Clash Royale Chest Cycle and Tracker (New List) Updated

Clash Royale is a combination of ‘Multiplayer Battles’, ‘Tower Defense’ and ‘Card Collection’. Cards and other power-ups are delivered through chests, which come in a predetermined order known as ‘Chest Order’ or ‘Chest cycle’, which goes like this – as long as a Chest slot is available at the end of each battle, a certain Chest has to be gained. It is known as Clash Royale Chest Cycle because the achieved Chest comes from the table of this particular system. The cycle repeats of completion.

There is a total of 240 chests and the rewards get better and better with advancement in arena.

chest order

The Chest Cycle consists of, Silver Chests, Golden Chests, Magical Chests and Giant Chests. And then occasionally, you get Legendary Chests, Epic Chests, and Super Magical Chests.  The stats are 180 silver, 4 Giant Chests and 52 Gold Chests, 4 Magical Chests out of 240 chests. Check out the below to see the chest pattern. 

clash royale chest cycle

Chest Cycle Speeds up in 2v2:

Few players have observed that after the update of 2v2 mode the chest order has changed. That means if you are playing 2v2 battles when your chest slots are full then the chest cycle moves ahead and you may lose some of the chests.(It is not confirmed but yes it can be possible.) If it is not a bug and new clash royale update in the chest cycle then it has its own pros and cons for the player.

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Clash Royale Chests Order

There is a specific order of chest in which you will get the chest when you will start playing. Below is the brief description of chest order and what you can get when you open them.

silver-chest order

Silver Chest

Silver Chest is the most common chest received after a battle. It normally contains common cards but if the player reaches hog mountain or above, it will provide a rare card. It requires 3 hours or 18 gems for a user to access its contents.

golden chest order in clash royale

Golden Chest

Golden Chest is another common chest, which falls right after the Silver Chest. It provides the player with one or more rare cards, depending on the player’s situation in the game. It demands 8 hours or 48 gems to expose its depth.


Super magical chest cycle

Magical Chest

Magical Chest comes after the Golden Chest but it is a lot harder to achieve than golden or silver chests. It contains one or several epic cards depending upon the player’s position in the game as well as a few rare cards and some common cards, which is why it’s known as Magical. It requires 12 hours or 72 gems to get unlocked. It can also be purchased from the shop but is very expensive.

gaint clash royale chest order

Giant Chest

Giant Chest ties with the Magical chest in its availability. It guarantees a large number of Rare Cards and Common cards. Also, it has a great chance of containing an Epic card. It requires 12 hours or 72 gems to give away its contents. They may or may not be available for purchase at the shops, but indeed, they are the cheapest in the line. However, the cost of the chest is directly proportional to the level you are playing at in the game. The greater the level, the costlier the chest.

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Chest Tracker an Unbelievably Handy Tool

chest tracker for epic and legendary chests

The App Store and the Play Store are swarming with the Chest tracker apps and websites. A real Clash Royale fan would note it down and utilize it to keep a close watch on the chests. The next chest you end up opening will make a huge impact on your game strategy.

So when the next Chests are foreseen then what can beat you?

Chest tracker gives an exact prediction of which chest you are going to get.

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Why Use Chest tracker?

chest tracker app

  • The Chest cycle has 240 Chests, it gets a little tough to remember at what chest you are currently. Here is your rescue for your Clash Royale career. The tracker tells your current chest position in chest cycle.
  • It helps you strategize your moves by letting you know what the next four chest in your Chest cycle will be.
  • if you are curious to know when the Legendary Chest, Golden Chest, Magical Chest, and Giant Chest will show up. This gives you the count of chests to reach your lucky Chest be it Legendary Chest, a Golden Chest, Giant Chest or a Magical Chest.

Note: Both Android and iOS versions of Chest tracker App are available to help you track the chests.

How to Download and Use Chest Tracker App? (Update)

Both Android and iOS versions of Chest tracker App are available to help you track the chests.

  • Download the Chest tracker app from Google Play Store or iTunes.
  • This app is no hack it simply tells you where you are in your chest cycle.

For Google play store:

Click the number picker to select to see how many chests have already dropped in your cycle. Here on just click “I got a chest!” to check what is next in the queue for your chest cycle.

For iTunes:

The app screen displays your queue and the number at which the particular chest will be dropped. In a consolidated form, it gives you the total count of all chests that you have received till now.

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Legendary, Epic and Super Magical: Clash Royale Chest Cycle

How to Get Legendary Chest?

Legendary Chest is one of the 3 rarest chests achieved through severe battles. It is not a part of the regular chest cycle and ties with epic chest and super magical chest. However, the player has to be dedicated, as this chest requires 2000 trophies, along with 2 complete chest cycles. Of course, an exception is also available; it can also be achieved in the Arena 9, also known as the legendary arena, where it may be achieved faster and with thorough effort.

Update: After the May 3rd update the odds of receiving Legendary chests has increased to 3 folds. If you open your chest every day you have a chance of getting a Legendary chest every 54 days in Arena 7. 

Epic Chest order

Is there any Epic Chest Cycle?

Unfortunately, there is no chest cycle for epic chest. The Epic Chest comes after the ‘legendary chest’ and it contains 10 Epic Cards. It is not one of the regular chests. Epic cards are guaranteed in this chest and nothing of an inferior stature will show up out of it. It requires 12 hours or 72 gems to unlock its contents.  

Note: Epic chest contains 10 epic cards.

super magical chest

How Super Magical Chest Cycle Works?

The Super Magical Chest is the coolest of them all! It provides the maximum chance to achieve Legendary Cards from Normal Chests. It requires 24 hours or 144 gems to unlock. It does not belong to the regular chest circle, just like Epic Chest and Legendary Chest.

There are two conditions to get Super Magical chest:

  1. 400+ Trophies
  2. Two chest cycle completed.

Note: After completing two chest cycle one can get the super magical chest anytime. if you are lucky enough then you may get it exactly after completing the 2 chest cycle that is opening 480 chests.

Super Magical Chest is toughest to get but once you get it, you will love it. Its rewards are rare and worth waiting for. Reward also depends on the arena in which you get the chest. Check out the below table to get the idea what one super magical chest can do.


Bonus Tips You Should Follow: (Updated Aug 2017)

  • Try and be in the higher arena. You will get more and better jobs.
  • Keep the track of your chest drop cycle using the chest tracker app.
  • Don’t waste time, always open the chest as soon as you get them.
  • Opening every chest gives you gold, gems or cards. So there is something in every chest for you.
  • If you start a 2V2 in between your chest cycle. The chest cycle continues on the same. Say you are about to get the Super Magical chest and you start a 2V2 do not worry you will get it in the 2V2 only.
  • The chest cycle resets after 240 chest cycle is complete. So in case you hear rumors that with the latest updates your chest cycle will be updated, do not worry you need to collect 240 * 500 chest before your cycle resets automatically.


Clash Royale is all about planning and strategizing but not only the cards and decks. Playing around with chests also needs techniques. With more insight into the Chest drop rates and chest tracker app, you can strategize your ultimate winning moves.

Always keep a slot free to receive more chests. As the silver chest open fast I open them while I am playing and I open the Golden chest while I am away so that a free slot is always waiting for my new chest. Keep the unlock process even while you are away you never know what Clash royale chest cycle unlocks gives you that edge to make a big win.