How to push to Arena 2 Faster in Clash Royale?

Hi Folks, Today I am sharing stunning techniques to move faster through Arena 2. Honestly, Arena 1 was easy to complete. The real game started in Arena 2! First two days, I was just losing battles. My score went down with every battle.

How to push to Arena 2 Faster in Clash Royale?

I took a moment and analyzed the game a bit. For a few hours, I did some research and devised a strategy. The new strategy made me cross Arena 2 within one night! That was an achievement! Then I realized, most people are facing the same problem in Arena 2 as me. That’s why I decided to make this guide!

Let’s get started!


The major problem I faced was a lack of epic and rare cards. I needed the following cards badly, but I was unable to get them in the chest:

  • Prince
  • Baby Dragon
  • Witch

Honestly, I crossed the Arena 2 without these three cards. It is a misconception that only powerful cards can make you win. A perfect strategy and effective synergy are the real keys to success!

Here is the solution I followed to win battles and move faster through Arena 2:

Improve The King’s Level:

How to push to Arena 2 Faster in Clash Royale?

King’s Level acts as a defense while most people ignore it. The higher you level up, stronger will be your towers.

By following means you can level up faster:

  • Upgrade The Cards: Regularly upgrade the cards. With each upgrade, you will get experience points to level up higher. You will get the updates in treasure chests received after winning battles. You need gold to upgrade a card. You can get gold in chests and shop. You can receive more gold by donating. Most people avoid joining clans. In Clash Royale, donating cards is more profitable than avoiding it. Admit it; we don’t use all cards. So, why not donate unused cards. The more you donate, more gold and experience points you get! This way, you can level up faster.
  • Achievements: Win the battles so you can complete more achievements. Each achievement will reward you with experience points and gems.

Battle Deck:

You are not able to compose best battle deck for Arena 2. That’s why you are not moving faster. In the past few days, I realized synergy is the prime key to the success. A deck consisting of only stronger or high Elixir cost cards won’t be helpful.

Here I want to show two different battle decks for Arena 2.

1st Battle Deck:

How to push to Arena 2 Faster in Clash Royale?

In case you have found most cards in Arena 2, then the following deck is best.

  • Giant: One of the best offense cards in Clash Royale. If sent with low HP troops, it can create serious damage to the towers.
  • Archers: Archers, ranged troops that damage decently.
  • Skeleton Army: Only troop that can take down tanker and other high HP cards.
  • Arrows: One of the best high ranged cards, it can easily take down a low HP troop.
  • Fireball: It can be used for various tasks, such as taking down low HP cards. Sometimes, when King’s Tower is about to end, you can finish it with Fireball.
  • Goblins: This troop can distract high HP cards to buy time for Elixir refill.
  • Musketeer: It can sink a lot of damage. Its attack is pretty useful when sent with Giant.
  • Baby Dragon: It is very useful if the opponent has not a counter card to Baby Dragon.

2nd Battle Deck:

How to push to Arena 2 Faster in Clash Royale?

I used following deck, as I got no special card like Prince, Witch or Baby Dragon:

  • Knight: Knight with the high level can damage greatly. It can take down Pekka and Wizard easily. You can use Knight to slow down Prince.
  • Archers: When sent with Giant and Musketeer, you can take down an Arena tower easily.
  • Goblin Hut: An awesome choice to build up pressure in one lane.
  • Musketeer: One of the best-ranged card in Clash Royale.
  • Minions: Counter attack on Baby Dragon.
  • Giant: Tanker is the winning card when sent with low HP troops.
  • Spear Goblins: Send Giant with Spear Goblins and Musketeer to take down Arena Tower.
  • Skeleton Army: The only card that can take down tanker and other high HP cards.


General Strategy:

Here is the general strategy to win faster in Arena 2 battles.

First of all, let the Elixir bar get filled and only then deploy a card. Either you can attack or defend. In my case, I like to attack first and faster. But deploy low-level card first. It will give you an edge of Elixir over the enemy. If your enemy deploys a tanker or prince, take it down with low HP troop like Skeleton Army.

Now, you can have Skeleton army, Tanker and Musketeer to create a little army. Most of the time, it will damage the Arena tower quickly.

How to push to Arena 2 Faster in Clash Royale?

As I said before, synergy is important. Strong cards don’t matter all that much. You can either have powerful cards or upgraded common cards. One thing is sure. You just need to learn how to attack and counter attack! Track the enemy’s cards. This way you can know their weaknesses and win better!

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