Clash Royale Arena 3 Best Cards

Clash Royale Arena 3 brings a great lot of new cards. But there is no need to use all of them. Only best cards should be placed in the battle deck.

clash royale arena 3 best cards

Here, I will show which cards deserve to be in your next battle deck!

Arena 3 Cards:

First, let’s check out all Arena 3 cards:



Cannon is an amazing defensive building. It shoots deadly cannon balls to take down various troops. You just need to place it in the right position for maximum impact.



With 5 Elixir cost, Barbarians are great attackers. They can sink a lot of damage, & quite hard to take down!



Rocket does great damage to the small range. When King’s tower is weakened, use Rocket to finish off the battle!

Barbarian Hut:


A great hut card that deploys a Barbarian every few seconds. If used wisely, it can be a part of strong attack.



Rage is a spell card that speeds up the troop movement and attack by 35%.



X-Bow is a long range card with great capabilities. Just place it on the bridge, it will take down Arena tower alone.

Arena 3 Best Cards:

Now, let’s check best cards in Arena 3:



You can use Barbarians as strong attack and defense. First, take down tanker with the Barbarians and then deploy your tanker with Barbarians backup. Within no time, you will take down Arena tower easily!


No other card can be as great as X-Bow. Trust me, just place it on the bridge; it will attack and destroy Arena tower on its own.


Just place Cannon in the Kill zone and you will have a winning hand. This card will attract troops to the Kill Zone, this way it attacks and defends well!

Let us know if you found these Clash Royale Arena 3 Battle Decks helpful, while playing.

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