Clash Royale Chests: Get to Know Everything About the Chests

Clash Royale is one of the amazing games we have with us in today’s time. With 13 amazing levels and 11 different playing areas, this game is ruling the world of apps more than anything else. The war games have become a trend these days but this one beats all of them with its mind blowing graphics and incredible fighting sequence. Anyone will love destroying the tower of their opponents or fellow players to level up their game. We have heard much about the chests available in the game which allows you to level up your game easily. Here, we will discuss on Clash Royale Chests.

It is important to know about types of chests in this game to make the most out of the money you spend on chests. Usually, in order to unlock a chest, you should have earned crowns. In order to earn the chests, you either have to do a lot of work and game throughout, or you must be willing to spend some bucks. But how to know that which one is suitable for you at first point? So, here we will find about the different types of chests.


Free Chest

This is awarded for every 4 hours absolutely free of cost and chest which is not collected will be available to the player when they come online next time. When you do not collect those two chests, the timer for the third free test does not start. It contains a maximum of two or three gems and the chest looks like a wooden chest. Free chest has the same reward like that of Silver Chest, but it contains more amount of gold. It also has a rare card.

Wooden Chest

This chest is provided to the players which are undergoing training camp by having training camp card. This chest takes only 5 seconds to open and each account is allowed to open only 4 wooden chests. There is an epic card that is awarded to the players with every 3rd wooden chest.

Crown Chest

This chest is unlocked only after the player has won 10 crowns in his/her battles. This chest has a cool down phase of 24 hours which starts immediately after the previous one is available. Just like free chest, the uncollected ones will be stacked for collection and a maximum of two can be stacked up. This also contains two to four gems and the timer for next chest will start only when you claim the two stacked ones.

Silver Chest


These are the most common type of chest which a player can win a battle. There is a total of 180 Silver chests available for a player to claim in a 240 clash royale chest cycle. Although this chest guarantees few common cards if a player is in Hog Mountain level or a higher one they can also win few rare ones. You can unlock the silver chest in 3 hours and also by exchanging it for 18 gems at once.

Golden Chest

After silver chest, this is the second most common chest and you get to grab 52 golden chests in a cycle of 240 chests available to you at different times and stages. It guarantees few common cards and one or more rare cards for leveling up your game. You can unlock this chest in 8 hours or by exchanging the unlock feature for 48 gems.

Magical Chest

This is the third most common chest and is usually found tie a with a giant chest that makes it a bit rarer as compared to others. There are a total of four magical chests in the chest cycle and appears as 12th, 83rd, 132nd, and 203rd chest. It not only guarantees the rare cards but also one or more epic cards. It takes 12 or 72 gems to get unlocked. This is also the second most expensive chest. It can also be bought from the shop.

Giant Chest

As we have mentioned earlier, that it comes attached to the magical chest and it is found at four stages particularly 52nd, 159th, 190th, and 230th in the chest cycle. This is the chest which not only gives common and rare cards but has a high chance of awarding the player with the epic card. It also takes 12 hours or 72 gems to unlock and can also be purchased at the shop.

Super Magical Chest

This is one of the three rarest chests which can be won through battles. It is tied with epic and legendary chest which has more or less same feature. This is not a part of the usual chest cycle and requires 24 hours or 144 gems to unlock. It usually offers a legendary card which is the most desired one.

Check out this video and enjoy watching every chest opening: