Best Clash Royale Arena 8 Deck and Strategy

Arena 7 can get you looped in itself as the players are pro and cards are stronger and the trophy gap is also. I hope my Arena 7 deck guide helped you cross the wall of Arena 7 and reach Arena 8. The gameplay Arena 5  onwards is not easy it needs a well-planned bag of strategies. I don’t play to win always I play to learn it gets me so well versed with the tactics that I end up with a full proof winning deck. Variation to the deck also work but I share the deck that I assume can be made up by most of the Clash Royale fans.

Now getting to the point of the Winner Deck for Arena 8

A strong deck at a glance unravels an unstoppable deck when on the ground.

Golem: A slow but strong building attacker. Nothing can stop him as they won’t spare the opponent, with the death damage as it splits into two Golemities that do a good amount of splash damage. When these Golemites die they rupture and do low splash damage. It has extremely high hit points that cover up for its slow speed. Golem has a moderate splash damage so this deck gives him Valkyrie to support it with splash damage. Golem works very well against the opponent skeleton army and Minion Hordes as they have low health. Golem is slow so this gives you good time to deploy more and more supporting troops to accompany it to give a strong push to your opponent troops. The spell that supports Golem is Zap.  

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Hog Rider: A fast unit that does very good damage to the building it is actually a building attacker tank that moves fast. Being a high damage card it’s combined with high hitpoint Golem to ensure the attacks on the crown tower to clear it out. The valkyire protects the hog rider from swarms of troops like skeleton army or the minion hordes. Best placement for the Valkyire is the in front of the hog rider.

Goblin Barrel: The spell that starts from the Crown Tower and sails to the opponent tower when well protected and supported. A rocket level damage maker with high damage per second they unroll three Goblins on top of the opponent crown tower to do the damage. It works as a good distractor as the tower tries to target to take it down while the Hog rider or Golem marches ahead to take down the tower. The Golin barrel can be deployed anywhere on the arena thus you can deploy it closest possible to the buildings that are not in your reach easily. One of the best strategic use of Goblin Barrel is to deploy it in the center of the arena that ways the split of three goblins attacks the Crown tower from both the sides confusing the tower.

Zap: It deals well with the small units of opponent troops. When the Golem is paired with Zap it takes out the Minion Hordes quickly saving your troops from the splash damage. Zap spell stuns the building as well as troops with 0.5 seconds, either discharge them or lowers their attack speed. When used with the Hog rider of this winner deck just when the Hog rider is trying to hit the tower. The zap will stun the tower and give your hog rider scope to hit it hard one more time to take it down completely. Zap and hog rider work in synchronization as zap keeps clearing the path of Hog rider if infested with the low health troops letting it reach the opponent area at its full throttle. Zap will slow substantially the push by the opponent barbarian hut.

Valkyire: Her face says she is a tough troop. An area damager single troop she hits real hard. The swarms don’t stand a chance in front of her. With its high speed, it gives a good push to the Golem of the deck to move it quickly towards the opponent towers. With a 360 area damage, she can handle attacks from any side and can be used to defense side also. The Hog Rider with valkyrie is an unstoppable combo. Hog Rider is a good tank as it is also fast so can match up the speed of Valkyrie. The Hog Rider protects the Valkyrie from the air attackers.  

Musketeer: They are a wonderful back up to the Golem a high hit point card. The both paired together can completely get you the three opponent crowns. They use the long range to protect the tank. The tanks support its by protecting it against the Mini P.E.K.K.A. Musketeer, Valkyrie and Hog rider all three available in this deck is a super deadly combo. Musketeer protects both of them while the Hog Rider is the tank to both Musketeer and Valkyrie. This conjunction is called Trifecta as it’s a triple unit perfect combination

Wizard: One of the best looking unit dealing area damage. This is the main area damager of this deck. He kills all the swarms Barbarians, Skeleton army, Minion hordes and all. Balloons and swarms don’t stand a chance in front of him as he deals a good splash damage with high hit points.

Skeleton Army: The cheapest but a good chip damage maker. It will attack opponents tower or tank slowly and steadily and lowers its health. The skeleton army can be used in defense too when attacked by low health troops.

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Gameplan of the Arena 8 Deck:

A dual tanker deck is unbeatable. One or the other Golem or the Hog rider will definitely take one of the lanes to the opponent as the deck has strong supporters like Valkyire, musketeer and zap. The Splash damager Wizard and Skeleton army deal with the swarms of opponent troops while the Goblin barrel is good to take down the entire tower if protected to reach there.

This deck dis not give the opponent a chance to take any of my troops easy. I could feel the panick on the other side when both the tanks were on the ground the Hog rider with Valkyire and Musketeer and the Golem with zap. It was a delight to see such a strong push from my side.