Best Clash Royale Arena 5 Decks: Let the Battle Begin (Updated)

Playing Clash Royale was a piece of cake till Arena 4. With Arena 5, the real dare has set in. Clash Royale Arena 5 is where you actually get the real taste of how strategies and decks can let you win. This Arena can be won with an entirely new deck, or the deck you’re well acquainted with. I have prepared the Best Clash Royale Arena 5 Deck

By now, you must have won a good deal of trophies in Arena 4. It’s time to play the Arena 5 and elevate your game to the pro level of Arena 6 and beyond.

Let’s work and prepare for Best Arena 5 decks, which can be anything from the very basic to downright new.

Winners Arena 5 Deck: One

This Arena 5 deck gives you the TWO BEST offensive cards of the game:

  • The Prince
  • The Hog Rider
  • The Lightning Spell –  Area damager
  • The Freeze spell – Area Damager
  • The Wizard – Area Damager
  • The arrows
  • The Fireball
  • Spear Goblins

Best Tips for Single Attacker Prince:

  • You might need to couple the Prince with Splash attackers like the Wizard and the bomber. The Prince might succumb to the hordes of Low HP troops.
  • The Wizard or the bomber works on the weak strings of the prince by being able to quickly kill the hordes. The Wizards work exceptionally well with the Minion Hordes, which allow your Prince to attack the Arena towers.
  • The Bomber is better splash attacker than the Baby Dragon or Witch.
  • Hut spammers are a big problem for the Prince. Avoid deploying the Prince when you see the opponent is hut spamming, as the Prince cannot withstand the huge troops. While dealing with the hut spammers when the Prince is already deployed, make sure that he’s armed with the area damaging spell cards like Arrows and Fireballs.
  • The best combo is the Prince and the Freeze spell, which is billed as the best offensive spell. If you don’t have Freeze, you can substitute it with Lightning spell or Baby Dragon.
  • Keep Minion Hordes in your Deck, as they’re a very good defensive stopper against Giant Skeleton or Golem. However, they don’t stand a winning chance in the face of splash attacker.

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Best Executioners Deck

 Best Tips for Hog Rider:

  • The Hog Rider is a single attacker quick building and targeting with huge damaging potential.
  • You need to shell 4 Elixir to open the Hog Rider. And let me tell you it’s a pretty good bargain.
  • Coupling your Hog Rider with Giant helps you to distract enemy troops. If you plan to add Goblins, it endows a superior kind of endurance power to resist a lot of damages.
  • Hog Rider and Freeze spell is a sure attacker couple.
  • Hog riders forte is to bring down the buildings. But it gets easily fooled by building cards.
  • Cannon and Tombstone are the best counter cards of Hog rider. Keep an eye on your opponent and bring these cards in use at the most opportune moment.

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Clash Royale Arena 5 Winning Deck: 2

  • The Baby Dragon
  • The Wizard – Splash Damage
  • Fireballs Spells – Area Damage
  • Lightning Spell – Area Damage.
  • Barbarians –  Best defensive Deck
  • Minion Horde – best defensive Deck
  • Spear Goblins
  • The Hog Rider

An amazing Deck to handle the Hut spammers, as they can be easily defeated when on the attack.           

The Wonder Baby Dragon for Arena 5:

  • An area damaging flying troop a definite downtime of Archers, Minion Horde, Witch, The Goblin Gang etc.
  • Don’t let your Baby Dragon get distracted with the air troops in swarms. They take him down real quick.
  • Couple your Baby Dragon with Spear Goblins. They take down the Crown Towers when the Baby Dragon is dealing with Crown Tower Shots.
  • Deploy a Lava Hound ahead of the Baby Dragon to make it survive long.

The Wizi Wizards:

  • An all-in-one troop with a medium range damage and medium hit points.
  • The Super Troop for area damage protects your towers against Minion Hordes, Spear Goblins, Goblins, or Skeleton Armies.
  • They are well-coupled with high hit-point cards.
  • Safeguard your Wizard against a Fireball. The fireball can simply swipe it away.
  • A low-cost counter to Wizard is a Musketeer with its quick speed and moderate damage skills.
  • A good area damage holder makes it a counter for Lava Hounds.

Use your Minion Hordes and Barbarians to take down any attack with this supreme defensive combo.

Best Arena 5 Deck: Three

  • The Witch – Splash Damager
  • The Giant – A defender
  • The Musketeer – A strong point Damager
  • The Minion Horde- The Area Damager
  • Hog Rider – the attacker
  • The Fireball – The Area Damager
  • The Wizard
  • The Spear Goblin

Combine the Witch, Wizard and Wizard behind your Giant and the amalgam is going to be the most deadly deck.

The Witch:

  • She can raise the dead from the grave. She takes 7.5 seconds to summon a skeleton and provide the attacking support.
  • She needs a troop support, as she herself cannot do much damage but can be lethal with her skeleton troops.
  • Stands as a good distraction for single attackers like Prince and the air unit of Inferno Dragons.
  • The skeletons stand no chance in front of the Balloon or any other air troop.
  • Protect her from the fireball attack of five hit-points.
  • She stands her ground very well in front of Minion Hordes and Skeleton armies.
  • Valkyrie is a good counter to the witch with the Axe and she can handle many blows from the witch being a high point card.

The Giant:

  • Best card this Arena can deck you with. It’s a high elixir but very dependable deck card.
  • A building destroyer single attacker but can withstand great blows.
  • He works as a sponge taking the attack of opponents and distracting them while the rest of deployed works on real damage.
  • The Giants can be encountered well with high damage troops like Prince or Minion Horde.
  • The Giants stand no chance in front of Inferno Towers.

You need to be quick at trying out different combinations of decks, which helps you come closer to the victory. We are going to show you Decks, which anyone can use it, even when the player does not have enough experience in handling the cards. So let’s begin.

Winners Arena 5 Deck: Four

What do we have in the Deck?

  • Goblin Hut
  • Baby Dragon
  • Knight
  • Skeleton Army
  • Fireball – Area Damage
  • Arrows
  • X-Bow Building
  • Valkyrie

As you can see, most of the cards are based on both Defense and Offense. However, if the Defense is strong, then chances of winning is higher.

How to Utilize Goblin Hut for Arena 5:

  • Goblins huts are essential for both Defense and Offense.
  • Goblins have the ability to take on the both Ground units and Air units.
  • Goblins Hut cost 5 Elixir and sends up to 13 goblins to defend or attack.
  • When you leave up to the goblins alone to take down the Arena tower, they do a slow job, but it does give you an opening.
  • When you try a combination using Goblin Hut, then it makes an amazing backup troops.
  • It is effective against the Baby Dragons.
  • The speed of the Goblins is fast.

X-Bow Building: Effective or Waste of Elixir?

At the cost of 6 Elixirs, you can

  • The shooting speed is 0.3Sec, which makes it effective against a large number of small troops, such as Goblins and Skeletons.
  • The X-Bow specialty is to take out the opponents Arena Tower with a continuous barrage of arrows on it. With the hit speed of 0.25 Seconds, you can knock the enemy’s towers within 30seconds.
  • The range of the X-Bow is marvellous and the range 11.5, which covers a large area.
  • It doesn’t stand a chance against the Rocket, Fireball, and Lightning.
  • It takes around 5 seconds to deploy, and it is vulnerable during that period. You should deploy at least one troop to defend it.
  • X-Bow shooting range is decent, and it can attack any troops charging towards the Arena Tower. Which makes a reliable defense weapon in your arsenal.

Clash Royale Arena 5 Deck: Five

What do we have in the Deck?

  • Knight
  • Archers
  • Witch
  • Arrows
  • Fireball – Area Damage
  • Rocket
  • Barbarian Hut
  • Musketeer

If the offense is your style then, why not combine your Offense strength to the Defense cards, which will give you inevitable results.

Barbarian Hut

Barbarian Hut comes at an expensive cost of 7 Elixirs.

  • When you have Barbarian Hut placed behind the Arena Tower or beside King Tower, then your defense will become even stronger than your opponents.
  •  No matter, who is your opponent is, you should be able to counter any attack from the Ground Units.
  • We recommend you to add “Skeleton Hut” to your deck, which cost only 3 Elixirs, which makes an impenetrable area.
  • You can add Lightning, Fireball and Rocket cards to increase the damage of opponent’s arena.
  • The hut deploys within lighting second, and it will continue to send three barbarians within in seconds for next one minute.
  • They can damage any ground troop to the point, where they cannot recover.
  • The high speed of the barbarians is 1.5 Seconds with medium speed.

The Rocket

At the cost of 6 Elixirs, you can launch a rocket that can turn the Troops and Arena Tower into dust.

  • It covers only two radii, but you can also damage surrounding forces as well.
  • It is effective against the Ground units and should be able to take out any four elixirs troop in one swoop.
  • The area damage is overwhelmingly 770, which is enough to take the Prince down.
  • Ability to destroy Arena Towers and the Troops to the near death point.
  • I prefer to use it against the Huts, Buildings, and Giants, where it can do real damage.

The Cannon

The cannon considered as the mid-level card cards in the Clash Royale. By investing three elixirs, you can enable your Arena Tower an extra hand to eliminate any troop charging towards the Arena Tower.

  • Health and Damage are what impressive about the 3 Elixirs card. It may not last long when attacked simultaneously, but it does an excellent job when it comes to distracting the opponents.
  •  You can defend your Arena Towers from ground units like Giants, Barbarians, Musketeers and more.
  • The reason why you should add it to your deck because it can also take on the Air units such as Balloons, a baby dragon and more.
  • If you figure out the right place to deploy, then it is a deadly weapon.
  • The weapon deploys within one second, which has the hit speed of 0.8 Seconds. It is a responsive deadly weapon in your arsenal.
  • If the cannon is untouched during the game, then it lasts up to 30 seconds.
  • You should begin trying the cannon with other cards, which will reap success during the past twenty remaining seconds in the game.


The super powerful decks suggested to you give 100% winning chances. Just keep on strategizing and wining more Arenas. Arena 5 is a base block to build strong decks and learn to handle and countering high points card attacks and damages. When the base is strong, the Arenas ahead are all yours.