Clash Royale Chest Tracker App: Best App to Track Your Chest

Clash Royale is a unique game, and the game has a strategy. The developers behind the game are incredibly smart, and they are gamers themselves, which is why the outcome is superior. The Clash Royale Chests are what majority of the free players look forward to because it helps them unlocks numerous cards and other featured stuff.

Clash Royale is designed and runs on an Algorithm, which defines what to give and when to give. Th most interesting part of it is that it doesn’t change until the updates are released. The Algorithm changes only when the developers release updates.

How to identify them? It’s simple, and the deep system is upgraded when they have new cards to add because they have to level the cards up and maintain a balance between the Old and New cards. However, one of an impossible task is to identify the next chest in the slot.

Clash Royale Chest Tracker App

Android is a fantastic platform, which has blessed us with apps that can resolve our problems in an instant. Clash Royale has also inspired a developer to come up with a Chest Tracker calculator. The developer has figured out the Algorithm, which has made this app possible. Though the Algorithm has been updated the app still does a decent job as it gets you results that are close to the actual one. +

*1 Clash Royale Chest Tracker Android and iOS App

By using this app, you can figure out the position you are in the Clash Royale Chest Cycle, which gives you results that are close to the actual one.

Note: I just want to let the readers know that this isn’t one of those apps, which promises you to unlocks, Hacks, Tricks or any other malicious apps that do magical stuff for you. Based on your game Winning, and Number of Chests opened so far, it gives you an idea on which Christ you are going to get next. Also, keep your distance from such apps or else you may end up getting your self-banned.

Most unfortunate part is that the Clash Royale team doesn’t give anyone a second chance.

*2 How Does The App Works?

Download the Android app and iOS app. Download and Install the app on your smartphones.

For Android, go to play store and search for Clash Royale Chest Tracker and download it.

The file size of the app is 3.26MB.

1: Launch the app.

2: As you can see, you have to figure out the most accurate number of Chests unlocked.

3: Now tap on the “I Got a Chest,” the values keep changing, which also gives you an idea on which chest you are likely to get.

4: On top, you have chests, which happen to be your next chests in your slot.

Remember, it takes more than four cycles for you to get Magical Chests. In simple words, Super Magical Chests are not for the lucky ones. Not everyone is fortunate enough to get the prestigious treasure. However, there is hope for you to get a chance to access Magical Chest, which comes with several surprises.