Fastpokemap | Best Alternatives of Fastpokemap: You Should Try !!

In today’s post,  we will be talking about one of the best things given to the programmers out there known as Pokemon Trainers or scanners like FastPokeMap.If you want to know about fastpokemap and it best alternatives then you are at the right place.

What are Pokemon Trainers or Scanners?

Without making this complex, in simple terms, Pokemon Trainers or scanners are third-party services which will help you locate and catch Pokemon around your location. Without roaming here and there in your locality, you can just choose a specific area or region to search for Pokemon and you will be displayed with the Pokemon position, with other essential information like Pokemon name, IV level, XP, etc.

What is FastPokeMap?

FastPokeMap or is a site dedicated to locating all the hidden Pokemon in your region. It even includes the rare one too.  The developers behind the site were working very hard to create something that could ease the work of the Pokemon trainers so they could easily sit at their home and see the Pokemon available in their area. The great thing about the site is that not only you will find the exact location of the Pokemon,  but also the expiration time, and other Pokemon related information like his name, look, etc. Isn’t it cool? 

Let’s now talk about the scene which took place in February 2017. Everything was going fine till early of the month. People were happily using the Pokemon trainers to their fullest advantage, but suddenly Pokemon GO developers released some updates on security and safety for their game servers. This was not the end, but just the beginning. After this, Niantic & Nintendo also passed a C&D (cease-and-desist) letters to all the third party Pokemon trainers and scanners. This led to the closure of most of the known and popular Pokemon scanners that included FastPokeMap too.  But, the main thing to notice was that the developers issued the C&D mostly among the popular and most used ones only.

Now, if we take a look at the actual scene, we get to know that were still some hundreds of Pokemon trainers cum scanners available. So, you may ask me, does this mean that there are still some Pokemon trainers out there working well? The answer to your question is, “Yes, you are right!”. There are still some Pokemon trainers like FastPokeMap which can help you find and capture rare and legendary Pokemon.

So, how will you know from such a big list of searches that which tracker is reliable, working and easy to use? I know it’s hard to manually go through all the trackers and services to see which one is properly working and reaching the demands. So now, what to do? Well, we would like to inform you that we have made your work easier. Yes, you will easily be able to find the best working alternatives to FastPokeMap in the article. We have invested our time and brain to present the list. So, please read with patience and if you liked the post,  don’t forget to appreciate it in the comments section below.

Yes, there are alternatives of which works and Here is the proof:

Best Alternatives of Fastpokemap (Working)

1) PokeAlert

poke alert fastpokemap alternative

Were you fed up of using site-based Pokemon trackers? Do you need more reliable and real-time tracking?  If the answer to any of the question “Yes”, then you are at the right place. You just have to visit this page to download and install the application . After the application apk has been installed, just grant some permissions, if asked. After that, you can close the application and continue your other works as the app will automatically provide you with a notification as in when it finds a Pokemon in your area. This all is possible due to the fact that the app is designed in such a way to scan automatically while running in the background.  

Using this app, you won’t have to perform rescanning again and again. So, if you looking for a reliable and time saving app then you should definitely consider this application. The app PokeAlert is available for Android devices and tablets.  To download the application,



2) PokeWhere

Do you need a rare Pokemon tracking app? PokeWhere as the name suggests is a radar application which will find all types of Pokemon in and around your locality. This is a reliable and real time application,  using which you can easily discover rare and legendary Pokemon around your location.  You can easily locate and catch Pokemon, using this Android application. There are some other features too,  you should give a shot . So, to download the application,  just visit this site – (Note: As it is a third party application,  you will be installing the application through apk file)


3) PokeHunter

This is a great site alternative to FastPokeMap using which you can scan for Pokemon in any part of the world. On the site,  you can easily select a custom location of any area,  and the site will search and display the Pokemon and Pokestops and Gyms found in the area. To use the site,  all you have to do is just visit, and then enter the location you want to search in the search box found below “Find my location”. After that,  in the map choose the region or area you want to scan and tap on it. Then a small popup would arise that reads, “Scan Here”. Just perform a click on it to start your scanning.  After some seconds, when your scanning has been completed,  you will be presented with the Pokemon list found in the specific area.

You can even set filtrations like which Pokemon to display and which to not! Check the site for various other information. But, there are 2 cons also of the site. First, is the limited radius scanning and second is that to perform another scan, you will have to wait for at least 60 sec every time.


4) Pokehuntr

Alright, this is another great publicly available alternative site to FastPokeMap which will help budding Pokemon trainers like you to easily catch Pokemon anywhere around the globe. This site had also earlier faced shut downs due to some copyright issues from Niantic side. But, after sometime, these guys got back on their business.  

Anyways,  the great feature of the site is the filtration it uses.  You have the whole control to decide What and Which type of Pokemon you want to view!  You are free to select a specific type of Pokemon with their IV level to search. This means that Pokemon equal or higher than the mentioned specific IV level will only be displayed . 



Last, but not the least! Another great site in the list which can help you discover your favourite and rare Pokemon easily. Earlier, the site was only functioning in Santa Monica. But, after it started gaining so much hype and success, the developers shifted the scanning and tracking services to all areas of the world.

Suppose you want to catch a specific Pokemon and avoid others, then you can use the filtration system of the site. Yes, it has got an awesome filtration system lime the other mentioned sites. You can generate a list of Pokemon and tick the one you want to catch and proceed by saving the list. Also, the filtration system of IV level is very much simplified on this site. It gives you four options to choose from is,  hide Pokemon with less than 90% IV, 75% IV, 50% IV or you can select less than 25% IV. Quite easy to use! To use the service , you have to visit the following site:

That brings us to the end of the list!  These are some of the working, trusted, reliable and real-time scanning and tracking apps plus sites which can be used as the alternatives of FastPokeMap. We never know, when any of the above-listed app or site may stop functioning. So, use it while they are in the working state!  

The app developers work hard to bring great apps to us which not only saves our time, and energy, but also makes the work easier. They are trying their best to find loopholes in the game so they can always stay updated with the changes happening in the game and making sure their services are working properly.



That brings us to the end of the post on Best alternatives to FastPokeMap. We went through many sources to find some of the best working scanners and trackers that can be used by almost anyone to easily locate and catch their favourite Pokemon. Also, not to forget that, if you liked the post or it somehow helped you find your desirable Pokemon,  then share it with your friends on your social media profiles and also let us know your story in the comments section below. Don’t forget to suggest any other working Pokemon tracker or scanner. Keep visiting our blog