How to Counter the Golem?

Golem is a boon to your deck a high point damage card to the towers and tanks. Some other significant advantages of Golem are:

  • A high health card acts like a sponge to take heavy damages.
  • When the Golem dies it explodes and splinter attacks the counter troops around it with its small pieces called Golemites.
  • Keep them behind your tower and they will give you loads of elixir for your battle.

Did you just feel overwhelmed as you have a Golem in your deck so is the feeling your opponent right now. But you have an edge off him do you know how. Because you are about to get the best counter moves to the Golem.

Counter Attack 1: Prince and Hog Rider is the most powerful combo to take down the Golem. This should be used mostly when you are ready to deal with the push that you will get from the Golem and that is usually towards the end of your battle.

Counter Attack 2: A Skeleton Army although a low damage to Golem as the Golem can knock them out with his splash damage but still when the army is huge it brings down the health of Golem to a significant amount.

Counter Attack 3: An Inferno Tower: A clear wipe out move for the opponents Golem. This static defense card takes down the Golem with its multiple strong attacks. Being a 5 Elixir point card it ashes the Golem to ground an 8 Elixir card.

Counter attack 4: Attack the other tower: Put an attack strategy at the crown tower if the opponent deploys the Golem. The opponent will not have much elixir so will send the low hitpoint troops that you can easily take down easily and thus victoriously counter their Golem by dodging.

Counter Attack 5: Use the Tesla tower: Keep you Tesla Tower 4 tiles away from the river but just keep it in the center to have all the impact on both lanes.

Counter Attack 6: Troops:  Some troops do a good amount to damage to lower Golem health.

Mini Pekka, Barbarians, Skeleton army, Three musketeers do a good damage to it

Counter Attack 7: Use the Spells: Spells are wonderful attackers giving you a window of few seconds to deploy other troops to bring down the Golem.

Combo of Poison and small health troops

Combo of Fireball + Zap although can do good damage alone too

Combo of Freeze and Valkyire

Pick any of the above 7 they render your best strategies against the Killer Golem. Give a Shout out        “O!! the opponent bring the Golem on”

Check out this video on how to counter golem: