Night Witch Draft Challenge: Best Tips and Strategy to Win

The Night Witch has finally joined hands with the deck. This is the 12th Legendary Card introduced and the players have been given chance to taste the powers of the new Night witch card. Everyone can lay down free hands on this legendary card. The highlights of the Night Witch draft challenge are:

Highlights of the Night Witch Draft Challenge:

  • Your first entry at Night Witch Draft challenge is absolutely free and can make you win the Night Witch early.
  • In every battle draft, you can pick to play with Night Witch or against the Night Witch in a time of 60 seconds.
  • The rewards you get while raging the battles are yours.
  • You get the first reward only after your first two wins.
  • Your rewards may vary from chest, gold or even the Night Witch can be yours or you will have to wait till 8th arena to lay hands on this spawner.
  • After your 12 wins, you unlock the Night Witch that means you can find it in any chest.

Win Points and Rewards of Night Draft Challenge:

Below is the table which shows the rewards you will get on the basis of the wins in the challenge. The chests player gets in the challenge depends on the player’s arena.

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Why should you have a Night Witch in your Deck?

  • As the Witch Spawns Skeletons and weakens the strongest counter cards, The night Witch Spawns Bats but a little faster at the speed of 2 bats per second.
  • The night witch bats can take down Hog Rider/ Giant the tower attackers.
  • At cost of 4 elixir it’s a good card to take down 6 Elixir or lower cards like Sparky , Lumberjack or Wizard.
  • The Night Witch if dead splits into 3 bats attacking the opponents troops.
  • The Lightening hits her well so keep her safe.

Strategies to Win Challenge When you have the Night Witch Card:

  • Use you your Night Witch to take down opponents Sparky, Lumberjack or Wizard.
  • If the opponent gives you enough time just to keep ready 4 bats you can take down mini-tanks and balloons.
  • The Night witch if dead splits into 3 bats attacking the melee troop like Mini P.E.K.K.A that took it down.
  • Night witch turns deadly when paired with Knight, Ice Golem, Miner, Golem
  • Night witch as a unit troops is best against Graveyard, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Balloon and Golem.

Check out this Video and See how Night Witch is itself an army. 

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Strategies to Win Challenge When your Opponent has Night Witch Card:

  • Minions are very effective counter card against Night witch as she cannot attack air troops.
  • The Executioner is a very heavy beat against the Night Witch. The advantage of using Executioner against it is the Executioner does not receive any damage from the Night Witch and her bats.
  • Poison cripples the night Witch and its bats in a single attack if timed perfectly.
  • Best cards to be used against her are Lightning, Executioner, Poison spell, and Rocket.
  • The Night Witch has the way of attacking the high HP single-target ground troops. She attacks the single target troop from the ground while her bats attack from the air.