Clash Royale Arena 3 Best Battle Decks

You can’t afford using the incorrect battle deck in Arena 3. In Arena 3, players are smart and have deep knowledge about cards. Before Arena 3, players would think Prince or Baby Dragon can make them win easily. At this stage, you gotta ignore this notion.

CLASH ROYALE arena 3 best decks

Clash Royale developers created each card with a purpose. You need to understand how these cards work together! Clash Royale is all about creating an army that can attack plus defense well!

Here, I will show you two battle decks for Arena 3. I have followed Clash Royale deck building strategy to design these two decks.

Each deck has its specialty!

Let’s dig in!

Arena 3 Battle Decks

Both decks will lead you to the success, if you utilize them correctly:

Defensive Battle Deck



Higher level Giant is the most powerful tanker. It is hard to take down this card. Just send the Giant with low HP troops like Spear Goblins and Minions.


One of the most dangerous cards in Clash Royale! When you send Witch with backup, you can strike the winning move!


Cannon acts as strong defense plus attack if placed in the kill zone.


Goblins do decent damage at a low Elixir cost.

Spear Goblins

Spear Goblins do great damage at a low Elixir cost.  Works well with Giant and Musketeer.

Goblin Hut

This hut creates so much pressure in one lane for backup to the tankers.


A perfect alternative to Baby Dragon.


Just place it with Goblin Hut to create an unstoppable army!

Offensive Deck


Goblin Hut

With Goblin Hut, you can deploy Spear Goblin on a regular interval. This will earn you time for Elixir refill. So, you can release strong cards with the backup of Spear Goblins.


Minions can slow down tankers to a great degree.

Skeleton Army

This army can eat up tanker within no time.


When you send Musketeer with Giant and Spear Goblins, it becomes a crucial winning move!


At average Elixir cost, Barbarians act as a strong attack.

Spear Goblins

At low cost, these goblins do decent damage.


This splash card finishes off low HP troop like Skeleton army quickly.

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