Best Guide on How to Counter Graveyard

A Legendary chest spell that is unlocked in Arena 5. A 5 Elixir spell is too strong when paired correctly to be ignored from being in your deck or your opponent’s deck. A spell that works same irrespective of its placement in the Arena.

To counter the Graveyards one needs to first know the card well

What Makes Graveyard an Effective Spell?

  • The graveyard has a very high radius of 5 titles the area the spell renders health damage is bigger compared to Poison and Freeze. The Spell gets stronger with every battle won raising the skeletons that it summons from 9 to 13.
  • The Graveyard when deployed comes from underground so it can instantly take down an enemy troop where its been deployed.
  • It can be paired with high hit point troops like a giant. While giant deals the damage of skeletons summoned by the graveyard take down the towers. A distractor ploy combination that ensures your victory.
  • The graveyard is a very stronger counter against the not easily deal able building troops Inferno Tower, Inferno Dragon and Sparky. The skeletons summoned distract the opponents Inferno Tower, Dragon and Sparky while your offensive troops take down the opponent towers. The time it buys for your is generally more than 10 secs.
  • A Freeze graveyard combination gives the skeletons more potential to deal the damage. Freeze, graveyard and Rage if deployed together can alone take down the crown tower by strengthening the damage dealing potential of more number of summoned skeletons.
  • Graveyard and Inferno tower take down Mini P.E.K.K.A plus double prince.

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As a single unit, it might be slow, low damage dealing spell but its combos are deadly. To counter such legendary spells is no easy jobs. It needs a good deck and well-strategized moves. Every troop, unit or spell has some soft areas where it can be taken down even along with a strong support. Let me share with you the best counters for Graveyard:

Best 9 Counter Moves to Take Down Graveyard:

#1.In case your opponent plays the graveyard alone you are safe. It can be taken down easily due its slow load time.

#2. Your opponents Graveyard stands no survival chance in front of the Valkyrie as she is Fireball proof as well as is a good area damage troop taking down the skeletons. 

#3. Baby Dragon gives a shudder to the Graveyard and its skeletons. An air troops target directly the skeletons and bringing the graveyard down.

#4. Skeleton Army is a very effective counter as they spawn a huge area and can quickly react to the newly summoned skeletons. The Graveyard skeletons are taken down very quick by Skeleton Army prior to any damage. If the graveyard is supported by arrows and archers then you need to call for more support

#5. Graveyard stands no chance if attacked by minion hordes or mega minion as Graveyard can attack the ground troops so all damage is done by the minion hordes alone. You can support Graveyard with Tornado to take some health of Minion hordes.

#6. Barbarians against graveyard is a complete win situation as the advantage of high hit point barbarian and the speed of damage gives no time to the Graveyard.

#7. Archers take care of the only advantage point of the Graveyards that is the horde of skeletons. Archers fast paced attacks don’t give a breather to the attacks and thus take it down real quick.

#8. A timely zap can be used to kill a group of summoned skeletons.

9# Poison covers the most of the radius of the Graveyard and kills the skeletons in 1 push. Some skeletons may still skip the damage and march towards the towers, however.

Check out this Video from Orange Juice Gaming which tells you How to use and Counter Graveyard:

Some combos of Graveyard need you to google up the counters as they are really difficult to counter:

  • Graveyard + Freeze + Rage Combo: It’s a high-risk combo but can create havoc around the Graveyard with increasing the count of summoned skeletons and freeze rendering strength to the skeletons. The opponent can play smart and after the freeze is used can send air and ground troops to take down the graveyard and its raged skeletons.
  • Poison + graveyard:  Poison fills in the weak areas of Graveyard that’s the air attack. Poison takes care of minion hordes and such small troops but loses hands down if the opponent renders valkyire.

It may seem to be a weak link but when supported by high hit point cards it not easy to be dealt with. Never ignore your opponent’s Graveyard as if left ignored its skeletons tend to do huge damage to Princess Tower.