Latest Tips to Use Electro Wizard and It’s Best Combos

A double lighting Electro Wizard:

A short span double attacker leaves his target stunned with the sudden attack equal to two zaps. You may be lucky to have the legendary card in your deck early in the game or wait for its holding chest to unlock in the Arena 7.

Although the card has a minor area damage but the way it stuns it targets takes the unit off guard. Just spending 4 Elixir points on the card is a good bargain.

How to use Electro Wizard to its best:

With a hit speed of 1.7 secs it’s a fast unit targeting both the air and ground units. Stuns his target for 0.5 seconds and moves ahead for bigger damages. This is supportive card that will multiply the damage of a hard hitting unit when wisely paired. I have tried every possible combo with the weird looking wizard and have used my best decks to counter him well. It’s a threat to both towers and troops.Let me tell you if u pair it well you can take many elixir advantages and he can change the meta of the game.

Watch this video for the latest tips and tricks to use Electro Wizard:

Combos that work the best when the Wizard is in your Deck:


  • Electro wizard is a good spawn with it double zap capacity. It can take down a small swarm of troops easily but never use it confidently for splash damage as it cannot handle much of it and can be encountered.
  • Electro wizard is best when he follows closely the tanks like knight and Giant. He is capable to high damage to the towers and can manage with good health to take them down in few zaps.
  • Use your electro wizard card to slow down sparky, inferno Tower and Inferno Dragon that are not so easy units to be taken down. The double zaps discharges the above three units and demand to be recharged again thus slowing down the attack speed and let the elixir build up and give you more attackers and defense cards.
  • The Skeleton army is taken down well with the Electro wizard as it uses its double zap.
  • When the unit under target of Electro wizard is slow moving like Mini Pekka the wizard limit its speed so slow as if it is crawling with its multiple zap attacks.
  • A very good defense against the prince and the Dark Prince. Electro wizard snatches away the 360- degree splash bonus from the opponents Dark Prince.
  • Its make a huge damage on the Elixir collectors that create havoc on the arena.
  • Electro wizard renders your opponents Sparky completely unable to attack. The zaps lighten so strong that the sparky loses sight of his target.
  • Electro wizards when used with Ice Wizards takes down all the troops but if the opponent has a fireball then this combo stands no chance.

Combos that counter the best when the Wizard is in opponents Deck:

  • Minion hordes can easily escape the zap attack and surround and take the wizard down.
  • The Electro wizard stand no chance if your opponent has a fireball.

With very few strong counter units Electro Wizards is an advantage to your deck. Pair him well and take down more Crown towers!!