Ultimate Guide to Use and Counter Canon Cart

In Clash Royale smartphone game, there are different types of cards and several combinations to try on, but when you don’t know how to utilize a particular card, then even the strongest becomes weaker. The Canon Cart is one of those cards, so you must learn how to use it and know its limits.

Not only that, but you should also learn, how to counter it because it is quite troublesome when your opponent has taken the card to the extent. I consider the Canon Cart, a fearsome troop because, with proper support, it can take on my troops in mere seconds.

First of all, one must learn how to use it to understand its Capacity and Nature. Clash Royale developers are smart, and they have made sure to add every card a weakness to keep cards vulnerable somehow.

*1 Canon Cart Card

Rarity: Epic
Elixir: Five (Expensive but reasonable)
Type: Troop

It is a ground force that has wheels. The speed of the force is fast, which can reach the Princess tower within seconds. The hit time is only 1.2 Seconds, which makes it incredibly powerful against the ground units. The cart has the range of 5.5 radii.

*2 How to Use Canon Cart?

As the name (Canon cart) suggest, the Canon is supported by the Wheels, which keeps spinning until it has knocked down. Once the wheels are popped up, it turns into a building with canon that keeps shooting.

Advantage: First, the cart has a life, and it won’t stop until it’s been taken out. When the wheels pop out, the canon stays alive and keep shooting anything that comes under its (5.5 radii to be exact) range.

  • As long as the Wheels stand, they are subjected to be avoided by the ground troops like Giants, Golem, and other cards.

  • When the cart is destroyed, it will be classified as Building, which is the primary of both Golem and a Giant.

  • You can heal the troop before the wheels are collapsed. The Canon cart will be classified as a building, which a healing card is ineffective.

  • The clone does work on it, but when the wheels cart is broken down, the Clone card is worthless because the nature of the Canon cart becomes a building.

  • When you try rare combinations with this card, it can take down the Princess Towers within seconds. For example, if you combine the Battle Ram with Canon cart, which cost 11 elixirs. As I have said, these two makes a perfect counter attack against the enemies. When you have legendary cards like Ice Wizard and Princess, you can combine any of the legendary cards with the Canon Card to take down the enemy towers within seconds.

  • Hog Rider is one the standard cards, which every player has in their deck. When the hog rider makes his way to damage your tower, you can deploy the Hog Rider, which will take down the Hog Rider (your tower will take damage from the Hog Rider.) The interesting part is that now the enemy has to on the full-health Canon cart. It’s more like hitting three birds with one arrow, how? Isn’t that obvious,

1. Hog Rider only attacks Buildings, since it’s on the wheel it will avoid it. Now you can relate this strategy to even Legendary cards like Golem.

2. The cart will be on its way to attack the Tower, and then the Opponent will deploy a troop, which Cart will take care of it.

3. When the cart is done with the opponent, it will do moderate damage to the Princess Tower.

  • When your opponent deploys ground unit’s packs like the Goblins, they can barely stand against it. As we all know that the Goblins in groups are powerful even against the field unit Legendary card. Even goblins are useless.

We spoke of Advantages and How to the user it in the battle field, right? You can make most of it.

Check out this video on how to counter canon cart: 

*2 How to Counter Cannon Cart?

A thousand-dollar question, how to stop an arrow that can hit three birds at the expense of 5 elixirs? Good question and we have the answers for you.

Even though they are powerful and have the ability to eliminate Skeletons, Goblin barrel, Goblin packs and more, but they do have a couple of weakness, which is more than enough to make it look like a useless card.

Use the Zap Card

The only reasons, why it is powerful because the cart has Two Life’s. When you use the Zap, it will nullify its movements. When the wheels are taken out, it sits like a useless canon that cannot do a thing. Since range limits it, you should not send any troop for next 20 seconds (After 20 secs, the soldier disappears.)

 One Arrow – Two birds

Do you have a Fireball or Rocket in your deck? All you need is learn to time the Cart movements. The strategy is simple, and you have to launch the Rocket when the cart is nearby the Tower, which kills the travel support. After 20 seconds of the wait, it dies.

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I consider tornado is a must card in every deck. The timing is essential for this to work. When the cart makes its way via a bridge, you have to deploy the tornado, which will damage the wheel support making it vulnerable to the Princess Tower, which will finish completing the story faster.

Elimination is Guaranteed – Air Units


Primary Weakness of the Canon Cart is Air Units. Do not forget, this card type is a ground unit, which has no ability to counter or defend itself against the Air units. Don’t be afraid to try Baby Dragon, Horde, Minions, and Inferno Dragon. The early you deploy the faster Cart exit.

Mini P.E.K.K.A

The only reasons, why the canon cart is robust because of its shield. However, breaking through the shields is what describes PEKKA. At the cost of three Elixirs, PEKKA can take down the card before it disappears.