Guide to Play with Clash Royale Mega Knight

Clash Royale releases new cards each season in every Arena possible, and most of the cards are well-balanced. The Clash Royale Mega Knight is one of those cards, which has incredible advantages and has one disadvantage with the proper use of it, you can turn the game table in a second.

Clash Royale Mega Knight

The Hog Mountain Arena 10 is where you can find the Mega Knight card, or you can even unlock it in the Legendary chest. The knight has high damage, hitpoints and area damage, which should be perfect to place in ground troops.

The MegaKnight has the ability jump on the field unit and damages the opponent. Ground forces with less than three elixirs will vanish in one jump.

Mega Knight is expensive as the card cost you seven elixirs and wears black Armor with two in the hands to make an impact at the opponent.

*1 How to Use Mega Knight? (Game Strategy)

There are plenty of combinations you can try with the card, but we recommend you to combine your favorite card with the Mega Knight, then you can create an impact. To speed things up, we are going to show you some of the cards you can combine with the MK.

  1. MK is a strong force, but even it has a weak spot. The soft spot can take it down within a matter of seconds, and that is Air Units. You should always send one air unit like Baby Dragon, which will keep the Air-units like Bats, Inferno Dragon, Minions, and others.
  2. MK is at a disadvantage are Air units such as Minions, Horde, and Bats, which are the most common cards used to eliminate ground troops. You can pair it with the Arrows, which will remove these Air-units in a spoof.
  3. How about pairing with the Mini Pekka, which has less hit point but comes with high damage point. When the MK is in numbers, then MINI Pekka will come in handy. With little support, MK can produce amazing results in the field.
  4. Valkyrie is one of its kind and the combination of the both troops will have a good impact on the ground forces but won’t stand a chance if there are any Air units.
  5. You can Legendary cards are something, which is made for you to combine with the MK. You can try adding Princess as a back up to the Mk, now you can imagine the results.
  6. If you are worried about the Goblins huts, Skeletons building, Barbarian hut, then you can combine send the Wizard along with the Mega Knight, which will eliminate the smaller troops and barbarians faster. Remember, always maintain a distance between the MK and Wizard or else, you will lose the wizard faster.
  7. Do you have a Lumberjack in your deck? Then do not waste your time and deploy it along with the MK, which will support the Mk till it reaches the Princess and King tower.

Note: Never deploy MegaKnight alone because when the opponent has air units, no matter how strong Mk, it will go down. Always send the most expensive card with a proper backup.

Check out this video and learn how mega knight can save you in the game:

*2 How to Counter Attack Mega Knight?

We know that if you are going to use on the battlefield, you will face someone, who has the same cards like yours, which is inevitable in game.

  1. MK is powerful even against the Skeletons army and can wipe them even when skeletons are surrounded. However, you have to combine the Skeletons with other troops to slow it down or decrease the health.
  2. You can always use the PEKKA, which is a big guy just like the MK, which is a fair price you have to pay. You can beat the seven elixirs MK using a seven elixirs PEKKA.
  3. When you have a ground unit, which is vulnerable to the Air units, then always use Baby Dragon or Inferno dragon because they can get the job done faster. You can also add Bats, Minions, and Horde but they are weak against the arrow and fireball.
  4.  Use an Inferno tower slow it down and let the Princess and King tower to help the Inferno tower to take it down.
  5. Why don’t you seek help from the Prince, who is a regular troop when you are in a pinch. The mega knight will be gone when you use Princess tower and Prince together.  Remember, you have to let the MK come in the range of Princess tower and deploy the prince right above the MK so that you can avoid the killing jump.
  6. Deploy Princess and Wizard at a distance and lure the MK to come closer to the King tower, which will buy you some time and it will provoke the king to shoot, which will speed up the process.

We hope that you have learned some of the Tactics to attack and defend yourself from the MegaKnight.