Clash Royale Arena 1 Strategy Guide

Hi folks, did you finish your training in Clash Royale? Are you stuck at Arena 1? Don’t worry; I  was stuck too!

Clash Royale Arena 1 Strategy Guide

The winning battle comes with chest and trophies. To unlock Arena 2, you need to win 400+ trophies by winning battles in Arena 1. It took me one and half day to realize where I was wrong! My score was not getting improved. It was stalled at 110+.

That’s why I took a moment and devised a strategy. With this strategy, I crossed the Arena 1 within two hours easily.


First, check out the mistakes I was doing:

  • Using the high-cost Elixir cards only
  • High average Elixir cost
  • Starting the battle without filling the Elixir Bar
  • Using either strong cards or weaker cards

If you want to cross Arena 1, avoid these mistakes.

Battle Deck:

I did not get any fancy card in Arena 1. Not even Valkyrie!

Clash Royale Arena 1 Strategy Guide

So, I rearranged my battle deck with the following cards:

  • Knight
  • Archers
  • Bomber
  • Musketeer
  • Giant
  • Goblins
  • Spear Goblins
  • Goblins Hut

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I follow the following strategy to win battles in Arena 1:

1: First, let the Elixir bar fill up.

2: Trust me; start attacking! By just defending the tower you won’t end up winning. That’s why I always focus on attacking. Think about it! Attack damages the enemy plus defends your towers.

3: Most of the time, I place Goblin Hut behind my Arena tower. This hut is an excellent defense and offense.

Clash Royale Arena 1 Strategy Guide

4: Next, I release Giant in the same lane. In the next moment, Elixir will rise for Spear Goblins.

Clash Royale Arena 1 Strategy Guide

5: Now you got it; Giant can take a tower down quickly. This way, I get an army of Spear Goblins to protect my giant. Goblins cost little, so I deploy them over and over. This army can take an Arena tower down pretty easily.

Clash Royale Arena 1 Strategy Guide

6: Next if Giant is still standing, it will direct to King’s tower. Then I deploy Archers, Musketeer, and Bomber. Most of the time, this strategy gets me win within two minutes!

Clash Royale Arena 1 Strategy Guide

With this strategy, I won 11 battles out of 15 battles and crossed Arena 1!

Let us know your opinions about this Clash Royale Arena 1 strategy guide.

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