Clash Royale Super Magical Chest

Our most favorite super magical chests bring the much needed spice in the game. They are an important part of the game, so let’s understand what they are all about.

Super Magical Chest

clash royale super magical chest

There are two main things you should understand about these chests:

Higher Reward:

Super Magical Chests offer better rewards better than any other treasure chest. You get more gold and cards than gold, silver or crown chests. The reward depends upon the arena in which you get this chest. Higher the arena, higher will be the reward!

It Comes Randomly:

Silver, Gold or Crown chest comes after the certain pattern. You win a specific number of battles or destroy the towers; then you receive these chests. But Super Magical Chest just drops in randomly. You will have no idea when you are going to receive it. You may get it on Arena 1 or at Arena 8. It totally depends upon the game. But when it drops, it will bring bigger rewards than any other chest in Clash Royale!

What Does Super Magical Chest Bring?

Super Magical Chest is enriched with lots of gold and cards. A number of rewards depend upon the Arena in which you have received the chest.

Here are the details of Super Magical Chest’s offerings in each Arena of Clash Royale Game:


Here are the screenshots of a Super Magical Chest I received in Arena 4.



There is no way to get this chest! You gotta be lucky to find Super Magical Chest!

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