Clash Royale Beginner’s Guide | Learn it all

Hi folks! Got the news about Clash Royale and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry!

Clash Royale Beginner's Guide

I am like thousands who downloaded the game but got frustrated at first glance. I was expecting Clash Royale to be something like Clash of Clans. But it was a totally different Arena!

Clash Royale has created the buzz, but most people lack knowledge about its basic rules, gameplay and winning strategies. That’s why I decided to put up a Clash Royale Beginner’s guide. So you can simply download and start winning battles!

So, Let’s get started!

What You’ll Learn

  • Clash Royale
  • Download Clash Royale
  • Clash Royale Gameplay Rules
  • Battle In Clash Royale
  • Clash Royale Sections
  • Clash Royale Winning Rules

Clash Royale:

Clash Royale is the latest real time strategic game from Supercell. It features our favorite Clash characters, including Barbarian, Witch, Archer & Goblin, new characters like Prince, Musketeer and Baby Dragon. It’s got a pretty unique battlefield, hybrid of chess, cards and of course Clash Of Clans. The developers named the battlefield as “Arena”. Instead of typical battlefield, you have chess battlefield with Clash buildings and deck of cards. You must be getting curious! Before we jump into serious gameplay details, let’s learn how to download the game!

Download Clash Royale:

Clash Royale is available for both Android and iOS platforms. So, every game lover can enjoy this game easily.

Download Clash Royale For Android:

1: Open Google Play Store on your Android device.

2: In search bar, enter the name “Clash Royale”.

Clash Royale Beginner's Guide

3: From search results, tap on Clash Royale. You will be directed to the installation page.

Clash Royale Beginner's Guide

4: Click on “Install”. A new window will pop up, tap on “Accept”. Download and installation will take a few minutes to complete.

Clash Royale Beginner's Guide

5: Once, the installation is finished. Open up Clash Royale!

Clash Royale Beginner's Guide

Download Clash Royale For iOS:

1: Open Apple App Center.

Clash Royale Beginner's Guide

2: Tap on search option, enter the term “Clash Royale”.

Clash Royale Beginner's Guide

3: You will be landed on Clash Royale page. Tap on “Get”, followed by “Install” button.

Clash Royale Beginner's Guide

4: New window will pop up asking for “Apple ID” and “Password”. Just enter the credentials and let the installation complete.

Clash Royale Beginner's Guide

5: Once it is done, open up Clash Royale!

Clash Royale Beginner's Guide

Clash Royale Sections:

Before the gameplay rules, you must get familiar with different game sections. Each part has its own significance and helps in composing a strategy:


Clash Royale Beginner's Guide

When you launch Clash Royale, you directly land on Battle section.

Battle section consists upon following elements:

  • Arena: Arena is the place where all action happens. Arena is the unique battle ground of Clash Royale. There are 8 different Arenas. Each Arena gets unlocked by winning trophies, which themselves are earned by winning battles. Unlocked Arenas bring new and more powerful cards.
  • Chests: By winning battles you receive chests. These treasure chests bring gold, new updates and gems. Every element is important to win battle.
  • Achievements: By completing achievements, you win gems. With gems you can do tons of things. Like unlocking chests and getting gold.
  • Training: You can always test your strategies in training area without losing any trophy.



Cards; the most important part of Clash Royale. Cards control the whole game! They’re the only way to attack and defend. The card section is subdivided into two parts. First part includes battle deck of eight cards. You can use only eight cards of battle deck. Card collection lies below battle deck. Here, you can see unused and unlocked cards. A new Arena comes with new unlocked cards. You can manage cards by swiping between battle deck and card collection. Each card costs a certain amount of Elixir. Battle deck shows Average Elixir cost. You have to manage cards strategically; powerful cards cost more Elixir. You can’t just put one card which will consume most of Elixir. That’s why card management is important!

Cards are categorized as follows:

  • Common (Highlighted in blue)
  • Rare (Highlighted in orange)
  • Epic (Highlighted in purple)

New Arena will unlock the new cards. But you can either buy them with gold or find them in chests.



At Arena 1, shop gets unlocked. The shop offers cards, chests, gems and gold.

Here are important facts about Shop:


  • You buy new cards in cards section. Shop refreshes the card list daily except for Sunday.
  • Shop present all three types of cards, i.e. rare, common and epic.
  • You can buy duplicates of same card to update. But, with each subsequent purchase, the price gets increased.
  • A player is allowed to buy 50 common, 20 rare and 10 epic cards daily.
  • The prices of common, rare & epic start at 3 Gold, 40 Gold and 2,000 Gold.
  • On Sunday, you can only buy epic cards. That’s why it is called Epic Sunday.

Treasure Chests

You can only buy Silver, Gold and Magical chests from the shop. Wooden, Crown and Free chests are not available in the shop.


Gems are costly, and you actually have to buy them. The price varies by country.


With gems, you can buy gold. Gold is utilized to upgrade and buy cards.



Clans section lets you create your own clan with your Clash Royale friends. It gets unlocked at Level 3.

Here are the details regarding Clans section:


  • Only 50 members are allowed in single clan.
  • While in clan, you can donate cards to clanmates for better performance.
  • Per request, you can donate only two cards. Only 10 common card requests or 1 rare card request is allowed for you.
  • In every 8 hours, you can place new request.
  • One common card donation rewards you with 1XP and 5 Gold.
  • One rare card donation rewards you with 5XP and 50 Gold.


  • You can create three types of clans i.e. Open, Invite Only and Closed.
  • Anyone can join Open clan. But a certain number of trophies required to join.
  • You can request to join Invite Only clan. Clan Leaders and Co-Leaders can decide whether to accept or reject the request.
  • Players with invitation can join Closed clans.
  • Clan Leaders and Co-Leaders manage the settings like clan name, shield etc.

Clan Roles

  • Members
  • Elders
  • Co-Leaders
  • Leaders

TV Royale:


This part is a unique and rare thing to experience. TV Royale broadcast best battles happened in Clash Royale. It can be beneficial for anyone who wants to learn winning strategies.

You can find information about following from TV Royale:

  • Players
  • Clan and Icon
  • Rankings
  • Battle deck
  • Whether you have already checked the battle or not
  • Number of views

Clash Royale Gameplay Rules:

Here, we will discuss how Clash Royale works:

1: Two players will face each other in live competition. The competition will occur on a dotted map which contains six buildings, three for each player. Three buildings include one King’s Tower and two Arena Towers.

Clash Royale Beginner's Guide

2: The main focus of battle is to destroy enemy’s King’s Tower, while saving your own tower. The strength of towers get improved with higher Kings levels and Arenas.

3: Each player has a deck of cards in the bottom. Each card represents a Clash character. By deploying the troops from deck, you will destroy the opponent’s towers.

Clash Royale Beginner's Guide

4: Each card requires a specific amount of Elixir. Once you deploy the card, Elixir will get reduced. But quickly, it will regenerate. So, you can deploy your next troop or spell.

5: You can unlock new cards by unlocking the chests. Each chest will be outcome of a winning battle. New cards will be more powerful, will cause more damage to the opponent’s towers.


6: Each player owns half of the total dotted map. You cannot deploy a card on enemy turf. When you destroy the Arena tower, it will unlock a new region on enemy’s half. It means you can deploy a card nearer to King’s tower for more damage!

Battle In Clash Royale:

1: Launch Clash Royale.

Clash Royale Beginner's Guide

2: You will be welcomed by training guide. Here, you will learn how to win the battle.

Clash Royale Beginner's Guide

3: You can clearly see opponent’s three towers (one king’s and two Arena). Your main target is the enemy’s King’s tower. Once it is down, you win!

4: At bottom we have a deck of cards. Just deploy the card into the map by dragging it.

Clash Royale Beginner's Guide

5: As seen below, you cannot deploy the card in red highlighted area.

Clash Royale Beginner's Guide

6: Once the Arena tower is down, the restricted area will get reduced.

Clash Royale Beginner's Guide

7: Continue destruction of towers by deploying cards strategically.

8: Once opponent’s King’s Tower or Arena is down, you have won the battle. But keep your towers protected.

Clash Royale Beginner's Guide

9: Winning a battle will unlock a chest. Each chest contains gold, updates and unlocked new cards.


10: Start playing and winning battles! The wins will unlock new levels, cards, spells and much more!

Clash Royale Winning Rules:

  • Destruction of opponent’s King’s tower is an immediate win.
  • The time for battle is set to 4 minutes. The Elixir regeneration will speed, if no one is able to destroy King’s tower within 2 minutes. If no one wins within 3 minutes, a mode “Sudden Death” will be activated.
  • In Sudden Death mode, a time will be added. Whoever nabs the score first will win the battle!

Hopefully, this guide has cleared all your doubts about Clash Royale! What are you waiting for? Enter the Arena and start winning.