Summer of 2V2 is Coming: Clash Royale July Extravaganza

The news is out July 2017 the entire month is Supercell’s The Summer of 2V2, yes this entire month you can play those 2V2’s with your friends. The idea behind having a complete month to 2V2 is that Supercell now wants to move ahead with 2V2. They want to explore in this month of July to decide on what further needs to be added to 2V2 to make it a permanent feature board of Clash Royale and keep it at your button push wish.

The Summer 2V2 is coming with all-new gaming modes to make it more challenging and luring:

All Summer 2v2 Mode is ON:

All month long of July you can play a 2v2 match with your friends and or another player at your level. You can search for the players invite 3 more friends or clan mates to join you. In case you are an invitee u can choose your sides. A friendly match non-laddered yet but the clash Royale team is keeping the eyes open to see the kind of battles you are raging to decide if they need to add a leader board to the 2V2 format. You can collect chests and farm Clan Chest, Crown Chest via this mode. You can play a quick match to just send and invite and the clan automatically gets it.


June 30th – 2V2 Challenge:

This is not a ladder ranking challenge but neither is this one going to be a friendly match. An inter-clan challenge is what is coming up. It like another challenge or tournament but here you go to team up with another player and play as a team against a team. The adrenaline to this game if you don’t know what your friend is going to deploy next. All this calls for a different set of strategies

July 7th – 2V2 Draft Challenge:

With this 2V2 draft challenge, you have 60 seconds to draft your deck. The cards your team picks go to the bottom left and those your opponent team picks go to the top right. You win gold, open chests and this not being a ladder match its stress-free and pure fun. While drafting your deck to be careful what you pick and be more careful what your opponent picks as your deck needs to have a counter for his cards always. You and your friend have separate chests.

July 14th – 2V2 Overtime Challenge:

The overtime challenge starts in overtime and is played as if its overtime all the time. Doesn’t give you or your opponent team a breather. Your both teams are overworked as you cannot even lose one tower. If you lose one your lose the challenge

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July 21 – 2V2 Double Elixir Draft challenge:

Double Elixir Draft Challenge is clear in what it means. The draft word in the name says you are allowed to draft your deck. You play with the opponent as if it’s always overtime because the match starts in overtime.

  • Your first entry is absolutely free!!
  • Each battle starts with drafting. You and your opponent get to chose between 2 cards. You are given 60 seconds to prepare your deck.
  • Elixir recharges faster double the normal speed making the match real fast.
  • All you get is the one-time rewards as huge stacks of gold!
  • The first one-time reward comes at 2 wins

July 28 – 2V2 Special Event:

Nothing is known about this special challenge the last special challenge I played in May was you don’t know the card until you deploy it. It was fun and chaos both. Waiting eagerly for Jul 28th to encounter the troubles its going to unleash.

Watch this video to know more about Summer 2v2 Event Update

This July is going to be a final call for the shape our occasional 2V2 is going to take. Supercell 2V2 community is all ears to the feedback, changes or any suggestion you want to come up with. Just play it for fun for the very last time because making it a ladder ranking mode is the first big modification if it seems heavier on that side.

Play well with the clan and friends with all this summer!!