Tips to Level Up and Max Out Cards

Clash Royale is an exciting game due to the unprecedented events that occur during the game. We have seen a lot of activities where we get unexpected cards and level ups without even trying at the first place.

But when we make an effort to Level-up a card, then it would turn into an Astra science, which is a disaster. The same goes for the Maxing out the cards, which is a common factor in the Clash Royale. What are we going to do for you? We will share some of the compelling ways you can level-up the cards and the Max-out the cards.

Do not panic, the tips which we are going to share here will be relevant in any Arena and Applies to every card expect the “Legendary” cards.

#1 Chests

Clash Royale is a well-organized battle game, which allows you to obtain incredible strength after each game. The developers have ensured to reward every loyal returning player with gifts and surprises in the form of Chests.

What you can get in the Chests cannot be compared, even when you invest actual money into it. You must learn to capitalize from the Chests.

What’s the trick?

There’s no rocket science in it. The Clash Royale allows you to activate each Chest in every 3H (Three hours) or 8H (Eight hours), and you must capitalize it by opening the Chest in every given time and also activate one more at the same time.

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#2 Crown Chests

Not every player would like to invest few dollars into a game. In such scenario, if you are a loyal player then you will be rewarded handsomely each time you play. Crown Chests are something I crave for because you get maximum Upgrades, Coins and Cards in the Crown Chest.

We have an active Chest, which is ready to open.

After opening the Chest, I quickly got an upgrade on the Goblin Hut, which is a must card in my deck.

Not only that, I have only more Crown Chest, which will be prepared for us within 6 hours.

#3 The Shop

I won’t say that the Shop helps you get to access the Legendary cards or Epic cards but it does assist you in getting your hands on the Upgrades, Cards, Mega Chests, and Coins in a short period.

Chest Treasures

You can buy Treasure Chests, which are filled with surprises and worth your money. In few Treasure Chests, you can expect thousands of Coins, Jades, and even Legendary cards.

Gold Coins

You can purchase gold coins from the store, which will give you access to the upgrades and buy Chests available in the store. If you are lucky then you will also get offers, which can be a great help when you want to get your hands on the legendary cards.


Gems play a crucial role in purchasing the cards and upgrades. It does not matter what you want to purchase in the game, and you must have thousands of worth Gems to unlock or open the chests. You can purchase them in the store.

#4 Clans

You must be part of an active clan, which is one source to get the cards of your choice. In case, if the clan leader has a major card of your choice then you can ask them to donate one to you.

The clan has more than 10+ players, which increases the chances of getting the cards. However, there is a limit to each player on how much one can receive the donation.


I have already explained the most effective way during the start, which means, you can get upgrades and rewards just by opening the chest in every given hour.