Clash Royale Arena 1 Best Cards

People are asking about the best cards for Arena 1. Training was easy for most. But the real game is revealed once you enter Arena 1.

clash royale arena 1 best cards

The Clash Royale Arena 1 Best cards:


clash royale arena 1 best cards

Skeleton Bomber is an effective attacking card. It can create a decent amount of damage on its own. But when you send Bomber with another troop, it is more beneficial. For example, I prefer to use Bomber with Giant. That way, my Giant will reach the Arena Tower without getting damaged as Bomber is taking the opponent’s troops down.

Giant Tanker:

clash royale arena 1 best cards

The Giant tanker is the most probably the most useful card. The only problem is that the Giant only attacks buildings. So, I prefer not to use Giant as a defense. Use it as an offense and send it with other troops. In my case, I usually backup Giant with Spear Goblins, Bomber, and Goblin Hut. It is the winning move!


clash royale arena 1 best cards

If you are looking for a ranged troop in Arena 1, Musketeer is the best card. In fact, you can only trade Baby Dragon for Musketeer. But in Arena 1, Musketeer is the only effective choice. It is a high HP card which can bear as well as inflict major damage. Deploy Musketeer with low Elixir troops for better offense.

Spear Goblins & Goblin Hut:

clash royale arena 1 best cards

clash royale arena 1 best cards

Spear Goblins move faster. Without Goblin Hut and Spear Goblins, I was not able to win. Spear Goblins is a low-cost card. If used wisely, it will be a winning strategy. In my case, I would use Hut, Spear Goblins and Giant in the same lane. I won most battles with this sole move!

These are my suggestions for the Clash Royale Best Cards! If you’ve got any better ideas, do share some with us!

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