Clash Royale Clan Chest Guide: Everything You Need to Know

The Clan is the vital point in gaining more in the Clan chest. The chests come with many benefits that can give an advantage in the battle field. Many pro players are trying to increase the number of wins to make the box larger and larger.

Clash royale clan chest

If you are looking for a higher number of prizes, then you should start with the adding more wins to your game, which will add more crowns to the clan chest.

The clan chests entirely based on the clan members performance and how much efforts they are putting the game and bagging number of coins and gems in it.

*1 How Does Clan Chest Work?

Unlike before, where you get more than a week to fill the chests, this time it has been reduced by the Supercell (Developers), who have now and keep reducing and changing the numbers.

  • Now you get three days to fill the chests with 1600 crowns.
  • The clan chests start once in a week.
  • Every clan member should be active in the contribution to claim the rewards.

If your primary strategy is to add crowns using the 2vs2, Friendly battle and Tournament battle, then you are in a dilemma. Unfortunately, you cannot gain any rewards from those battles. You should start playing the singles competition, which guarantees you crowns that are added to the clan chests.

To give you a benefit, the Crowns are not only added to your account but also to the clan, which means you are getting six crowns from one win, which will be split to the Clan and your account. The more you add, the higher the rewards will be, which is essential.

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Note: If you plan to move on to another clan, then you are at a disadvantage. When you leave a clan after the Clan chest is started and before opening, you will be put on the cooldown period. Unfortunately, you will not earn the clan chest even when you join a new team for next three days as your ties will not be severed until the everyone from the former team claim their rewards it.

So The best time to join the new Clan is Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

So, instead of leaving a clan on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. You should target on leaving rest of the days, which will save you enormous rewards that can be used to upgrade cards, increase gems and coins and more.

*2 What Rewards Can You Expect?

I will be telling you the rewards I have got from the Clan Chests that depends on Arena to Arena.

  • 1500+ coins will be unlocked and added to your coins collection.
  • 50+ gems will be unlocked and added to your gem collection, which is an important chest of all.
  • Upgrades will be unlocked like Rare cards, Common cards, and Epic cards,
  • When you add more crowns to the table, you get twice of the reward, so every player is not going to receive the same share of rewards.

Note: There is no way, you are going to get a legendary card from the Clan Chest, so stop imagining that you unlock a legendary card. Only Magical Chest and Super magical chest are allowed to contain a Legendary card in it. While the golden chest is what resides in the clan chest.

Check out this video by Molt on Clan Chests:


Remember, you must secure wins from the singles competition. There is no way, you can add crowns from 2vs2 and friendly battles. Shoot your opinions and experience in the comment section below.