How to Use the Witch in Clash Royale?

The witch is the troop of clash royale that summons skeletons, shoots destructive beams from her magic wand. She has big pink glowing eyes, unfortunately, cannot shoot lasers.

The witch is unlocked from the training camp arena, which means, you can get a chance to use the witch from the start itself. She can do area damage and is a medium ranged troop with normal hitpoints like others. And, yes, she does medium damage too. A witch costs five elixirs from the start to deploy. She also summons a group of 3 skeletons every 7.5 seconds. The level of her skeletons is five times higher than her.

History of Witch Updates

Clash royale witch

  •  The Witch was added in the soft launch of Clash Royale on 4th January 2016.
  • A balanced update was released on 11th January 2016, in which the level of spawned skeletons was decreased by one. Earlier, Lvl 8 Witch could spawn Lvl 14 skeletons.
  • The balanced update of 19th February 2016 increased her damage by 3%.
  • The update, as on 23rd march 2016, increased her damage by a further 5 %.
  • The update, as on 18th may 2016, increased the damage of witch by another 10%, the skeletons hitpoints and damage were increased by 5%.
  • On 21st June 2016, an update resulted in the increase of damage of witch by more 17%.
  • Finally, the last update which was on 13th February led to an increase of damage by 6%.

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Common Strategies Used with Witch

  • The witch should be placed behind high hitpoints troops such as giant, so that she has enough time to summon the skeletons and provide the support. If the opponent has used the same strategy, wait for the witch to cross the river, and drop barbarian and baby dragon or any high hitpoint troop, so as to make it easier for the witch to turn back and attack the giant.
  • Make her pair with other troops, so that even if she does the petite damage, her skeletons can be very offensive.
  • The summoned skeletons can be wiped out easily so make sure to have a bunch of distracting troops to protect the witch.
  • A witch should not be spawned beside any crown tower as a rocket, or else, a lightning card can quickly wipe her out.
  • Witches can be useful against slow moving troops such as princess as the skeletons can distract that troop and the witch may takedown from behind.
  • If a witch is dropped under rage spell, the effect of rage spell goes to the skeletons too which means 2x advantage.
  • The witch can be used as a good counter for sparky, as it is a slow moving troop, the skeletons can easily distract the Sparky while the witch wipes it off if deployed carefully.

So now as you know everything about the witch troop, make sure to use the same properly and bend the opponent beneath your feet.