How to Counter Sparky

Sparky is a breeze if it is in your deck and a slayer when it’s in the opponent team. A very high damage card unlocked with 6 Elixir points is well worth to be spent on. Quite a popular card with pros of Clash Royale Sparky but every card has a weakness. Lets learn to counter and probe on Sparky’s weakness.

Where does Sparky Weaken?

Sparky is a very high area damage card and can take down high hit point troops like Giant and P.E.K.K.A very easily. If not countered well it can take down your towers within seconds.

Letting the cat out of the bag – Sparky is a high damage but very slow speed attacker and this is the weak area where he can be countered. Sparky can be either taken down by Spells or a smart Deck.

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Counter Sparky with a Spell:

A Freeze or Zap work best against Sparky.

Zap Spell: When you chose Zap a low 2 Elixir spell you need to work out who will accompany your Zap. Zap will discharge sparky for 5 seconds. You will need high DPS troops or the horde cheap of troops that can take down Sparky in these 5 seconds. Inferno Tower can be used in those 5 seconds to melts sparky.

Counter sparky with freeze spell

Freeze Spell: If you do not have Zap in your deck go for 2 Elixir higher Spell the Freeze. Freeze resets the power of sparky for few second and this the time where your high DPS troops move into the game and take him down.

Poison spell: An area damage spell with a good wide radius costs 4 Elixir but slowly damages opponents Sparky and any smaller units deployed with it. It slows Sparky for 6 seconds slowing it down by 20%

Skeletons, Goblins and Guards are best to attack sparky when the Sparky is under Spells. Guards are best around them as they can take his attack by their shields that’s how Dark Prince is a perfect kill for Sparky

Check out this Video and Watch how sparky can be countered.

Best Decks to Counter Sparky

Your best Decks against Sparky don’t need to be high Elixir decks only. We give you the best fives decks – Zero on the best deck to counter your opponents Sparky:

  • Mini P.E.K.K.A in the Deck: When Mini P.E.K.K.A in the deck you need not fear your opponent deloying Sparky. Mini P.E.K.K.A can take down Sparky in 2 hits.
  • Freeze and Valkyire: It’s a deadly combo to counter Sparky. Freeze would discharge Sparky and Valkyire can take it down in 3 hits.
  • Barbarians: Surround Sparky with great units Barbarians and counter push them with a Dark Prince.
  • Minion Horde: Sparky cannot attack the Sky troops. Minion Hordes are great at melting him away. You can attack Giant and Sparky combo with Minion horde if they are not accompanied by arrows or splash units
  • Tower, Furnace or Goblin huts: They can distract the sparky attacks and give you time to build up elixir for defense.
  • Giant and your Sparky combo: Giant can withstand 2 attacks from Sparky. Deploy it closer to sparky surrounded by 1 Elixir troops to take it down.

Note: When using your Tanks to attack Sparky don’t deploy the tanks close to towers as blasts will splash on your towers in turn damaging them also.