Best Clash Royale Strategy: Winning Tips and Tricks of All Time

Clash Royale Supercell’s intense game that challenges all your grey matter to utilize the strength of your cards or to make the strategy for your troops. Millions of fans are playing and making a newer strategy everyday moment. Whether you are a pro or a novice Clash Royale Strategy tips consolidated here will make you win many more battles.

tips and tricks for clash royale

Real – time games have catched up with more and more players as the player count increases the need for more result driven strategy increases. When you know the strength’s, weakness of your holding and opponents holding you can develop a win-win strategy.  

To destroy the three Crown Towers in a multi-player real time zone is not going to be an easy deal. You will wait for the chests to open but the real deal lies in knowing your cards and make a strategy.

On the way to opponents, crown collects and level up your cards and use them in a strategic fashion.

Be the opponent’s deck be overflowing with strong cards but they can be defeated by your common cards with well-strategized moves

Are you the one looking for help with Clash Royale then keep glued here. Our strategies, tip, tricks and deck recommendations will help you in conquering the Arena.

We worked up with few regular players and we got lucky they spilled the strategies. Implement the tried and tested strategies and conquer more and more Arenas:

Beginner Tips and Strategies for Clash Royale:

tips and tricks for clash royale

  • Join a Clan: At King level 3 you get the chances to join the Clan. It’s a good practice to join the clan as you can borrow or request a card you could use now to execute a strategy. Being an active member of the clan you helps you gain gold faster. This gold is put to use to get a new deck when available. A real – time factor makes you interact with players and learns strategies while playing. Learn and play so go ahead and be a clan man.

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  • Every Arena has a trend and trend is set as a result of the Arena wins it gives: Any game will have a basic strategic plan in place and they keep shifting as the players brainstorm. These strategies become the trend and they vary from Arena to arena. Arena 3 the   Barbarian bowl uses Swarms. Arena 4 uses flying troops more as Inferno DragonLava Hound, and Baby Dragon as winning strategies. As the Arena or the level goes up the trend keeps shifting as the range of cards is huge to pick and strategize from. The development team keeps on changing the decks a counter card can win against the routine deck with a smart move.
  • Don’t make a move under pressure.
  • Keep your towers and Kings tower protected don’t just throw your troops on enemy troops.

Check out this video to know how to win every time in Clash Royal: 

Deck Tips and Tricks

  • Manage you Deck: Your deck needs to be a balance of strong cards for which you spend your elixir and a set of common and counter cards. A small troop gets over too soon and a huge troop costs you elixir limiting your further buys. A fine balance of decking and well-planned strategy piggy banks you Arenas.

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  • Dropping a winning tip here. Choose the troops that are fast, troops that perform well against air troops, tower-destroying troops and troops that specialize in defense (for example, defense towers). Keep it a balance of ground troops, dragon and Minion Hoard.
  • Create a balance between defense and attack: At times it’s worth waiting take a calculated damage and attack with a resounding strategy. Watch for your opponents move. Read the mind and then strategize your next attack. You need not always be in an attacking mode. When you are playing in aggressive mode use the quickly paced troops and when in defensive mode use the more damage enduring troops.

Strategies that Always Work:

clash royale tricks

  • Your Clock ticking matters: Your elixir starts filling at a double speed at 60 seconds, asking you to rush up. Keep an eye for 180 seconds at the end of them, whoever has more crowns wins. In the case of tie, the next crown wins and you will not want that. Keeping an eye on second just attack and win over a side crown just prior to time is up it pushes up your crown count and you win that Arena for yourself. Make sure you make a move when the elixir is full.Tower have the good defensive capability. Don’t let all your troops protect the tower only. Range them to attack the opponent.
  • Chess eye view of your game:  Game calls out from a strategy point of a chess. Deploy your troops not in a tandem but in a well-planned way. Distract the enemy by dropping your troops in the middle of the king tower to protect any damage to other towers. Drop your troops in a fashion that by the time the enemy reaches your crowns the elixir is regenerated and you can utilize it. Try to keep the troop little far from the enemy edge. Prefer them to be at the back of the arena this gives time for an elixir to regenerate as well as see the reaction of the opponent when you drop them.

  • Card Upgrades: Upgrading your cards is a good option to stay ahead of opponents.When you use the money to buy gold to improve your troops it always and advantage. The uncommon troop gives you wider advantages.

  • Be a player: A Player always re-watches the previous matches to learn the patterns and strategies. Your game has a built in feature of TV Royale to watch previous matches. Just take a look at it as and when to learn.
  • Learn to get Strong at your Counter Moves: Every time you counter your opponents move learn from it. While the opponent used a Graveyard spell you can use Zap spell to counter it yielding you more skeletons in 10 seconds timeframe. Such strategies are foolproof working.

  • Chest timing: A new chest always unravels a troop to your benefit. Opening a new chest always takes the time you can open a chest by spending your jewels. You can open chests by simply watching a video. When you are a clan man you can contribute one crown to get the clan chest. Every Arena teaches you a new bargain between elixir, deck, and attack – defense strategy. The opponents are the best teachers learn how they counter and trap you.

Keep tuned to the highly addictive game. Keep playing and winning with above tricks till we drop in some more strategies.