Clash Royale Arena 4: Best Battle Decks of All Time (2017)

Stronger is better! This is the winning motto in Arena 4. I was making one major mistake in Arena 4; that is using low Elixir cards. These cards can give you positive Elixir trade, but won’t help in winning battles. In Arena 4, low HP troops do not act as good defense or offense. To win battles, you need powerful and strong cards.


I tried dozens of battle decks in Arena 4. Most of them did not work. But at last, I came up with two different battle deck. One is inspired by top players and a second one is my personal deck!

Arena 4 Best Battle Decks

These two decks led me to the success. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you too!

Defensive Battle Deck



Undeniably, Giant is a most powerful tanker in Clash Royale. Giant with Spear Goblins or Witch is a perfect combo to destroy Arena Tower!


Prince can be considered as all rounder. It is fast and efficient. If nothing comes in his way, it will take down Arena Tower with few hits easily!

Goblin Hut

If we talk about huts, Goblin Hut comes on top. It acts as both defensive and offensive card. Most players use it to create pressure. You can try it for plenty of tasks. Such that, taking down Skeleton Balloon.

Baby Dragon

When you are attacked by low HP troops, then use Baby Dragon as the defense. Deploy it with Skeleton Bomber as the significant push.


I think, Witch is the most versatile card in Clash Royale. I like the fact that it can support any tanker as the great push!

Spear Goblins

Spear Goblins card is the bonus card. With low Elixir cost, it creates substantial damage.


Minions are useful when you deploy them over tankers. As tankers cannot attack air troops, so this card is pretty beneficial!

Skeleton Bomber

In Arena 4, higher level Bomber will create serious damage. Alone, it can take down a whole lot of low HP troops.

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Offensive Battle Deck



Barbarians sink and create a decent amount of damage. Just be cautious, don’t send them without air troop!


If you have higher level archers, then must use them as the backup. I mostly use this card to distract an opponent.

Minions Horde

I loved Minions as the troop of three moves fast. But Minions Horde is even better. I use them to finish tankers like a Giant or Skeleton Giant.


If you don’t love Prince, then you are not a fan of Clash Royale. I advice deploying Prince when the opponent runs out of Elixir.


Always use Witch as the backup for the powerful offense. On most occasions, I use it behind Barbarians or P.E.K.K.A.


Fireball can finish low HP troops in one second. It may not finish Barbarians or Witch, but it does a significant amount of damage.

Spear Goblins

There is no reason to avoid Spear Goblins! Spear Goblins and Archers is a great combo to take down air attackers.

If you are wondering about Arena 4 winning strategy by using the above decks, then check out the below tips.

  • You can see, both decks contain a bit stronger cards. In Arena 4, I was repeating the same mistake of using low HP troops again and again. Obviously, it was not working. After losing some battles, I decided to watch those battles to point out my mistake. Tadaaaa! In every battle, I was sending a tanker with low HP troops. With Fireball or arrows, the opponent would kill my army! So, defeat was evident!
  • The best realization was using P.E.K.K.A. If you know how to use this card, you can win any battle. First, I was afraid to use P.E.K.K.A, as it consumes 7 Elixir cost. But again, we have to use it correctly. So, I am going to explain strategy regarding offensive battle deck, personally used by me!
  • You have two tankers in your deck, that is P.E.K.K.A and Prince. If your first set contains P.E.K.K.A, then release it behind the arena tower as soon Elixir bar hits ten. If the enemy deploys any card, just lure it using Spear Goblins in the kill zone. This is an offensive strategy, we gotta make stronger offense! As soon P.E.K.K.A reaches the bridge, release barbarians in front and Witch behind the P.E.K.K.A. P.E.K.K.A is the strongest card with a powerful attack in Arena 4. Now, you got both ground and air back up. Fireball or Arrows can’t take down this attack. Once your army gets near the tower, leave the rest of work to P.E.K.K.A. Within few hits, the tower will get down. In Arena 4, I had Crown wins with this battle deck and strategy!

So, the bottom line is that you must utilize P.E.K.K.A! to win the Battle.

Check out the few more best arena 4 battle deck in the video:

Best Clash Royale Arena 4 Best Deck (Updated)

Goblin Hut

At the expense of 5 Elixir, you can deploy the Goblin Hut for 1 minute. We rely on the Goblin hut to strengthen the defense and the one-minute back-to-back troop barrage will assist the Arena Tower to keep itself unharmed.

Baby Dragon

Currently, Baby Dragon is used by the majority of players in Arena 4. The only reason, why we have added the dragon to the deck because the baby dragon is the most powerful air unit in Arena 4. The card cost only 4 Elixirs with the 1.6 seconds hit speed, which will keep the enemy at bay.



He may be not the King of Knights, but at the cost of 3 elixirs, you can deploy a reliable ground support, which is capable enough to take one-on-one combat with any opponent troop. Knight is extremely efficient against the multiple targets when you try combinations. However, Knight is helpless against the Air Units, but it does distract the Air units such as Baby Dragon.

A must troop card, which is irreplaceable in the Clash Royale is Skeletons Army. At the cost of 3 Elixirs, you can depend on the Skeletons army, which is capable enough to take out Prince, Musketeer, Goblins, Barbarians and other ground units within ten seconds. It’s the numbers game, but it is useless against Valkyrie, Baby Dragon and Long range weapons like Rocket, Arrows, and Fireball.


I consider Fireball to be a must card in the deck because it is a long range (2.5 radii to be exact), which is capable enough to (158) damage the Arena Tower. Not only that, it is useful against the enemy ground troops and takes them out in one spoof. It makes a beautiful flare when launched and imitates your opponent throughout the game.


Another must card in Arena 4 deck. Do not forget Skeletons Army, Air units like Minions, Building and Goblin Huts can be taken out at the cost of three elixirs. I would not recommend you to use them when there is only one troop you are up against. Always aim for multiple targets because it covers two radii.


You are bound to fell in love with the X-Bow, which is an Arrow thrower, which can take out an Arena Tower within 20 seconds when it is untouched. The 11.5 Radii where the hit speed is 0.25 seconds can prove to be the deadliest weapon in your arsenal. However, the cost of the X-bow is six elixirs. You should always deploy a Minion and Knight to guard it, or else the results will be opposite.


It has always been a team player, which is capable enough to accomplish what the Prince couldn’t do it. It can take out the Skeletons Army in mere seconds, at the cost of 4 Elixirs, a perfect ground unit, which is perfect for supporting and guarding buildings.

These are one of the Best Clash Royale Arena 4 Decks 0f 2017. We will keep updating more decks you can try for arena 4.