How To Counter Baby Dragon?

When I started playing Clash Royale, Baby Dragon was the first card that I found difficult to counter! Pathetic thing was not owning this card. Newbies get frustrated due to this card. Honestly, if you don’t know how to counter this card, it can cause a great amount of damage.

counter baby dragon

Don’t worry, I will show you how you can finish Baby Dragon easily.

First, you need to understand this card. Baby Dragon is an air troop that attacks both ground and air targets. The best part, only air attackers can finish this card. In lower Arenas, you may not have an air attacker. That’s why Baby Dragon becomes a great threat. You must have realized that Prince and Baby Dragon is the deadliest combo in lower Arenas.

You need to understand two main points to take down Baby Dragon. That is lure the Dragon and attack!

Best Ways To Take Down Baby Dragon

  • You can finish Baby Dragon with your Baby Dragon. But you can try lower elixir cards to counter the Dragon.
  • Always remember, Baby Dragon is known for splash damage. So, when you are attacking Baby Dragon, don’t deploy your cards near Arena tower.
  • Dragon does great damage to troops, but not to tower. When opponent release Dragon, let it come. As soon it crosses the bridge, deploy Archers or Spear Goblins in kill zone. Within few hits, Dragon will be down. Your troops will lure Dragon in the kill zone, and both towers can attack it. You will have an advantage of one Elixir over opponent.


  • The most devastating combo is Prince and Dragon. Most players deploy cards behind the tower. This is not the correct way. You need to lure the both cards in the kill zone. I suggest, use Archers. Archers can take two hits from Dragon. As soon Archers get killed, drop other cards to pull both cards in between kill zone.


  • The most amazing and interesting method to lure Dragon is Hog Rider. No other card can make Dragon to take U-turn, except Hog Rider.


  • Using Rocket or Lightening is also an effective way to deal with Dragon.
  • Defensive buildings are not so much efficient when we have to attack Dragon. Especially, huts should not be used. But you can use Tesla or Inferno Tower!
  • Witch is a great way to counter Baby Dragon. Its skeletons distract the Dragon, so it can attack well. Later, this Witch can be used as Counter Push with any tanker.

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