Latest Clash Royale Private Servers for Android & iOS (Download Now)

Why would you want to use a private server of Clash Royale?

Supercell’s MMO Clash Royale is already taking people on rolls, shouts out its huge fan following. What could be next to an UNLIMITED Gold, Chest, gems and laying hands on all the cards easily?

You get all this when you download clash royale private server that’s nothing but a modified game file.

The modified game file is basically a code of file that has been changed to give you unlimited coins and gems.

I always wanted to try my hands at an unlimited game taste of having unlimited coins and gems. Its quite simple for the Android user with simply downloading a game file like FHX for Clash Royale while the iOS players need to use DNS to connect to the Private APK server.

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Few game files like FHX keep the private server in sync with the Clash Royale game likes of new troops or new tournaments.

 What are the Advantages of having a Private Clash Royale Server?

  • Limitless resources: The private server gives you unlimited access to Elixir, Gems, Chest. The game with no restrictions if that’s what is your taste go for a private server as it gives you a speed of having more cards not waiting for Elixir, access to more gems and coins to buy the unit you want and make your game stronger at entry level only. You just need to focus on strategizing forgetting about elixir, no coins, no gems scenarios.
  • Countless Chest: There is always a fight going on for more chests. Remember how you kept looking in that chest tracker app for what lays in your next chest and how will that change your game plan. No more longer waits, or winning crowns to open your chest. They are swarming here for you on the Private server. Even if you are offline you get 1 chest after every 4 hours. They remain stored up to no limit and player can open them once online.
  • The battleground is Open: You can rage friendly battles against the players from other clans too. So don’t get befriended and expecting no attack from them. Play safe!!
  • Higher capacity servers: The private servers of Clash royale have huge capacities so no lag even if the millions of clash royale players chose to move on private servers. Thus rendering you faster gameplay.

Note: Only con I feel is someone might get bored with the endless resources.

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How to Setup a Private Servers for Android?

It’s as simple as any other app. I would suggest you uninstall the official version of clash royale and then start with below steps. 

  1. Download the game file FHX. (FHX for clash royale works perfectly and is very easy to use.)
  2. Approve to use unknown sources.
  3. Install the game.
  4. Log on to the game with same Clash Royale credentials.

Note: If your Andriod phone is rooted then this method will work like a charm but if your phone is rooted then you will have to root it to set up clash royale private server on your android.

Check out this tutorial and watch how to get into a private server for clash royale. (Updated)

How to Set up Clash Royale Private Servers for iOS?

Steps to Set up the Server for Non-Jailbreak Version:

  1. Install the game and run it.
  2. If it disconnects again and again just change few settings.
  3. Go to settings/Wi-Fi.
  4. You will see a small ‘’I’’ lcon in blue color. Click it.
  5. Replace the primary DNS with:
    • For Europe:
    • For the United States:
    • For Asia:

Steps to Set up the Server for Jailbreak Version:

If your iOS device is Jailbreaked then we would need a Cydia to install the private servers of clash royale on your Apple device. Once you have Cydia follow the below:

  1. Open Cydia.
  2. Now Tap on the sources and click on edit.
  3. Then add “” in the sources.
  4. Once you have added it then search for Xmod to install.
  5. Now you just have to look for clash royale servers and Download Clash Royale.

Unleash your strategy goals on the  Clash Royale private servers and beat your opponents with unlimited resources.