Best Clash Royale Decks from Arena 1 to 11 (Updated 2017)

Every Arena is different from the previous one and to stand out of the crowd, and you need to embrace change and add or remove cards with the new ones to compete with the opponents in the game. We have prepared the Best Clash Royale Decks and guide to use them.

What are we going to do? We are going to share you the decks we have used and tried several combinations to reach Arena’s and left the previous Arena with most victories.

Do not worry if you are a beginner or a Semi-pro, and we got everyone covered here. Every card which we reveal here will be unlocked after you unlock next Arenas.

We are going to start things off with the Arena 1, and then we will move to the next Arena. Make sure to learn about the Decks properly, and we are also explaining why the card is necessary for the deck, so do not miss the point.

Best Clash Royale Decks  For Arena 1 to Arena 2)

We are starting with the basic deck, which every Beginner should get in their deck.

We have,

  • Knight.
  • Archers.
  • Bomber.
  • Arrows.
  • Fireball.
  • Giant.
  • Skeletons Army.
  • Musketeer.

I’m accurate that every new player should have these troops on the deck, which is common but when you learn the weakness and try combinations, then you can create Win-Win situation.

Knight – 3 Elixirs

Knight is one of the regular troop in the Clash Royale, who is extremely good at the home ground, and you can get excellent results when you use it for the defense. He may seem high, but he can’t fight against the Air Units because he uses a sword, where Knight will be wiped out before it can reach the opponent Arena Tower.

Pros: Excellent Defense Ground Unit.

Cons: Helpless against the Air Units and Long-range units like Lighting, Fireball, and Arrows.

Archers – 3 Elixirs

Archers will be in action in just 1 second, and the speed is medium, which is suitable for an entry level Archer. Archers are excellent against the Air Units. One of the reasons, we added Archers to the deck because it can attack from a long-range distance (5 Radii to be exact). It should do well against the Dragons, Minions, Prince especially when you combine it with the Arena Tower. The combination of Archers is Arena Tower would make a strong defense.

Pros: Long-range troop, which is a great companion for Arena Tower.

Cons: Weak, when it’s alone to deal with the above 4 Elixirs troops.

Bomber – 3 Elixirs

The skeleton Bomber cost 3 Elixirs, and the speed is medium. Extremely loyal troop, when you send it as a backup and keeps the enemy away without taking much damage. The nature of the Bomber is long-range (4.5 radii to be exact). The bomber can distract other troops and attacks from a distance, which keep the opponent troop occupied while the Arena Tower weakens the enemy soldier.

Pros: Bomber makes a fantastic backup for the Giant or the Witch.

Cons: It does not last long when taking hits from 5 elixirs troops.

Arrow – 3 Elixirs

Arrows are handy for next 10 Arenas. We consider the Arrow, a must card in the deck. There are several troops in decks of your competitors, which can be finished before it can even reach your Arena Tower. Not only that, it is a long-range card, which allows you to damage any Soldier or Arena Tower from a distance. The range of the Arrow is 4 Radii, which works like a charm against the Skeleton Army and Minions. The arrows can be used to damage Buildings or Huts (Any type), it applies to both Air units and Ground units.

Pros: Everything about it a Pro.

Cons: It has no weakness, in our perceptive because you cannot stop it from launching or there’s any card in the Clash Royale that can counter Arrows. Once launched, the fate of the soldiers is decided.

Fireball – 4 Elixirs

Fireball cost 4 Elixirs, and it covers 2.5 radii, which is a fantastic long-range weapon in your arsenal. An effective weapon like Arrow but the impact of the fireball is extreme. What an Arrow can do, also applies to the Fireball. It is effective against the Ground units and Air units, and it can also take out Buildings, Goblins, Baby Dragon (Damages very badly), Wipes minions in a single blow and it can even damage the Arena Tower for real.

Pros: Finishes below 3 Elixirs troop in one spoof and efficient against Ground units and Air units.

Cons: No weakness found so far.

Giant – 5 Elixirs

The Giant is the most powerful giant, or he is a liability yet when you use it correctly, he can be a deadly weapon. The giant saunters, and he only attacks Buildings or Hut and Arena Towers. You should always send a backup team to defend it from the enemy. Giant can destroy (Damage 96/Second) the Arena Tower in 20 seconds. Check out Royale Gaint Deck.

Pros: He can destroy the Enemy towers.

Cons: He is useless against the Troops, and he is vulnerable.

Skeleton Army – 3 Elixirs

Skeletons Army is a must card in your deck for next 6 Arenas. If you are up against the Giant, Prince, or any other ground unit, then you can be assured that it will exit the enemy soldiers early. It does have a weak point, which is it is completely useless when it’s alone against the Arena Tower. The Skeletons Army will be disappeared within a second when the Arrow hits the army. The skeletons army always sticks together, which is the most vulnerable part of it.

Pros: Makes an amazing back up an army for the Giant, and it can take out the 5 Elixirs ground unit cards in seconds.

Cons: You can only use it as ground support in the defense area. It’s a dud against the Air units.

Note: You will be using these troops in your coming Arenas as well.

Best Clash Royale Decks (For Arena 3 to Arena 5)

In Arena 3 and 5, you need to balance between Offense and Defense, which is possible. What many players are lacking is that they focus either on the Offense or Defense. We are going to show how you can pick more wins than other players.

What changes did we embrace? Only two cards. We swapped Giant and Musketeer with other cards. No need to worry, if you are a beginner. You will get these cards on your list when you unlock Arena 2 and 3.

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Goblin Hut – 5 Elixirs

We have always deploy Goblins hut beside the king to offer Arena Tower a little help to defend itself. `Within a second, it is ready to send Goblins to attack. The goblins are quick, and it does a little damage to the Arena Towers every time it enters into the opponent area. Most impressive part is that they are capable of taking on Air units and Ground units. They win by numbers, but alone, one arrow is enough to kill it. However, the Goblin Hut deploys the goblins for next 1 minute (Untouched).

Pros: Ultimate defense weapon.

Cons: It deploys the goblins in every five seconds, and when it’s under attack, it will go down faster.

Baby Dragon – 4 Elixirs

At the cost of 4 Elixirs, you get fast flying dragon can reach into the enemy towers and eliminate the troops. The reason why we are adding a baby Dragon to the deck because the majority of the opponents use Baby Dragon frequently and to counter it, you need its equal.

Tip: Try a combination of Arena Tower and Baby Dragon, the results are always good. Use it only when the opponent deploys a baby dragon or when they don’t have it on the deck.

Pros: Health is good, and it can take on Air units and Ground units.

Cons: It won’t last long when multiple targets attack it. The attack timing is slow as well.

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Best Clash Royale Decks (For Arena 6 to Arena 8)

What do we have here? A complete makeover of the Deck? Nope, we need to make few changes, which will bring you closer to the victory. We have swapped Bomber, Goblin hut, and Archers with the new ones.

Minions – 3 Elixirs

At the cost of 3 Elixirs and the speed is fast. You should only use it when the enemy forces are ground units with no ability to counter the Air Units, and then they are useful. When the enemy’s forces are an Anti-Air unit team, then Minions are useless. Minions can take on both Ground and Air units. The attack power is 64/second, but the health is only 144, which is completely useless on offense.

Pros: Amazing damage power and efficiency in the defense.

Cons: Not worthy enough to face opponents forces alone and comprehensively a dud against the Baby Dragon or Archers.

Barbarian Hut – 7 Elixirs

Expensive card, which sends four barbarians at once for next one minute, how does this sound? The Barbarians can damage anything 120/second, which changes the tide of the game but it is expensive so ensure to protect it as well. Remember, the Barbarians are only ground units, so it cannot defend or attack the Air units.

Pros: Muscle of the Deck and they will turn out to be your primary offense card.

Cons: It cost 7 Elixirs, and they are helpless when they are up against the Air units.

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The Prince – 5 Elixirs

At the expense of five elixirs and medium speed, you can get the Prince on behind the enemy lines. The Prince is excellent against the Ground units, and he is an “S-class” player. The health of the Prince is 1100, and the charge damage is 490/Second. When you clear the way of the Prince than he can alone take down the Arena Tower within 10 seconds.

You must also try different combinations to clear his way and also help it reach the Arena Tower. Air units are more suitable for the Prince because he lacks the ability to attack Air Units. On the top of that, he cannot withstand against the Skeletons Army because it hit speed is only 1.5 Second.

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Best Clash Royale Decks (Arena 9)

Arena 9 is entirely a different place, and most of your tactics are no longer relevant. You will lose if you don’t have an updated set of the deck. We will reveal the best deck, which balances the power between Offense and Defense.

We have swapped a total of four cards with the new ones, but we are only going to explain those cards, which are not replaceable.

The Tornado – 3 Elixirs

The official name of the card is “Tornado Spell,” which cost only three elixirs. The card is capable of pulling the troops in the center of the King Tower, which activates the King Tower, which quickly eliminates the forces in seconds. Only movable forces are affected by it, but Buildings and Huts are ineffective.

Pros: Good defense card.

Cons: It works for only three seconds, so place your bets wisely.

Zap – 3 Elixirs

Zap comes at the expense of three elixirs, and you can deploy it in seconds. The card stuns the targeted area. It counters cards with the lowest health units such as Skeletons or anything under three elixirs. The Zap is extremely useful when your opponents are using Buildings, Huts and air units. You can also eliminate low-health Arena tower with on zap.

Pros: Low-cost card, which also beats Skeleton Army.

Cons: Does not have much impact on the higher-level cards.

Hog Rider – 4 Elixirs

A must card, when you want your offense to be potent. Hog Rider is our favourite because of the High hit points, Mobility, and Damage for only four elixirs, a real bargain.  Before the Arena tower puts the Hog Rider asleep, the Hog Rider has already done the major damage to the Arena Tower. By adding a freezing spell to the Hog Rider, then he will finish the Arena Tower within seconds.

Pros: A good card for sure.

Cons: Cannot get the job done alone.

Ice Spirit – 1 Elixirs

Aside from the Skeletons, Ice Spirit is one of the best cards to distract, damage and get eliminated in the process. The ability to freeze anything for a couple of seconds does buy you time and also destroy the enemies in return. The range is 2.5 radius, and it is very fast in responding. Not only that, the speed is fast.

Pros: Cheapest and Efficient card.

Cons: We have not found any yet.

Best Clash Royale Decks (From Arena 10 to Arena 11)

Arena 11 is different from the rest, and the whole deck will be different from here on, so be prepared and embrace the changes.

Minion Horde – 5 Elixirs

Minion Horde speed is fast, and you can deploy it in one second. The Horde can cover two radii and works on 48/second damage, which does give you an advantage in the game. He can counter both Air and Ground units.

Pros: He is an upgrade Air unit.

Cons: The health is a matter.

Tesla – 4 Elixirs

The Tesla is an upgraded version of the cannon, which has decent Health and Damage. The efficiency to target the Air units is marvellous. An amazing counter against the low-health troops like Skeletons, Goblins, Minions, and others.

Pros: It’s an offense building card.

Cons: It cannot take on the multiple targets.

Inferno Building – 5 Elixirs

A must card in your deck for Arena 10 and 11, why? The Health, Mobility, and damage are insane. The building responds faster and ready to damage the Air units and Grounds very badly. However, it does not last long, when multiple targets have surrounded it because it has only 968 health points. You must add a backup card and support the Inferno Building to impress you.

Pros: Real damage at a short period.

Cons: Does not stand a chance when surrounded by multiple targets.

P.E.K.K.A – 7 Elixirs

Pekka is an impressive troop, but he is kind of weak to go for an offense. The ground support Pekka does a damage of 283/second, which can handle the heavy attack for longer than any other troop in the deck. PEKKA is an expensive distraction as health points are 2600. The PEKKA speed is slow, so you got to be careful.

Pros: P.E.K.K.A makes an entire troop for defending the towers.

Cons: Slow and Expensive. (Never use it, when you are taking heat from the enemy because he is expensive and you should not take any chances.)

Check out this video by Kairostime Gaming and get to know the best strategy guide of clash royale:


Clash Royale is an excellent game, and you can break records when you are using the cards correctly. We have successfully reached Arena 11 within a week, which hasn’t been easy but if you put the defense at first then winning is easy. We have mentioned several new cards and do not fear about it because you will be able to see in your deck by the time you reach Arena 11. Shoot your Opinions, Strategies, and Experience in the comment section below.