Clash Royale Arena 1 Best Deck

Clash Royale training was so easy. I thought I could win battles just like the training. But I ignored the fact that Clash Royale is a strategic game. You have to manage the battle deck as per cards available and Arena level.

New Addition- Clash Royale Best Deck Building guide

Clash Royale Arena 1 Best Deck

Here, I am going to discuss how you can create a winning deck, i.e. Clash Royale Arena 1 Best Deck.

Guys just one tip; when you are at the Goblin stadium, focus on Goblins.

I was making the same mistake again and again. The mistake was using powerful and high-cost Elixir cards. That way, I was unable to use low-cost cards which are less powerful but faster.

I did not get any fancy card in chests. I was just getting Goblins cards. Then, I thought, why not use them.

My score was around 100+ trophies. But with this battle deck, I crossed Arena 1 within two hours easily.

Clash Royale Arena 1 Battle Deck:

Use the following deck to win battles in Arena 1:


Clash Royale Arena 1 Best Deck

I just love using Archers. Archers are bit slow, but they do a decent amount of damage. The best part is that Archers cost only 3 Elixir. When you send Archers with other troops, you have a strong foundation. In Arena 1, most people do not have Baby Dragon or Wizard. Only Bomber can take Archers down quickly. So, in Arena 1 battle deck, Archers were a great help!


Clash Royale Arena 1 Best Deck

This skeleton Bomber creates a lot of damage to towers. I use it frequently, as it can take down many cards with a single attack. The Bomber card is great at defense plus attack.


Clash Royale Arena 1 Best Deck

Giant is the winning card for most of the battles. This handsome tanker can take down whole towers alone. I prefer using it as an offense. Because it only attacks buildings. If you are using it as the defense, it will distract troops, but won’t take them down. If nothing gets in his way, he can take down towers easily.


Clash Royale Arena 1 Best Deck

I just adore this card. Knight is a cheap card and metes out good damage to opponents. It is a ground melee troop. It comes handy in Arena 1, because you won’t face any air troop which can take down Knight easily. In Arena 1, if you place it nicely, it can be extremely useful.


Clash Royale Arena 1 Best Deck

You need one ranged troop. In my case, it was Musketeer! Honestly, you can count on this card. It is a powerful card and can take down most cards easily. While using it, make sure to send extra troops to protect the Musketeer.


Clash Royale Arena 1 Best Deck

I got no fancy cards, So I focused on Goblins cards. I updated them over and over to make the Goblin army stronger. The Goblins card calls three Goblins with a fair damage. Individual HP is low. But if an opponent cannot take them down, it can damage to the fair amount. The tough part is that Fireball and Arrows can finish them with one hit only.

Spear Goblins:

Clash Royale Arena 1 Best Deck

I just fell in love with Spear Goblins. Undeniably, Spear Goblins is the best low-cost card in the Clash Royale. This card summons three faster-moving Spear Goblins. They have low HP but create nice damage. Due to low Elixir cost, you can use them frequently.

Goblin Hut:

Clash Royale Arena 1 Best Deck

I could never win battles without Goblin Hut. Goblin Hut is a nice defense and offense simultaneously. It releases one Spear Goblin at a time. Most players place it behind Arena Tower. It is an excellent way to build up pressure in the same lane and to make the troops stronger.

This was my winning Clash Royale Arena 1 battle deck! If I was able to cross Arena 1, you can too!

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