Best Strategy and Deck to Counter the Bridge Spam Meta

Let me show you some bridge spam decks so that you know it’s a bridge spam when you face them:

A bridge spam – Why is it a Meta?

The bridge spam became a meta because of the core being of the cards that create such a strong push that becomes unbeatable. The core of a bridge spam is mainly the Battle Ram, the Bandit and Night Witch. The bridge spam decks are not easy to deal and you really need a strong deck to counter the deadly strong combos.

Deck 1: The Meta here is the PEKKA, Battle Ram and Bandit

Deck 2: The Meta you will be facing here is PEKKA, Executioner, Tornado, Battle Ram, and Bandit.

Deck 3: Battle Ram and Bandit. See how strong the two cards are.

It was not easy to devise a deck that would take down this Meta. But with quite some tries I ended up with two decks that always gave me perfect wins

Bridge Spam Meta Counter Deck 1:

This is a very strong deck as a counter to the Bridge Spam. The bridge spam will always have battle ram and the Counter Deck 1 has super counter to Battle Ram. The Tombstone, Ice Spirit, Electro-wizard while the Ice Golem takes good care of Bandit. When the core has handled the card like log, spells like poison makes a great support troop to be.

Ice Golem:  
A cheap mini tank that uses goblins and spear goblins to deal huge damages.

Goblins: These green colored units can take well the damage from Bandits and battle ram so work them for defense. They handle all the damage by Bandits and Battle Ram while Ice Golem, Tombstone keep marching ahead to opponent crown towers.

Spear Goblin: The defense cards that absorb all the damage targeted towards your crown tower. They are good to lure the enemy troop away from the crown tower.

Ice Spirit: An area damager that buys time for your deck. This supports Goblin, Spear Goblin untouched by any damage to the Crown tower.

Tombstone: This card is a killer for Bandit and Battle Ram. The tombstone releases 18 skeletons in its lifetime. The skeletons don’t do huge damage but it’s the volume game that keeps the bandit and battle ram busy and renders them low health to be taken down easily.

Log: With its 11.1 tile radius it one card that does not leave any opponent troop untouched by it damage. Leaving the troops in critically low health to be taken down my next single attack from your troops. Pair it with splash damages like goblins and spear goblins. The splash works together with log and creates an unparalleled counter push.

Poison: A counter for both troops and buildings. The troops and building in its wide radius slowly lose health and die. A very good pair it makes with Ice Golem and takes down those opponents Ice Golem.

Graveyard: A wide radius spell spawning 17 skeletons. With this deck combo it with Ice Golem. The Ice Golem as a tank takes the damage of opponent tower while you deploy Graveyard near the Crown tower. Keep the crown tower in the radius of the spell and it will keep spawning the skeletons and take down the tower. The Poison also is a great combo with Graveyard can counter Minions or other small troops but not against high health troops.

Bridge Spam Meta Counter Counter Deck 2:

An unbeatable deck where the small troop works together to do big damages and the strong hit point cards that handle the attacks and act as strong damage dealers too. Unique in its own way the deck is a very strong on each aspect of a splash, defense, offense, spawns.

Lava Hound
: It’s a slow but huge hit point taken making it a strong card. But don’t take the card for a stride if it’s supported by right troops of the deck it will do phenomenal damage to the Tower. And if the Lava Hound is killed it explodes into 6 pups that can do the complete damage to the Tower.

Ice spirit: Pair your Ice spirit with the Electro-wizard. The Ice Spirit does a hard hit on the troops in way of electro wizard and carries it to the crown tower. Once at the crown tower the electro wizard single-handedly will take down the crown tower.

Archer: The splash damager helps your graveyard. While the graveyard keeps spawning the skeletons the Archers add splash damage to the troops that are targeted by the skeletons. While the skeletons do the health damage and bring troops to low health the archers finally finish them off.

Electro-Wizard: A short span double attacker leaves his target stunned with the sudden attack equal to two zaps. With a hit speed of 1.7 secs, it’s a fast unit targeting both the air and ground units. Stuns his target for 0.5 seconds and moves ahead for bigger damages. It’s a threat to both towers and troops. Keep it close to your Lava Hound and it will carry him t the opponent tower in best of the shape. The Electro-Wizard resets all charge attacks even the Elixir collectors.

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Night Witch: Works very well with Lava hound and the Poison spell. Gives a very strong push to the opponent’s troops. Save it from the poison spell it cannot deal its damage. It does both air and ground damage. The bats do the air damage and Night witch takes care of ground troops.

Log: A unit that does enough damage to the entire area of the opponent. Log is a very good counter for a big push to slow moving troops like Giant and Mini Pekka.

Poison and Graveyard works too good in conjunction and gives a strong push. The huge radius of poison and Graveyard deals a lot of damage to the spawners or spawner units. Graveyard is a super counter to some tough cards the Inferno Tower, Inferno Dragon, and Sparky. It can distract them for 10 long seconds while the defending troops take down the tower.