Best Royal Giant Deck: Ultimate Deck Strategy Guide (Updated)

Arena 7 unlocks the Royal Giant a building targeting long range unit with high hit points. The Royal giant is more flexible than the Giant as it’s a long range troop with its cannon. That's why, Today I will share the Best Royale Giant deck of 2017. 

Its hit points range from 1200 – 3708. A higher Elixir option than the Giant, I wanted to try it out for 1 more elixir point to simply experiment. The attack range was increased from 6 to 7 and damage was increased by 20% making it the strongest slow moving ground troop. I experimented with lots of cards like princess, Hog riders but was taken down some way or the other. Decided to strategize the deck with my experience and wahoo!! It worked I took down my opponent in a fierce battle.

Here is Your Best Royal Giant Deck: Learn How to Use Each Card in the Deck. 

    A 3.2 Elixir deck does sound to be a costly choice but it’s a good trade off for a win win battle strategy. I kept the deck easy for all those who do not have more epic or Legendary cards to add variation to the deck.

Best Royale Giant

The strongest card of the deck keeps luring the attackers towards himself thus acting as a distraction as well as keeps attacking them too. This strategy works best for the melee troops to march ahead and attack the towers. The melee troops can use Royal Giant as a shield and keep moving ahead. As soon as he is closer to the bridge the Royal Giant is a direct threat to the opponent towers.

Minion Hordes

The air troops work very well with high hit point troops like Royal Giant. They work very well with Spear Goblin to distract such troops while the minions take the opponent troops down with its air attacks. The minion hordes cannot protect themselves against the splash troops. Royal Giants and barbarians if deployed near Minions they help the Minions reach the towers and then the Minions know how to take down the towers.

Replacement Card: Archers

Spear Goblins

These troops are with you right from the start. A low elixir point troop that can deal good amount of splash damage. The support high hit points troops very well doing a good damage to the offensive troops. Combined with the Royal giant can lead to instant crown win. The spear goblins are very good defenders for the crown towers. When the spear Goblins are closer to towers they can take down the opponent’s prince. They work as best distractors for the offensive troops.

Replacement Card: Goblin and Archers


The area damage spell with a good radius stuns the opponent troop for 0.5 seconds. A well deployed Zap can take down the entire skeleton army in one push. Once attacked by the zap the enemy troop loses per second damage points. Zap works too well against the Prince and Dark Prince as well as sparky. If you enemy threatens you with their inferno tower or Inferno dragon you can discharge them with your Zap. A cheaper elixir option to replace the Arrow too.

Replacement options: Arrows

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A troop of 4 strong barbarians are the best to be used against enemy troops and Crown Towers. They work very strong against Prince or Musketeer. They need to be placed on top of splash attackers or the splash attackers will swipe the barbarians off. Rage used with Barbarians can take down the Crown towers too quick. They take down enemy tanks as they are a troop of 4. 


An area damage troop is very effective at killing loads of low hitpoint troops Minion Hordes, Spear Goblins, Goblins, or Skeleton Armies. They couple very well with Royal Giants taking down any attackers effecting the Royal giants. The wizards take down the opponent Barbarians and Balloons with due to high damage per second. A very good replacement of the Bomber. For the troops that it cannot take down the Wizard leaves them in silver health to be taken down by tanks. With its high damage per second and area damage the Wizard takes down the Lava Hounds.

Replacement Card: Ice Wizard

Elixir Collector

One of the high ELIXIR building at 6 elixir it provides you with extra elixir. The extra elixir takes care of keeping your deck ever ready. A rage on Elixir makes you deploy the cards at a very fast rate. They are effected by fireballs so keep them safe.

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The spell sounds dangerous as it has a radius of poison around its tiles. It pulverizes the troops in its Poison radius. Just keep pushing more and more troops into its radius with low troops and make it kills them.

Replacement Card: Arrows and fireballs.

Best Strategy for Using Royal Giant Deck

Choosing the deck is one step of your strategy but deploying troops at right opportunity is what works in your favor. Being the Best Royal Giant dominating deck this deck will work best as defensive deck.

Step 1: A slow paced starting of this winner deck gives you a strong foothold in game and lets you place the Elixir collector and increasing the pace of deployments. I prefer to place the elixir collector in the area in front of my king tower. Hog riders are still a threat, use your Elixir collector to distract the coming Hog Riders and take the Hog riders down with Barbarians.

Step 2: Deploy your Wizard behind the giant as Wizard will be taken down by high hit point troops. The Royal Giant will defend your Wizard and once crossed the bridge your wizard will take down the opponents in a stride.

Step 3: While your royal giant is taking after the tower with the barbarians or the wizard by his side deploy your minions or spear goblins or poison to keep the damage off your Royal Giant.

Step 4: So you played offensive too by taking down the opponent towers now you take a step back and play defensive and keep your towers up. Your already deployed elixir collector works as distraction and using barbarians, spear goblins and the wizard to take down the opponent troops that have crossed the bridge.

Step 5: You may need to be aggressive and with elixir collector you can afford to be. I use the extra elixir for some strong last moment pushes towards the end of the game, along with barbarians, minions and the royal giant.

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Bonus Tips 

Learning to play with a new card whose drawbacks you are not aware of might sound a little scary but don’t panic and keep playing with the deck. Soon you will learn how to use your Best Royal Giant Deck in the best way and the Arenas will be yours. Make space for all those trophies!!