Top 8 Legendary Cards of 2017

Legendary cards are one of the four rarities. When you get a legendary chest it takes 24 hours to open it They are there to support your deck never weave your deck around the legendary card but by the legendary card that harmonizes with most of your cards and all in all makes it a big strong team. Check out the list of best legendary cards which you must have. 

#1 Graveyard

The list is topped by the Skeleton Party leader “Graveyard”

The graveyard is a wide radius spell of 5 tiles and spawning 17 skeletons at a time what could escape his power.Graveyard gives you the freedom of deployment anywhere in the arena.

Graveyard lures the opponent offensive troops to its radius and kills them with the skeleton party. It’s the best legendary card because it pairs very well with other cards rendering huge push to the opponent.

Graveyard becomes unstoppable with paired with troops like Mega Minion, Valkyrie, Lava Hound, Golem etc.The graveyard is a super counter to some tough cards the Inferno TowerInferno Dragon, and Sparky.

It can distract them for 10 long seconds while the defending troops take down the tower. A Graveyard freeze and rage combo and drive the opponent troop’s crazy.   With Graveyard in your deck, it promises you 1 tower down.

#2 Night Witch

Following the number 1 very close is the deadliest witch who kills many, even after being dead- Guess who!! Make some noise it’s the Night Witch. It is one of the best the best legendary card. 

A high damage single – target troop summons 2 bats every 6 seconds giving no breather to the opponent. Even being a ground offensive legendary card the Night Witch is a very strong card for your deck.

If the Night witch gets some more time she can summon and have 4 bats that together can take down any ground troop. They are very effective against the Balloon and mini-tanks.When killed by an opponent the Night witch takes the revenge by splitting into 4 bats and making more damage.

The Rage and Night witch create havoc in the arena. The best decks we recommend with Night Witch are with Giant, Miner, Lava Hound and Graveyard

A May 2017 release card is still under introspection by top Clash Royale players. Still, in infancy it has reached the top 2 in a quick span.

#3 The Log: Big and Impactful

The Log catches and holds to be the Third best and most popular Legendary card. With a range of 11.1 tiles, why would you not make it popular imagine the push it’s giving to the opponent.

It crushes anything that comes in the way at 2 Elixir price. It’s a good replacement for your zap if your elixir is running low. Placed 3 tiles way from the bridge does significant damage to the Princess Tower.

The log is a very good counter for a big push to slow moving troops like Giant and Mini Pekka. When it is placed accurately with the Royal Giant and the Miner can do major damage to the Crown Tower. log on your deck ensures none of the opponents on the ground escape with its huge range.


#4 The Electric Electro-Wizard

A double lightning Legendary card attacks the opponent with two hands and if joins the lightning hands the attack power is doubled. Attacks and takes down small swarms in a jiffy with double electro hands.

Even if he is left alone it can do a sizeable damage to the crown tower. The Electro-Wizard resets all charge attacks even the Elixir collectors.

Its zap freezes the Sparky entirely. It has a good health so can be used as a shield for smaller troops to reach and take down the Crown tower.

#5 The Lava Hound: Best legendary

Wow no, wonder it’s at fifth place as it’s the only flying tank card targeting mainly the air defenders. A volcanic legendary card with wings splits into Lava pups when it dies to give a good area damage.

DragonsMinionsHealersBalloons and Baby Dragons, much like Golems protect a group of Wizards or Witches. The Lava pup may seem to be weak but when they swarm and are with the Miner they make insane damage to a Tower.

Although the Lava Pups are the main power of the card, the Lava Hound is also great because of its HP pool. Lava and balloon is a very powerful combo to beat, parallel with Lava plus graveyard is a killer combination.

Don’t lose it to Inferno Tower as it will definitely push you to elixir disadvantage.Just build the entire deck around it and you can make a strong deck.

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arena 6 deck

#6 The Toothy Miner:

A surprise attacker he stuns his enemy by suddenly appearing anywhere. Not to be used alone for Crown tower but when accompanied by a Goblin or Minion handles immense damage.

He can easily damage or destroy Elixir Collectors rendering the opponent in a messy situation.Miner is a good card to attack Princess or the Musketeers. The Miner poison deck works too good as poison dis powers the offensive troops while he deals with the chip damage to the tower.

Miner and Hog riders are brothers from another mother such a push they give to the enemy troops. A cheerful card gels so well with many strong cards in the deck dealing damage and helping them march ahead to conquer.

#7 The Lumberjack

Although The Lumberjack needs someone besides as a support this works in his favor too because the Rage when he dies does significant damage by the push.

Works too well when accompanied with tanks like Giants. Imagine if your opponent decides to take down the Lumberjack and he dies taking the damage it will Rage the Giant, can you imagine the Giant in Rage.

It works well when combined with the slow troops as it stuns the opponent with its speed of attack like a mini PEKKA. Assists its fellow troops to deal Valkyrie damage with its high damage per second.

#8 The Pretty Princess

Shooting flaming arrows make a good splash damage with a long range of 9 tiles. Here flaming arrows and range and attack the princess’ towers across the rivers. With good area, damage can take care of swarms of a low hit point or medium ranged troops. The princess deals a good amount of splash damage.

Legendary cards carry specific traits that lead your clean way to the Crown Towers. When placed with supporting deck they can give you a lot to strategize with. Deal with best Legendary cards to ensure a straight win strategy.