Top 3 Clash Royale Executioner Decks

Executioner is a great new card with its strong air and ground attack capability in your deck to make your push super effective. Executioner has a super balance of the defensive and offensive card.

Why revolve your deck around executioner:

  • A long range splash attack card that cannot be brought down with lightening.
  • A card with great defensive powers.
  • Armed with a boomerang axe it works very well against troops of skeletons, army of Minion Horde etc.


Top Deck 1: The Giant Executioner Super Deck:

Clash Royale Executioner Deck

The super killer deck with a couple of Giant and the Executioner leaves no chance for the enemy to defend itself.

  • Giant and the Executioner work in harmony to make this deck unbeatable. Giant takes down the low HP troops and makes sure to be super offensive on the enemy towers. Executioner takes care of both air and ground attacks.
  • The furnace yields Fire spirits that just wipe away the enemy troops.
  • The lightning spell is used to freeze the approaching hordes and give a good push to your enemy.
  • Minion Hordes are good area attacker card to wipe away the push from the opposite side.
  • Musketeer is an Executioner parallel card so may be used in place of the executioner.
  • Skeleton army work best for high HP troops like Inferno dragons of your opponents.
  • Log in your deck gives a huge push to your opponent.

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Top Deck 2: The Miner Golem Executioner Deck:

Clash Royale Executioner Deck

A great deck to have for all those challenges you want to win. Golem in the deck works as a big push to your opponent.

  • Play your Executioner or Minion in the front and keep your Golem at the back.
  • Golem can be placed behind the King’s Tower if you have defense cards ready to deploy.
  • Your Miner in the deck gives you great defense against giant/golem/pekka
  • The Executioner works well with the Golem as it takes care of low HP troops.
  • The Musketeer gives you a long range damage.
  • Skeleton Army works well to defend against the splash attackers.
  • Use your Zap with Golem this combo draws a lot of Elixir from the opponent.
  • Fireball work against almost every counter attack. Just be careful not to damage your own troops.

Top Deck 3: Graveyard Executioner Barbarian Deck to Blow Opponents off:

Clash royale Executioner Deck

A complete defender deck that helps you build great elixir and the surprise your opponent.

  • The graveyard is a super legendary card unlocked.  Just keep your elixir double and take down the towers in seconds.
  • Electro-Wizard is a hero against the fireball attack. Combo them with towers and they will kill the medium troops like a breeze.
  • Elite Barbarians works as a wonderful defensive card. Most of your opponents might ignore the power of your Elite Barbarian. You just need to play on it even if the health is silver.
  • Mega Minion: This is a super attacker to save your Ice Golem. It works too good against the ground units and small troops.
  • Executioner: A long range area damage gives your troops both air and ground protection.
  • Ice Golem: This is a card used to take the damage from the opponent. This is used to distract the opponent troops and use other cards to give it a good push to opponents.
  • Fireball: A complete win-win card to use against any of the decks.
  • Zap: The card gives your troops a way to get hold of the opponents for few seconds till your troops make way to march ahead to take down towers.

Executioner plays a very pivotal role in the above decks filling in the important gaps that could let the opponent take you down. Move on in arenas with the top decks above and keep getting more trophies and gold. March straight to the opponent towers.