Graveyard Miner Combo Deck: Best Deck to Your Battles

A combo deck isn’t new in Clash Royale and preparing your first deck, which comes under a combo deck has its own merits. We have seen great combinations that can change the structure of the game, so why not try a combo deck?

We are going to use Graveyard card and Miner card, and we are also going to combine them with other cards as well to balance between Offense and Defense. It takes time for you to adapt the change and unleash the potential of the Graveyard Miner Combo Deck.

We are going to show you what cards do you need in a deck to give you a smooth start with a greater ending. So, let’s begin.

Graveyard Miner Combo Deck

Do not panic on your first day because it is common for a player to lose matches during the initial days of the deck. Practice and try different strategy after strategy to become one with the deck.

  • Ice Golem
  • Miner
  • Skeletons Army
  • Graveyard
  • Inferno Building
  • P.E.K.K.A
  • Zap
  • Fireball

Ice Golem

Ice Golem (2 Elixirs) is a card, which can be used in providing backup to the other troops. Ice Golem is extremely good at countering ground opponents and damaging Arena Tower. Ice Golem targets buildings and works on destroying it. You should always try combinations with the Ice Golem, or else he may be eliminated before reaching the Arena Tower.


The Miner is one of the Legendary card, which comes with a special power. You can unlock it in Arena 6 or if you are lucky you also get offers to buy it for few bucks in the shop. The only reason, why many players go with the Miner because you can deploy it anywhere in the map.

The Miner does not let it self-damage and reaches the Arena Towers, Goblins hut, Buildings, and Barbarians Hut then works on damaging it. The Miner cost only 3 Elixirs, which makes it an efficient card.

Skeletons Army

Skeletons Army is a must card, and they cost only 3 Elixirs. They are the backup troops to eliminate any high-level forces due to the numbers. They set an example that the team work can even take out the biggest prey. Physically they are weak due to the low-health points, but the damage can cause the opponent troops to exit early.

Skeletons armies are low-health and ground unit’s troops, which means they are Vulnerable to Air units such as Fireball, Arrows, Rocket and more. They don’t stand a chance against Air Units but they can an extensive damage to the Area Tower when you send a backup troop.


Graveyard cost five Elixirs, and they are nothing but Skeletons Army 2.0. The Graveyard spell forces do not have any weakness because they are like Zombies. You can cast the spell anywhere, which even includes in front of the Kings tower. By adding the card to your deck means great defense. When you have King Tower or Arena Tower to protect from heavy attack, then Graveyard spell is the right one.

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The ability to wipe out in number is the specialty of the Graveyard, which is also effective against the Buildings as well. The Skeletons army keep spawning for next 10 seconds, and the cast spread five radii. You can even combine Zap and Graveyard spell to counter attack.

Inferno Building

At the cost of 5 Elixirs, the Inferno Tower is a decent Building card. The Inferno building attracts Ground and Air units towards, where the Inferno unleashed upon the troops, which does considerable damage. You can counter high-health troops using Inferno building.

Unfortunately, it does have a weakness. Inferno building stands tall and mighty when it faces one-on-one battle, but it is helpless when multiple targets are attacking it because it has low health.  The most dangerous forces are Zap, Skeletons Army, and Fireball.


PEKKA the most troubling card ever. At an expensive cost of 8 Elixirs, P.E.K.K.A makes its way to the top. I consider it a great offensive card, which will shake the enemy Arena Tower and leaves the enemy forces in shock. Countering the P.E.K.K.A isn’t an easy job. However, it does have a weakness such as the movement is slow, hit speed is also slow or else it would be a perfect card to play around.

PEKKA is a high counter, and you can also try the combinations, which would create an opening for you to attack.

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At the expense of 3 Elixir, you can cast Zap that can stun the area target for a while. Currently, the best replacement for the Skeletons (1 Elixir) card and a perfect replacement for Fire spirit. It does real damage to the high-level cards but wipes out the low-health troops.

It can also be used to reset the current target of the enemy to the nearest target available. It can be also used to counter the Prince and Dark Prince’s charging damage. Indeed, it is a useful card that fits any deck.

You can try the combination of Zap and the Graveyard or Skeletons army, which would stun the high combat level card and then you can let the Skeletons army get rid of the enemy forces. If you use the Zap properly, then you can exit enemy troops early, and it also buys you time.


I consider the Fireball to be a perfect opening card of the game. The Fireball comes at the cost of 3 Elixirs, which can target any area of the map. In simple, a long range valid card in your arsenal. A fireball card is your deck, and it fits any deck in any Arena.

Fireball has no weakness, and the different story is that it can damage the King tower, Arena building, Charging troops and even Air units extremely well. The Fireball can destroy the Baby dragon, Prince, Huts, Buildings, Goblins, and other forces. Offensive and the Defensive card is what describes Fireball.