killed under Rage the other troops deploy havoc on the opponents. When killed near the Princess Tower the rage will do a fast damage to the Princess Tower. When the Tanks like Giant support the Lumberjack it becomes unstoppable.


A Mr. dependable is what he is. A fast single killer he is. A two times speed attacker when slow deals 2 times the damage to the opponent unit. Never keep this strong might unit off your deck.

Although the cards I suggested here the top 15 Best Cards of clash royale your deck always needs a balance. Try and find your balance deck here!!