Best Golem Deck to Win Arena 1 to Arena 10

Golem is a building target melee troop with extremely high Hit points and good damage that makes it a strong damage maker to the building like Crown Towers. The Golem keeps taking damage and when it ends it does a significant area damage and explodes into two Golemites. The Golemities cause a medium area damage but does anything beat the clause.  When paired with high damage supporting cards like Mini P.E.K.K.A or Prince.

I have played and won with lots of players with a Golem deck. Decided to share my decks here as the card seemed to be underused by many players. The point to be taken here is that the Deck has to be built upon Golem so we just need units that fit in the weak points of the card and turn it into a winner deck.

The Golem needs only 2-3 major supporters to create a winning deck. I will share the prime supporters of the unit rest all you can pick up on the elixir available with you.

The Top 3 Best Golem Decks are:

Deck 1: Golem, Elite Barbarian and Elixir Collector: A great deck to ensure your wins.

Strong points of the deck are:

  • Counters the Meta very well.
  • Counters the Royal Giant.

The other cards also play a vital role here:

  • Mega Minion – Flying armored and powerful card. 
  • Musketeer – This purple haired small musketeer is a long range 6 tile attacker. They are very good against Balloon and Cannon
  • Fireball – Fireball is a must for this deck. This spell ensures that whatever opponent stays in front of your Golem is countered too well.
  • Zap – Zap the opponent and make it slow by discharging it. Zap gives you elixir time to deploy the Golem cards.
  • Ice Golem– the death damage that it does makes it pivotal to any deck. It works as a slow attacking tank absorbing the damage by an opponent. It should not be used alone for attacking as it has very low damage. He is a better tank only.

Strategy of the Deck: The Golem takes the damage and the Elite Barbarians do the damage to make it a winner. Golem is a high elixir card that’s not easy to maintain throughout the deck so the Elixir Collector in this deck give you that edge to keep the deck Golem oriented as is planned.

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Deck 2: Golem deck that might look weak to your opponent.

A look at this deck without the Legendary card might give an impression to your opponent that he has already won the battle. Prove him wrong using this deck.

  • Golem: A slow but good damage dealer with super high hit points targeting only buildings.
  • Balloon: The Golem roles in for the tank taking damage by an opponent while the balloon is the one dealing the damage. All it needs is the protection by the Golem as it’s a low health unit. Once it reaches the tower the Balloon is sufficient alone to take down the Tower.
  • Zap: The area damager that it stuns the opponent unit for 0.5 secs earning time for you main damage dealer to march ahead.  Save your units from the spawn buildings like barbarian huts and Goblin huts.
  • Musketeer: The Musketeers with low elixir handle the splash damage to the swarms of opponent troops.
  • Elite Barbarians: A faster version of Barbarians that come in a pair that can handle a lot of splash damage. With their fast speed, they push the combo card to move faster. When you see the opponent is low on elixir just release these as they will reach the tower quickly and do much damage.
  • Dart Goblin: a very fast attacker that it does not give a breather to your opponent. It works best when used with a tank like Golem. Golem will take the attacks while this quickly moves to damage the tower.
  • Elixir Collector: Elixir Collector finds its ways always to be in a Golem deck as in higher arena more the elixir faster you can deploy the troops and take down the opponents.
  • Arrows:  A low-cost slash card it does damage to all that it touches. It’s well-used to give a push to the opponent while your damage dealer keeps moving ahead.

Strategy of the Deck: The Golem takes the damage being a tank while the balloon moves in the opponent arena being shadowed by the Golem. Some quick units like Elite Barbarians and Dart Goblin move in too fast and do the damage even before your opponent plans to counter.

Deck 3: Clone and Golem Deck

Golem is not an easy card to turn into a winner when I thought to clone it I seemed to have lost my senses still I wanted to risk the meta. The outcome was a good sound deck. Let me explain it to you before you plan to trust me blindly:

  • Golem: A tank that absorbs good amount of damage and makes a great damage once it reaches the opponents tower.
  • Log: There is no NO to this card as its range take care of every opponent. With 11.5 tile radius it does not miss any of its opponent units. A push to the entire arena of your opponent.
  • Baby dragon: The air troop making damages both in ground and on earth. A stronger counter card against Minion hordes, Skeleton army and the swarms. With its fire attacks it rips the opponent units apart.
  • Mega Minion: It is an all-rounder name the card and it can deal it. It is too versatile as can combo well with many cards.
  • Archer: A chip damager takes care of Inferno Dragon and Lava Hounds. It shields your Golem while he marches ahead to tower damage
  • Tombstone: A defensive building troop that swarms the arena with Skeletons and does a combined damage of multiple skeletons to the opponent
  • Zap: Stuns your opponent for some time giving your unit more clear ways for 0.5 secs
  • Lightning: This is in my deck to take out Inferno tower, Witch and Musketeer. It protects your Golem from any damage from the cards that can kill your Golem.
  • Clone: Clone your Golem when it reaches the tower. It was beyond my imagination the damage this stint did to the opponent tower.

Strategy For the Deck: The strategy is quite simple but dependable. Protect your Golem all the way to the tower with the supporting cards and then clone it to double the attack to tower.