Guide for Clash Royale Chest Rotation 2017

Wide speculation and argument are happening around the gaming community regarding the Clash Royale Chest Rotation. Every expert has a way of viewing it and explaining it.

The conversation hasn’t come to an end on how to get your hands on the Super Magical Chest and Magical Chest?

Is there any rotation or cycle involved? Any strategy involved in making most of the opportunity?

There are too many questions surrounding this topic, so we are going to answer them all. There is no secret ingredient, or other players are getting treated special because they are paying or somewhat other reasons.

Every player is treated the same. Everything depends on how well you perform and how many games do you play a day. The Chest has an order for sure.

What is Clash Royale Chest Rotation?

The Clash Royale runs on algorithms, which has only two patterns. One is Free, and another one is Paid. If you are a Paid user, then you are guaranteed to get something special on the spot, but that does not mean that they will be treated with excellent Chests later on. If you pay a penny, you get something worth money it’s that simple.

*1 Chest Order

There are several types of Chests, each Chest has worth, and you will be rewarded with the Chests.

  • Wooden Chest ( The trainee are going to get them)
  • Silver Chest (Most standard Chests)
  • Gold Chests (It unlocks in every one cycle)
  • Magical Chest (Rare)
  • Super Magical Chests (You have to be super lucky, or you can invest few dollars)

I want to let you guys know that no trick or hack apps are going to get you rewards. So, we recommend you to avoid any Tricks, Hack apps or Malicious programs because it will only get your account banned from the list.

*2 Clash Royale Chest Cycle

Those who are saying that this list is not working, It’s WORKING

  • There is a Cycle, that isn’t going to change even if you play for more hours. The same logic goes for the Legendary cards, Slot open or Slots are full. The Cycle isn’t going to change at all, and it will keep rotating the way it’s designed.
  • You can expect a Gold Chest early in the games. After crossing Arena 4, Gold chests become more familiar for you. The same logic applies to the Magical Chests and Super Magical Chests. The Magical Chest will appear in your list regularly after you reach Arena 8. Moving to the S.M.C, no one knows.
  • When your Slot is full, you won’t lose a single Chest because of the Queue, and the cycle will be paused until there is an empty slot available.
  • Wins and Losses have nothing to do with the Order, its all about Clash Royale Chests Cycle.
  • Super magical chest is not added to the Algorithm, and it shows up randomly. In simple, you have to super lucky.
  • Remember, if you are after the Legendary cards, then start saving Coins (40,000) and Gems (500) because it is the key to legendary cards.


No matter how many players would disapprove the order, We have prepared here for you. The whole process will remain the same because that’s how the Algorithm is designed. The values may change over time as the developers want to attract new players to the game and also reward the loyal players to keep them interested in the match.

You should be opportunity seeker when the right time comes (Clash Royale opened their treasure and started to offer prizes for free of cost) you should take maximum advantage. Let us know what do you think about the Order and your experience in the comment section below.