4 New Cards: Cannon Cart, Mega Knight, Skeleton Barrel, Flying Machine

When you think you have mastered Clash Royale, the Supercell is ready with its Game Changers. The Clash Royale is all about developing new strategies with new cards. This month is full of updates. One was the addition of 2 new deck slots. So now instead of 3, we have 5 deck slots. With increased deck slots four new cards are ready to step foot in the arena. They are eagerly waiting for you to unlock them and change the game once again for you and all.

Here is the first sneak peek to the new four cards:

Cannon Cart

Category: Epic

Type:  Troop

  • The same cannon that finds its place on the cart increasing its mobility.
  • A medium ranged card that targets the Ground troops single target at a time. The range matches to those of Archers and witch.
  • At 5 elixir it’s a good card on your winning deck that makes high damage.
  • They attack the buildings that are closest but if any opponent unit comes close it would leave the building and make good damage to the new unit. But it does not forget the old target once it kills the troops it will turn back to the building.
  • If it loses health because of opponent attacks it becomes immobile.
  • The avatar of the cannon is different at Level1, Level5, Level 9 and Level 13.
  • Among the building damage troops, it has the highest damage per second.
  • You can keep two cannons in your deck and unleash the havoc on the arena.

Flying Machine

Category: Rare

Type: Troop

  • Quite similar in looks to the cannon it targets both air and ground troops.
  • At 4 Elixir the card is a high damage maker.
  • It’s fragile but quick with a hit speed of 1sec it matches to that of a Crown Tower.
  • The range of 6 tiles it will be of good help to your tanks and attack the buildings that become deadly when strayed closer to Inferno tower and Inferno Dragon
  • The damage levels are quite close to that of Ice Lumberjack or Mini P.E.K.K.A so should not be ignored by your opponent.

Skeleton Barrel

Category: Common

Type: Troop

These are your Skeleton army flying high. But once the balloon pops the party returns to the ground again.

  • The barrel lets lose in the sky with the balloon spawns the skeletons.
  • The skeletons spawned from the barrel love the building and attack them in a group of 8 skeletons just with a touch.
  • The biggest advantage of having the skeleton barrel on your deck is its resistant to poison spell that immobilizes almost every card.
  • At 3 elixir it’s a good splash attack to the Tower.
  • Support your Skeleton Barrel balloons with another air troop and let it reach the towers and unleash the wrath it holds with those 8 skeletons.

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Mega Knight

Category: Legendary

Type: Troop

A splash damager that needs to be looked out for that does the damage of 480 with a single jump.

  • The hit points higher than the level 6 Giant it’s very good for an offensive card.
  • At medium movement speed, he can replace the Mini P.E.K.K.A of the deck.
  • A ground splash damager that he is does not leave without significant damage to the troops.
  • With 2 times damage of that of the Bandit, it’s a killer when let lose
  • The range is moderate from 4-5 tiles.

At 7 Elixir its little heavy for but with its high hitpoints it seems to be seen more in the upcoming winner decks. 

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