Best Lumberjack Deck and Strategy to Win in Arena 8

When you make your way to the Arena 8 – frozen peak, Lumberjack will be unlocked and added to your arsenal. Lumberjack rarity makes it Legendary, which describes its significance. However, without knowing when to Deploy, and the right moment to use it can lead to the early exit of your game. We are going to show you the Best Lumberjack Deck and Strategy. You can apply the strategy during gameplay, which increases your chances of winning the round. 

You must learn to balance your deck, which is the essential part or else you will collapse at an early stage. Always ensure to have Cards starting from 1 Elixir, 2 Elixir, 3 Elixir and 4,5 Elixir. If you add one elixir card to your deck, then you can deploy it as bait to distract the opponents for a moment.

Best Lumberjack Deck and Strategy

Lumberjack Deck is all about offense, but without proper forces, opponent’s troops will go down sinking within a matter of seconds.

*1 The Cards of Lumberjack Deck

As you can see, we have a deck with troops, which are added to support both Offence and Defence, since the Lumberjack is known for offense, you must add troops that can back up Lumberjack during the attack to reach the Towers.

A – Freeze Spell

Freeze spell considered as game changing factor in Clash Royale because of the nature of it. The Freeze spell allows you to freeze a particular area “Arena Tower” or “Opponents Troops” creating an opening for you to attack without even bothering about the reverse attack. You can take out the enemy even when you are in their space.

Now you know about the offense but what about defense? You should be aware by now that the frozen units can be attacked without hassle, which means you have the upper hand in the game, you can clear the frozen units before the opponent deploys backup troops. It will be too later by then.

B – Fire Spirit

Fire Spirits are a mid-level soldier, which can be used to distract the opponent’s troops and buy you some time to think about your next move. Currently, it added to the deck because of the of the cheap Elixir cost, and it does a fabulous job in defense. In case, if you have a high-level Fire Spirit, then the story would quite opposite.

I wouldn’t recommend you to use it as one-man army offense because it will have vanished before it can reach the Arena Tower. However, as a backup troop, it can hold its position well for a particular period.

C – Balloon

The Balloon comes at 5 Elixir, which is quite expensive but has it benefits when it comes to damage. If your motto is only “Damaging,” then Balloon is a must troop you should add to your arsenal. It can reach the Crown Tower and is capable of destroying it with one spoof. 

The Balloon is ineffective against the ground units while flying units such as Musketeer, Spear Goblins, and Archers can only damage 50% of its health till it reaches the crown tower. After the Balloon is taken out, it leaves a giant bomb, which destroys anything surrounding it.

D – Spear Goblin

Spear Goblins are backup troops, and you cannot deploy them for damaging the opponents’ forces due to their nature of strength. They harm the troops using the spears, which has weaker damage rate. However, they are decent against the flying units but never deploy them without a backup.

Spear Goblins shows up for the work in an instant, and they consistently work up the opponents under the defense. You can deploy them when you have air strikes troops like Minions and Baby Dragon. One of the interesting facts of the Spear Goblins is that they can take on both Ground units and Air units. 

E – Lumberjack

July 4th, a legendary card is added, and that is Lumberjack. A cost of 4 Elixir, it does a great damage with decent health. When the Lumberjack is done, it leaves behind a rage spell of death, which wipes out anything that covers the area.

The only flaw of Lumberjack is that you cannot leave everything up to it or else it will go down faster before reaching the Crown Tower. Overall, you should deploy Spear Goblins or substantial troop like Mini P.E.K.K.A into the field. 

F – Mini Pekka

Mini Pekka is a little bot, which is effective against the ground units but ultimately a fail against the air units. It can reach the Arena, and it can make a huge difference in the game when you try a combination with it.

I – Minions

If you don’t have a Minions, then go back to the training camp from the Home, and unlock. Mini P.E.K.K.A takes one second to spawn, and the speed is average “Medium,” which is an excellent support for Lumberjack. It can be the Arena Tower and does some damage to it. By the time, the Lumberjack is done, it will finish the job with a final strike. 

It is effective against the Ground Troops, but it will be wiped in an instant while facing against the baby dragon. For Baby Dragon, Minion is a dud.

J – Zap

Zap is like a stun grenade, which hits the targeted area within a second. It can wipe out the Troops with weaker health in an instant. At the cost of 2 elixirs, you can strike a bolt of lightning in a small area, so be careful when you deploy it.  

An excellent counter to fasten the elimination rate of the opponent’s troops in an instant is how you describe Zap, which cost only two elixirs.

I’m placing my bet on this deck, what is your suggestion? Let us know in the comments.

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*2 Game & Strategy

Time is essential, and you can take your own time to get the hang of the deck. The deck we have is creating openings for attacking, and taking down the Arena Towers.

Step 1: Start with the goblins or anything below 3 Elixirs. Goblins were withdrawn by the Ice Wizard.

Step 2: Deploy the Lumberjack from the end to taunt the opponents, and they will deploy their best in the deck. 

Step 3: When your opponents have set a barrier of troops, it’s time for you counter them with Fire spirits, which will assist the Lumberjack, and keep the Ice Wizard busy. While Balloon will make its way to the destruction of Arena Tower.

Step 4: The first offense will neutralize the opponents best deck. 

I have shown you how to go for an attack and get back with results.

You have to keep repeating the process until you achieve victory.

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When you have barbarians coming at your Towers, you should deploy Minions, Pekka, or Fire Spirits, which will prevent them reaching the Arena building. Let us know, your thoughts, opinions and your strategy in the comment section below.