How to Get Clash Royale Legendary Cards ? (Updated 2017)

Wishing to rank in the Clash Royale game but lacking due to less number of legendary cards? Well, there is a solution to this problem, as today we will guide you on how to get Clash Royale Legendary Cards.. Frankly speaking, it all depends on your luck. You can easily win with a huge stack of luck on your side. If not this, you can the same from the shop as well.

Through this guide, we have tried covering all the possible ways from where you can get the legendary card.

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Legendaries from the Huge Chests

The oldest and well-known method tried and tested by almost three-fourth players for getting legendaries, is to open a big chest in the Clash Royale game. However, it’s easier said than done.

The highest probability of winning a legendary card lies with the Super Magical Chests, with a sure-shot 50% chances of winning a legendary card. Whereas, the Magical Chests stands only 10% chances to get a legendary card, along with other resources, such as gems, gold and more.

These big chests contain huge amounts of card and are considered the best ways to obtain a legendary card. One must try all the odds to win them in the battle, and hope for the best while opening the same.

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Buying Legendary Cards in the Shop

ways to get legendary cards

The second best way to get a legendary card for yourself is to purchase the same from the store. Now, you might remark, there are no legendaries in the store. Well, for that, you need to be at least in the legendary arena.

Legendary cards are available at shops on every other day. The price of a legendary card is around 40,000 each, which goes up to 80,000 – 120,000 gold for the second and third time you buy.

In case, you have a lot of gold and plan to buy a legendary, make sure you act meticulously. If you’re desperate for inferno dragon, but gets logged, don’t be hurry to buy the same, as you might get stuck with that card. Be patient, calm your desires and then, make the purchase!

Buy Clash Royale Legendary Chest

Last but not the least, the best way and accurate way to get a  legendary card is to

Buy a legendary chest. The chest appears every month in your store and costs an approx 500 gems. With a legendary chest, you will have a 100% chance of a guaranteed legendary card as compared to anything that comes with 50% chances of winning. You can also get legendary chests in battles, the chances of them to appear are once in a blue moon though.

The only con of legendary chests is that you can’t choose which legendary card you want, which might lead you to the same card again.

But still, they provide a legendary card, which is the best part about it, apart from which card you get. If you have gems, you should always go for the chest.

Be Regular and Win the Legendary Cards

Yup, it isn’t that difficult to follow because Clash Royale wants the players to come back every day and open the app to have a good time. In simple words, to increase the user engagement, the developer team always opens new ways to reward you.

In every three hours, they give you an option to open the Silver Chest, and you have to come back in every three hours to open the chest. The many times you repeat the process, the better the rewards. Keep one thing in your mind, and Golden chests are the sign you are doing great. Right after the Golden Chests, you are likely to receive Giant Chests.

Types of the chest: Free, Crown, Silver, Gold, Giant, Magical, and Super magical chest.

Remember, these giant chests hold the key to Legendary cards. You have to play the game at least twice a day and four matches a day, which has the key to trigger the chests.

Timing to Open the Chest

Most of the dimwitted people do not share information, but we do. It does not matter if you are a new player or an old player, what is important the most is to know the right timing. There isn’t a different story for every Arena. What’s the catch?

What’s the catch?

In every two cycles, Legendary Cards Chest guaranteed in Arena 1 to 8. The subject is entirely different in Arena 9, where you will be ensured to get a Legendary as a present for making it that far. The efficient way is to be regular, and one card is assured in every two cycles.

Two cycles = 241 Chests (It can be any chest – Silver is the easiest.)

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Don’t be bothered with the numbers, as they keep changing but the maximum count is 241 Chests. Never miss a day, when the Clash Royale throws a seasonal bumper offer because the Cycle count decreases tremendously.

Check out this video and learn more about How to Get legendary cards: 

Grand Challenge Chest

In the Grand Challenge, some players spend money in the game to secure cards and increase their chances to win. Going after the paying players are the ideal way to get early access to the Super Magical Chests. Super Magical Chests are by far the most expensive chests, which are not recommended to buy.

However, the case is entirely different, when you are competing in Grand Challenges. If you secure five win-streak, then your chances are likely to increase to get one of the legendary cards. Not only that, When you have 12 win-streaks then you are assured to get a legendary card with upgrades.  

Strategy to Get Legendary Cards

Yup, we are going to follow a plan, which pretty much guarantees you legendary cards and upgrades without spending a penny.

  1. You should never pay Gold Coins for upgrades or buying cards until you have 40,000 gold coins. Do not upgrade any card because it eats up your savings like water.
  2. Coming to the gems, oh boy, the value of the gems is higher than the gold coins. You have to save them till it reaches 500. You can reach the target as a free-player by competing in the matches. A simple trick is to purchase Google play gift card for a lesser price during the seasons, which cost low but has equal value in the Clash Royale.

You can upgrades cards, which are in your deck but avoid the ones you never use.

The chest with a legendary will appear in every two cycles, and you should have enough credits to acquire it. The 40,000 coins and 500 gems alone will secure your win at the end of the game. This is how I end up having two clash royale legendary cards before I have reached Arena 4. The first one was entirely planned, but the other was mere coincidence.