Clash Royale Arena 4 Best Cards

Arena 4 brings the most versatile set of cards. In fact, I call Arena 4 cards as the game changers. With each new set of cards, the game is becoming more challenging and exciting.

clash royale arena 4 best cards

Although, Arena 4 Cards are incredibly powerful. But don’t use them all in the same deck. Trust me; it is a bad strategy. But this set of cards has three fabulous cards which can turn the round! Have patience and let’s check the whole lot before getting the treat!

Arena 4 Cards



Tesla is a defensive card. If you want something better than Cannon, then Tesla is not a bad choice. Just be cautious while dropping this card. Avoid using Tesla, when an opponent is not releasing troops.

Minions Horde

Horde is better than the crowd! Minions Horde card is one of the fastest moving Clash Royale cards. If you are using tanker, then must drop Minions Horde as air attackers!

Inferno Tower

Oh lord! I just love Inferno Tower. It has the highest damage rate till Arena 4. In a few moments, it can take down high HP cards quickly.

Hog Rider

Answer this question, do you like to use Giant? But must be frustrated with its slow speed? Well, Hog Rider is the perfect substitute of a Giant with faster speed. In fact, it runs faster than Prince!


Freeze is the unique spell card in Clash Royale. Within the small radius, it can freeze towers and troops. So, nobody can move or attack!


P.E.K.K.A is the only card that can destroy arena tower or King’s tower alone. But you have to use it wisely. Such that, send low HP troops as the backup with this card!

Arena 4 Best Cards


Following cards are the winning moves in Arena 4:

Inferno Tower

Most of the time, I don’t use defensive cards. But Inferno Tower is impressive. The fascinating fact is the extent of the damage. It can create damage up to 1000 points. This way, it can take down tankers, if placed in the correct location.


If you follow offensive strategy, you will love P.E.K.K.A. At first, I ignored this card. I thought, spending 7 Elixir on one card is useless. I was completely wrong. In fact, this card is the only winning move in Arena 4. The best part, it sinks and creates a substantial amount of damage. Without P.E.K.K.A, I won’t be able to cross Arena 4!

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